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After three months, we have a new update for the map that is just “fixing an exploit”.

So there is nothing new for now.

You can download the map from here, it has 7.83 Mb, fast mirror.

Since the map is just fixing an exploit, there is a good chance that it won’t be followed by a new one very soon, unless the developers will think it’s time to add new things like heroes or items.

Anyway, enjoy your summer!

This patch is currently required if you want to play on Eurobattle.net.

You can download the patch from here, it has 56.9 MB.

However, you should not install it if you play on a different service that still runs with 1.26, like Garena or others.

About the patch, Blizzard said that this patch is fixing compatibility issues with modern computers.

Warcraft 3 still runs on very high resolutions.

How to install patch 1.27a? Just download the file and then run it. It will auto-install by itself.

If you still can’t play on eurobattle.net, download their installer from here, unzip it, run the installer and then try to run the game from the icon called “xpam”. Good luck.

It’s been almost a year since the last release of an official DotA map. That was DotA 6.83d.

Looking on the official DotA forums, it seems that the fans have lost hope for a new WC3 map released by Icefrog.

Icefrog is currently developing DotA 2 with Valve. Nobody knows for sure if a new WC DotA map will ever exist in the future.

However, there is a new map developed by another fan and forum user from playdota.com, “DracoLich”.

DracoLich has been working on a DotA version and his latest map is called DotA v6.85k Allstars.

I’ve noticed that there are players who play this version on eurobattle.net. Not sure about other servers.

So if you guys want to try this map, you can download it from here. It has 7 Megabytes, fast download.

Finally, after around two weeks, we have a final release for DotA 6.83c.

You can download the final map from here, it has 7.83 mb, fast mirror.

This map is cutting the “beta” from its title. It was actually the first time when a DotA map had a “beta” in its title.

Regarding the map, there are no new heroes or items, but there are a lot of changes for the game’s mechanics and hero tweaks.

Hopefully there won’t be another few months until a new map gets released. And as a side note, Icefrog is still the main developer for the map.

Out of nowhere, we have a new map named DotA 6.83c Public Beta (test).

You can download the map from here, fast mirror, it has 7.83 Mb (this is the test 1 map).And here is the newest, map, 6.83c Public Beta 2. Download link here, 7.83 Mb.

The changelog and any other information is missing from both getdota.com and playdota.com, so you will have to visit their forums or try the map to see exactly what is new.

Probably, this map is for testing and could contain bugs, it’s actually the first map to be released in the beta version (for testing). A final version could be released in a few days.

I have been playing this game for around two months, after receiving a beta key from Blizzard.

The game is very different from the classic DotA map and even compared to LoL or DotA 2.The gameplay is more focused on teamplay, you can’t really gank like we did in the old DotA or play solo on lanes, your main focus is to get XP for your team and also to win the mini-games from the map that you’re playing.

The best things about HoS are the heroes. We can play the famous Warcraft characters like Uther, Muradin, Arthas. However, most of the heroes are just not fun.

You can find a Muradin gameplay video to understand how this game works.

Heroes of the Storm is still in beta. Blizzard needs to fix a lot of stuff and make the game more fun.Right now, the games are not very balanced, meaning that a team can easily win and a player can’t do anything, which is very frustrating.

A new map was released, correcting just a few bugs.

You can download DotA 6.81d from here, fast mirror, 7.89 megabytes.

What is interesting about the latest maps is that there are versions for different languages.

There are actually 16 languages. Some texts, buildings, buttons are renamed, but if you understand English, you should not bother.


80 гет дота 2 - Dota GamerTube

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Александр Бергер

как забанить хуесоса этого чтоб в ленте не появлялся больше?

