Screen video capture

How to capture videos from screen

Do you admire those people who make videos for YouTube to share with the world? Have you ever had the thoughts to make videos and upload to YouTube by yourself? Then you need a screen recording program to ensure you capture screen video correctly.

You can capture screen video :

For business – it enables you to capture any screen activity displayed on screen, which makes it always being the first option to create tutorials or training videos to show company’s service or products.

For teaching – it can capture all your actions of using some applications on your computer, so the teaching staff often uses it to create demo videos to make their students understand faster and better, meanwhile, the curriculum becomes more interesting.

For entertainment – it supports to record video games when you are playing on a computer, and save the video to standard video format file. In addition, you can use it to record funny video clips from the movie playing on the screen, and share with your friends around.

There are toolkit available in the market that can help you get the job done, but not all of them can make sure you capture video from screen with high quality. Some of them can even make your video fuzzy and blurry.

Therefore, you should be cautious to select the tool to capture screen video and audio, or YouTube will not permit you to upload successfully.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder VS Camstudio VS Camtasia

Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a professional and an easy-to-use screen recorder merging the best screen-shots technology into one. It has a clean and intuitive interface, so you can easily find its distinct functions in the main interface.

Except for its versatile recording ability to capture videos from screen with high quality, it also can help you convert the video to different format files while still keep the original quality. In addition, you can create schedule tasks to record a video at a fixed time just like a trigger.


Camstudio is a notably free and fully comprehensive screen capture tool which only outputs video as AVI format. And it designs special tutorials to explain how to use their programs. Because it’s free, many people choose to use it.

However, it’s so complicated that you need much time to learn the tutorials to control this program. Unfortunately, the majority of them who are not the computer technology experts found it hard to handle well.


Camtasia is one of the most powerful screen capture software, which is well-known all over the world. It offers the most excellent features to create professional quality videos and edit great screen recording videos.

But the problem is that it’s not cheap. It’s a serious business software and you should pay a high price of 299 dollars, which raise many people’s eyebrows.

Summary: Apowersoft Screen Recorder, which achieves the balance, is your best option to capture screen video and audio. You know that YouTube has strict standards for uploading video, while this program can help you a lot.


The whole process of how to capture video on screen with Apowersoft Screen Recorder

  1. Launch it and configure your recording settings in Options on the interface.
  2. When you are ready to capture videos from screen, click Start and drag your mouse to select the area in rectangle. Or you can also click hotkey to start to record.
  3. After capturing screen video, just click Folder to view the file. If you want to the video of another format, click Convert, select the file and click the video format you want.

Tips: you can use hotkey to capture screen video and audio in easy way, F6=Start Recording, F7=Pause/Resume Recording, F10=Stop Recording

According to the above process, you can capture screen video and audio successfully. Capture what you want from the screen and then upload to YouTube, you will also be a YouTube video producer.

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Top 5 Free Screen Recording Software for Windows [Reviewed]

Screen Recorders are handy tools used to record the computer’s screen, i.e., record the ongoing activities on the screen. Using these, you can record the screen as easily as you would take screenshots on your computer or record life’s best moments with a camera. These tools do provide live-capture enhancements, post-capture video editing options and more.

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Such tools prove helpful when you wish to record your screen to create a how-to video to demonstrate working of a program, compile a product’s demo video for some client, record gameplay to post on social networks or record any other activity on the screen to share with friends or stakeholders, or to upload on video streaming services like YouTube.

1. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder can record your entire computer screen or specific parts of the screen. With the software, you can shoot webinars, record video calls or conferences, gameplays, etc. via its intuitive and user-friendly interface.


  • Records videos in MP4, MKV or WebM format
  • Allows audio recording along with the video
  • Offers webcam recording along with screen recording
  • Allows on-screen drawing (or annotating) while capturing the screen
  • Offers hotkey configuration to pause, record and stop the recording
  • Allows saving screenshots to the clipboard or in JPG or PNG extension
  • Offers Project History for quick access to previously captured pictures and videos


  • Free users get a 10-minute cap of screen recording time
  • Offers limited functionalities and editing options in its free edition
  • Its recordings can’t be used for commercial purposes by free users
2. Ezvid Video Maker

Ezvid Video Maker is a useful desktop or screen recording software. With some clicks, you can record the computer screen to create high-resolution movies. Ezvid allows on-screen drawing and recording specific region [same as Icecream Screen Recorder]. You can also add title, description, keywords and other meta-info to your recordings.