03.07.2017 - 15:16 Уютный уголок Loda シ

С патчем 6. 86 На других миппо не кидается

15.06.2017 - 09:44 Twighlightstone

алхимик через лотар будет рад

07.06.2017 - 09:44 Mich Western

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27.04.2017 - 13:29 Ivan Demianchuk


23.04.2017 - 01:35 Gendalf Belij

на картинке написано 10k в названии 5k, на деле 2k. ну что сказать? ЗАЕБИСЬ

14.04.2017 - 08:36 Алексей Георгиев

обещали 5 а в итоге 2, так что дизлайк ставлю

06.04.2017 - 18:06 Schwarz 3 Dota 2 and more

Хороший друг, который заплатил

13.03.2017 - 05:58 Funny Games

Если накинуть трек и обновлять его то голда будет капать и через минут 10 за убийство получиш 5 к

01.03.2017 - 18:09 Marshall Akellovsky

На превьюшке написано 10к. В названии 5к. А на деле 2к МДЯ

12.02.2017 - 18:08 Anar SpbGoycay

а в доте 1 канает?

10.02.2017 - 21:31 МОУТ -DOTKA-


09.02.2017 - 20:00 CS GO

ото вы бараны почитать даже не можете что дает трек там же ясно написано + к голде повышение треки и + голде сука подумать нельзя что ли чем больше убить тем больше даст и причем тут БАГИ ЕБАТЬ

29.01.2017 - 10:55 Никита Прио

За наебалово диз

01.01.2017 - 20:07 League Legends

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смотрите в чат а не на количество золота в чате пишет 671 а там 2000 тысячи фотошоп кароч

10.11.2016 - 12:57


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Dota 2 Personality Finder - DOTABUFF

Discover your inner hero.

The expert team of behavioral scientists at Dotabuff has designed a psychological test for profiling Dota players.

This is that test.

You can take it if you want.

Javascript is required to take this quiz! Please enable it before proceeding.

Sign in with Steam

Not sure that your personality is set in stone? Find out your real Dota Identity.

You've finished the quiz! Now click the button below and discover your Dota personality.

Show me my result!
  • Your mom is knocking on your door trying to get your attention. She clearly doesn’t understand Dota. What do you do?

  • Pause the game and talk with your team about how to win the current play

  • Keep playing through the distraction

  • Pause and find out what she needs

  • I don't live with my parents so this would never happen to me

  • I am perfectly capable of tactically pausing without a distraction, thank you very much

  • Your teammate disconnects. What do you do?

  • Pause and wait for them to return

  • Play on without them

  • Start flaming before they have returned

  • Pause for awhile and then play without them

  • Lie and say you know them. Convince everyone to wait as long as possible

  • When I’m not sure what hero I want to play I...

  • Random

  • Wait to see what my team picks and then compliment them

  • Focus on the opposing team’s heroes and counterpick

  • Pick a hero I haven’t played before or in a long time

  • What separates Dota 2 from every other game?

  • Denies

  • Overpowered hero abilities that beautifully translate into the most balanced deaths ever seen in a video game

  • Complexity that mere mortals will never understand. See exhibit A: Trees

  • Items that actually do things

  • Icefrog’s throne of money from hat sales

  • In my experience I know we will win a match when..

  • I get my goddamn tangos

  • We get both bounty runes at 00:00

  • At least 3 teammates predict a win

  • I have leveled the year beast enough

  • How accurate would you say your MMR is?

  • Too high

  • Just right

  • A little bit too low

  • Way too low

  • Given an ideal team to fill all other roles, what do you prefer to play?

  • 1 (Carry)

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

  • 5 (Support)

  • No preference

  • In a Dota game what is most likely to make you rage?

  • Wards and not having any

  • Stealth detection related failures

  • Teammates without any communication

  • My perceived superiority over whoever is in the enemy’s mid lane

  • Getting shut down in a team fight

  • When/if your Dota 2 professional career doesn’t pan out, what will be the cause?

  • I’m the smartest person I know, but I don’t actually apply myself

  • I only play one hero over and over

  • I get a girlfriend/boyfriend

  • My elaborate hat collection causes the enemy team to always focus on me due all of the particle effects

  • Matchmaking is broken and I only get horrible teammates

  • On the all pick screen your teammate hovers over Techies. Do you...