  • Auto-saves the videos during recording
  • Allows creating slideshows with the capturings
  • Offers audio recording and voice synthesis features
  • Allows on-screen annotating while recording the screen
  • Enables uploading the recorded videos to YouTube directly
  • Offers webcam recording


  • Allows recording videos up to 45 minutes
  • Supports uploading videos directly on YouTube only
  • Offers no customizable settings for recording the screen
3. Atomi ActivePresenter

Atomi ActivePresenter is a powerful software that can capture all or part of your computer screen with superb video quality. Although it lacks various features (in its free edition) that are provided by its competitors, it’s a perfect minimalistic screen recorder for anyone looking forward to create high-resolution long-time screencasts.


  • No watermark and recording time limits — even for free users
  • Offers decorating the screencasts with styles, shadows and color effects
  • Allows adding transition effects like photo slides and annotations to your videos
  • Offers a range of post-recording editing options like video overlays, cutting and cropping videos, adjusting volume levels, adding blur and few more
  • Allows exporting recordings to MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV, WebM and MKV formats


  • Can’t upload the recorded videos directly online
  • Its free version lacks various useful features available in its premium versions
4. Screenpresso

Screenpresso captures your desktop (as screenshots) and records the same to create HD videos. With all its advanced features, it’s one of the best premium screen recorders though it doesn’t offer much to free users. Nevertheless, you can capture the entire screen or specific areas and even manage your captures easily using its management features.


  • Allows recording audio and webcam along with the screen
  • Allows using captures and recordings for commercial use — even in its free edition
  • Records the screen in lightweight MP4 format and allows changing the format to WMV, WebM and OGG
  • Offers ‘Quick Access‘ to your previous screenshots and recordings
  • Allows labeling, sorting and editing captures into custom folders and manages workspaces and libraries of your captures (photos & videos)
  • Offers sharing features for numerous services including Email, FTP, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and more


  • No support for Android with its free edition
  • Recordings’ max. duration is just 3 minutes
  • Limits image editing features and mandates updates for the free users
  • Can’t remove watermarks from images, videos or documents in its free version
5. Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use recorder capable of capturing a specific area or the full screen. It lets you easily record flash games, streaming videos and more. The software offers several modes like gaming mode, screen recording mode and device recording mode for perfect recording.


  • Saves the recorded videos in AVI or MP4 format
  • Offers real-time voice recording for creating screencasts
  • Offers live drawing while recording
  • Allows adding watermarks and overlaying webcam while recording
  • Allows adding mouse clicks’ effects or animations while recording screen
  • Bloats to optimize the recording process using hardware acceleration (if supported)


  • Can’t get rid of its watermark in the free version
  • 10-minute recording cap for the free version
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Free Screen Recorder. Video Capture Software.

Screen recorder is convenient and safe software that allows to take PC screen video capture of high quality, with or without sound. The program has no viruses, spyware and unwanted applications. Screen Recorder has been tested by the advanced antivirus systems that proved it is absolutely secure software in its segment. This program is a perfect tool when the users need to create:

  • Video clips
  • Video lectures
  • Video presentations
  • Game video records
  • Online video records
  • Records of video and audio conversations

Screen recorder software allows each user to make unique high-quality screen records and share them with other users on the web. Users don’t have to register or pay fee to use Screen Recorder.

Before you install the program, make sure you use Microsoft Windows family OS on your computer and that you have the administrator rights.

The Screen Recorder installer can be downloaded from Click Download to save it on your PC.

Specify the destination path to save the installation file on your PC. Once the download is complete, open the installer to start SRecorder installation.

Before you start the installation, you should shut down all the active processes on your computer.

The Screen Recorder Setup Wizard welcomes you. Read the offered information and click Next to install the program.

Carefully read the following items:

  • License Agreement
  • Privacy Policy

If you agree with all the offered items, click Next to continue the installation.

Screen Recorder software offers you to configure installation parameters:

  • Create a desktop icon
  • Create a Quick Launch icon

Select the necessary check boxes and click Next.

The installation process has started. It won’t take much time.

The program runs automatically right after the installation is finished, so you can start recording your PC screen in a wink.

When the program is successfully installed you can start working with it. We wrote this section to describe the main features and functions of Screen Recorder.

Video recording

As you might notice, after the installation, the Screen Recorder desktop shortcut appears on your computer. If you are ready to start recording your PC screen, click the Screen Recorder button. The program offers the screen area to be recorded (Select the area).

Click and hold the left mouse button to select the area to record video.

In the top right corner you can see the pixel size of the record area. You can reduce or enlarge the video record area using the dots over the area borders. The user can vary the area size at their personal discretion.

As you have set the necessary size, select the next record option:

Click the red button Record to start recording video.

Note : only the selected screen area is being recorded.

In order to finish the recording process click Stop Recording.

When the recording process is over, you are offered to save the ready video:

  • Save video to computer. This option allows to save the ready video on the PC. Select the destination path.
  • Upload video to server. This option allows to upload the ready video to the server. The link to the ready file is saved to the clipboard. If you need to make a lot of records, use the button History to find the necessary file. Right-click the program icon located in the tray to go to the History menu.
  • Share. You can share the created video in social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Select one of the offered resources and post your video there.

If the record doesn’t correspond to your criteria, click Close to cancel the process.

Screen Recorder software also provides additional settings. In order to select advanced settings, right-click the program icon on the tray. Here are the options:

  • Record video. Start recording video.
  • History. History of video storing on the program server.
  • Show/hide record button. This item allows to show/hide the desktop button.
  • Interface language. Choose the program interface language.
  • FAQ. Go to the FAQ section on the official site.
  • Close. Close the program.

When you use Screen Recorder, you won’t have any troubles with screen capture making. We recommend you to keep in mind five simple rules to use our program in full.

1. Set the video record area. 2. Pay attention to the sound enable/disable box every time you start recording. 3. When you save video on your computer, check if there is enough available space on the drive. 4. Before you post your video using the Share button, make sure you have the account in the selected social network.

You can move the program desktop button to any other place.

Super Screen Capture/Recorder - Free Video Screen Recording, Screen Capture Software

  • Super Screen Capture

  • Super Screen Record

  • Super Bundle

The Super Screen Capture 6.0 have been released

Super Screen Capture is an all-in-one software for free screen recorder software. You can capture screen in many ways, including full screen capture, region capture, window capture, scroll capture, directx capture, video screen capture, audio capture and etc. You can choose many kinds of output ways, including clipboard, printer, email, editor tool, temp folder, and all popular formats. Super Screen Capture has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Whatever you can see on your screen, Super Screen Capture will easily and fastest screen recording for your immediate use. It will especially suit making demos, tutorials, and training videos.

Support: Win XP, WinVista, Win 7, Win 8 - Size: 3.10MB What's new

Super Screen Recorder Video screen capture software for recording screen activities into standard avi video files. The file size is very small. You can even record audio into the AVI, from the microphone, line-in, or speakers.


Super Webcam RecorderA simple, yet fully-featured software tool designed to help you capture streaming AVI/WMV video and snapshots. You can define the file format, codec, video size, audio source, sample rate, resolution, and bitrate.


Super Audio Recorder Enables you record sound to MP3/WAV file, played back through any other sound sources like microphone, midi, Internet audio streaming, Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, Games, etc.


Super Screen Capture

Super Screen Recorder

Super Audio Recorder

Super Webcam Recorder


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Looking for the Best Screen Recorder? Check our Comparison

User interface great good great great good poor poor
Performance great great great great good good good
Video capturing good good good great good good good
Webcam recording + + + + + + -
Changing of the capture frame size + + + + + + -
Online video capturing + + + + + + +
Skype calls capturing + + + + + + +
Video game capturing - - - + - - +
Audio capturing great great great great great great good
Line-in + + + + + + +
Microphone + + + + + + +
System audio + + + + + + -
Video editing functions great great poor poor good absent absent
Timeline + + + - - - -
Splitting and cutting + + + + + - -
Effects + + - - - - -
Animated transitions + + - - + - -
Titles + + - - + - -
Help and support great great great good good good poor
E-mail + + + + + + +
Live chat 18 hours a day 4 hours a day 4 hours a day - - - -
Tutorials + + + + + + -
Forum/Community + + + + - + -
Price $49.95 $299 $49.95 $39 $15/year Free $37

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The Bandicam program makes it possible to record a certain area on a PC screen, or on a program that uses the DirectX/OpenGL graphic technologies. Bandicam will help you carry out a video record with high compression ratio, while keeping the video quality closer to the original work, and provides performance far superior to other programs that provide similar functions. CamStudio records all screen activity into the standard AVI (Audio Video Interleave) format which can be played back with Windows Media Player. Camtasia Studio is a complete solution for quickly creating professional-looking videos of your PC desktop activity. Anyone can Record and create a full-motion video tutorial or presentation, in real-time, and publish it in the format of their choice. No multimedia or programming experience necessary! Captura is a .Net application to capture the screen along with audio from microphone and speaker output and clicks and keystrokes. Captura can run unobtrusively remaining minimized to the System Tray. Take ScreenShots and control recordings from the keyboard even when Captura is in System Tray using Configurable Hotkeys. Captura can be used from your terminal. Only for Portable builds. Captura can do the much demanded task of mixing Microphone input audio and Speaker output audio. Captura can capture specific regions using the Region Selector. ChrisPC Screen Recorder is your perfect toolbox software to record quietly and with astonishing options your desktop screen, even when ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader cannot do the download for you, due to DRM or other protection issues. The free version is limited to 10 minutes recording, see Free vs Pro($25) comparison here D3DGear is very fast game video recording software and game video broadcasting software. It captures gameplay video to movie with high speed, high quality, small file size. D3DGear is an advanced Windows utility for DirectX and OpenGL technology. D3DGear provides following major features: measure 3D rendering framerate, capture 3D rendering screenshot and record 3D rendering to movie. Debut Video Capture Software is a screen recorder. Record video from a webcam, recording device or screen. Capture video files on your Mac or PC with this easy video recorder software. Record and capture video from almost any source your computer screen, webcam or even VHS tapes. Utilize key pre-production features like video color, resolution, and output settings. Debut is FREE for home none-commercial use! Full version costs $30. Dxtory is a movie capture tool only for DirextX/OpenGL application. In order to acquire data from Surface Memory directly, It operates very much at high speed. Arbitrary cropping and free scaling are supported by hardware. Requires .NET 4 FastStone Capture is a powerful, lightweight, yet full-featured screen capture tool and screen video recorder. It allows you to easily capture and annotate anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen, rectangular / freehand / fixed regions as well as scrolling windows / web pages. It also allows you to record all screen activities including onscreen changes, speech from microphone, mouse movements and clicks into highly compressed video files. You can choose to send captures to editor, file, clipboard, printer, email, Word / PowerPoint document or upload them to your website. Editing tools include annotating (texts, arrowed lines, highlights), resizing, cropping, sharpening, watermarking, applying edge effects and many more. Other features include image scanning, global hotkeys, automatic filename generation, support for external editors, a color picker, a screen magnifier, a screen crosshair and a screen ruler. Fraps is a universal Windows application that can be used with all games using DirectX or OpenGL technology. Realtime Video Capture Software - Have you ever wanted to record video while playing your favourite game? Come join the Machinima revolution! Throw away the VCR, forget about using a DV cam, game recording has never been this easy! GoPlay Editor (former SmartPixel) is a Screen Recorder and Video Editor. Born for games but not just for games, GoPlay Editor is the best screen recorder and video editor that you can use to capture everything on your screen. With original picture-in-picture, rich video post-editing, vivid effect and other powerful features, Smartpixel helps you to make wonderful PC and mobile videos in HD quality effectively Trialware ($16)OS:Windows Version:1.0Released:Sep 22,2017 File size:155MB Download HyperCam captures the action from your Windows screen and saves it to AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved) movie file. Sound from your system microphone is also recorded. IceCream Screen Recorder is for taking screenshots and recording videos. Program allows manual selection of recording area or choosing one of the preset default resolutions. Draw panel includes such elements as rectangle, circle, arrow, pencil for adding graphic elements of 32 colors. Adding text to the capturing area is also possible (font size and color are also customizable). Created screenshots and screencasts are available in a table view in History of the program. Videos are saved as MKV files. Screenshots can be saved as PNG files, saved to clipboard or uploaded by URL to IceCream apps server for simple sharing. IceCream Screen Recorder can record system sounds and microphone audio, hide and show desktop icon, hide and highlight mouse cursor and even more. This freeware has user-friendly interface and high speed of functioning. Free version is limited, see FREE vs PRO comparison. Mirillis Action allows real-time recording/capture of Windows Aero desktop in a superb HD video quality. With Action! you can record web player videos, your gameplay, display game framerates, add live audio commentary to create high quality tutorials, record music, capture screenshots... and more! OBS Studio is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Record everything from your monitor/screen, window or camera/capture card and stream to youtube, twitch, etc or save to your HDD as mp4/flv. Requires Windows Vista SP2 or later. PlayClaw is a very useful tool for almost every game player and a "must-have" tool for hardcore gamers. Most screen-grabbing software, if you can use it during a game at all, will slow your PC to a crawl. PlayClaw is different, making full use of any multi-core processors and with lean coding designed specifically for use during resource-hungry games! Screen2Avi is a freeware dewsktop screen capturer capable to produce screencasts and screenshots. Screencast Capture Lite is a free utility to continuously capture the computer screen. Snagit gives you a simple way to create and edit screenshots or record videos to show a complex process, give detailed feedback, or share important information with the people who need it most.Take a screenshot or record a video of what you see on your computer screen. Record Skype calls or Google Hangouts with audio so you can watch and review later. UScreenCapture is a video filter that allows capturing of computer screen. This filter can also be used with any video editing, streaming or recording application, for example you can view your screen with Windows Media Player and broadcast it with Windows Media Encoder, Unreal Live Server and Flash plugin. Capture frame rate and desktop region to capture can be configured. VClip is a simple tool to capture short video clip + loopback audio (speaker sound) from your screen pixels and speaker waves. VClip can output to many format (MP4, WEBM, OGG, AVI, GIF), and comes with 3 fps options (15,25,30). VClip is totally free. Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software, primarily aimed at creating tutorials on how to use software. Using Wink you can capture the screen desktop, add explanations boxes, buttons, titles etc and generate a highly effective tutorial for your users. Export to flash swf flv video. Wirecast is a live production tool that allows everyone to easily broadcast live events and create professional webcasts from any location all you need is a computer and an internet connection. With the intuitive and fully integrated streaming capabilities, Wirecast makes it easy for anyone to share live experiences and build a global community. Wirecast lets you stream multiple live cameras while dynamically mixing in other media such as movies, images, sounds, etc. Features including Chroma Key (blue/green screen), transitions and built-in titles allow you to create beautiful, professional broadcast productions for live or on-demand distribution on the web. Requires Quicktime Player.
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Sonne Screen Video Capture - Free download and software reviews

5 stars


August 05, 2009  |  By pinksong

2009-08-05 01:07:31  |  By pinksong

 |  Version: Sonne Screen Video Capture


Perfect capturing results and thank you for the quick response and helpful service.


i have not find

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4 stars

"Excellent capturer!"

August 04, 2009  |  By watercup

2009-08-04 01:21:05  |  By watercup

 |  Version: Sonne Screen Video Capture


Ease of use, as well as excellent way to capture videos if you are a new beginner.capturing quality is as good as you think.


no complains

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4 stars

"Good and does the work as it said"

August 03, 2009  |  By ftreegrass

2009-08-03 19:30:15  |  By ftreegrass

 |  Version: Sonne Screen Video Capture


It is easy to use especially for basic very well.


no problem

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Was this review helpful? (0)   (0)  

5 stars

"i like to capture videos!"

August 02, 2009  |  By luckyclake

2009-08-02 21:17:55  |  By luckyclake

 |  Version: Sonne Screen Video Capture


Capturing videos is one of my hobbies,i usually do it in my spare time.i need a good quality and easy to use tool,at now i find really smart,and price is also acceptable.


none so far

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Was this review helpful? (0)   (0)  

4 stars

"Capturing fast and good"

July 30, 2009  |  By vil_vincent

2009-07-30 22:55:06  |  By vil_vincent

 |  Version: Sonne Screen Video Capture


I like the fact that it gives you choices for various types of Formats that you wanna really does exactly what it says.


no shortcoming

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Was this review helpful? (0)   (0)  

5 stars

"Pretty nice!"

July 30, 2009  |  By greenlanop123

2009-07-30 02:07:40  |  By greenlanop123

 |  Version: Sonne Screen Video Capture


I will not worry about anything when i have this small tool.easily and freely capturing any videos and images from any capture devices in real time. a lot of other functions were put into this tool maybe i will not use.


i also hope it is free

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1 stars

"To capture images and video"

July 28, 2009  |  By viabinaria

2009-07-28 13:40:38  |  By viabinaria

 |  Version: Sonne Screen Video Capture


Video characteristics


too expensive, if you give it to me for free, dont want it.

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Was this review helpful? (0)   (4)  

5 stars

"It is my favorite"

July 06, 2009  |  By jujututuho

2009-07-06 19:03:52  |  By jujututuho

 |  Version: Sonne Screen Video Capture


This product is equipped with various functions to capture video.i like it a lot because of its easy,simple and good quality.


nothing now

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4 stars

"Wow,it is so nice"

July 03, 2009  |  By jiang84

2009-07-03 00:34:03  |  By jiang84

 |  Version: Sonne Screen Video Capture


It is really easy-to-use tool,especially for a basic is very good for video capturing.


Not free. .

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5 stars

"Convenient & Efficient"

July 02, 2009  |  By favoritecolour

2009-07-02 18:22:26  |  By favoritecolour

 |  Version: Sonne Screen Video Capture


It is get what you are looking for .


i donot know now

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