  • Politely suggest a different pick to fit the lineup

  • Ask for reassurance if he's good with Techies and allow the pick

  • All chat: “GG we lost” and walk into the enemy tower at the start

  • Disconnect

  • It doesn’t matter. Everyone should play the hero that they want to play and have fun with the game.

  • If Dota 2 ceases to exist in 2 years time it will be because of…

  • A massive nuclear world war resulting in the end of life as we know it; probably related to tense Dota games where every player selected every language and thought it would be fine

  • /r/Dota2’s daily dose of negativity

  • 2013 being the last Diretide ever held

  • A strike from workshop contributors that dries the flow of hats into the economy

  • An oversaturation of esports leagues that results in everyone getting a trophy because we’re all winners damnit


How and Where to Get the Spoils of War

One of the great features of Dota 2 is its granting you the ability to customize your favorite heroes in the game. Through items, every gamer has the chance to make every hero appear in their own image and liking. With unique guises that cause your heroes to stand out from the crowd, opponents that you beat down the road will remember you through your spectacular playing skills and your formidable heroes.

To give you a preview of what items can do for your heroes, this is what Slithice the Naga Siren looks like by default:

This is how she would appear if she dons the Designs of the Slithereen Nobility Set:

So how do you get these equipment and also other items such as HUD skins, taunts, announcers, and more? Dota 2 has an in-game store where you can browse for items of different quality. The cheapest is Common, which often comes with the most basic cosmetic change for your hero. On the other hand, items of Legendary bearing have unique aesthetics but are also likely priced with the heftiest amount. One may think that spending for items to change appearance is just too much. Luckily, there are other ways to get items in Dota 2 without any cost.

How to get Free Dota 2 Items

Playing on Rated Matches. If you finish every rated multiplayer game you entered all the way through the end, meaning an ancient is finally destroyed and the scoreboard with the final statistics has appeared, there’s a chance an item will drop for you. The same goes to other players who’ve played through and through. I’m not sure about this, but performing really well in the game might increase your likelihood of getting an item. Common quality items are the most likely to drop, but there’s still possibility—no matter how slim it is—for you to come across an Uncommon, a Rare, and even a Legendary.

Besides items, games also reward players with treasure boxes and player cards. These may appear useless and worthless to some people, but do not just throw them away. You can actually trade them for items! (More on that below, way below…)

Leveling Up. Your player level (aka Battle Level), as shown in your Dota 2 profile, may seem useless to you. However, that detail is used among other information to find similarly skilled players during matchmaking to become either your teammates or opponents. When it comes to getting free items, you can receive one whenever enough points have reached the level-up threshold (1000 points). This is a guaranteed or 100% item drop. Obviously, you must finish your games to gain experience points (aka Battle Points) in order to up one level.

If you want to earn XP more than the usual amount for every game you finish, there are purchasable items for such purpose. The International 2013 Interactive Compendium, for instance, not only includes a free Smeevil courier, but it also lets you gain Battle Bonus points for faster leveling.

Remember that this method, as well as the first one above, only applies to games whose stats will be recorded. Any matches with one or more players who leave during the hero selection and pre-game stages are not counted and therefore will not gift you any item.

Training. Like it or not, all new players are compelled to undergo Dota 2’s learn-to-play mode. I wrote a blog post about how veteran players can skip the tutorial and jump directly to the multiplayer games, but Valve has seemingly fixed all workarounds to it. On the plus side, once you complete the tutorial phases that involve Kardel Sharpeye, the Dwarven Sniper, you will acquire his Gunslinger item set. It seems the rifle is already given away by Valve for free and should be present in your inventory from the very start.

I haven’t tried the tutorial myself (Valve hasn’t imposed it on me and all players who got into the Dota 2 scene since its beta release), so I’m not really sure if what I wrote above is accurate. What I do know is there are indeed rewards to obtain in those tutorials. Since Valve really insists on new players to undergo training, I’m guessing there may be even more rewards in the future for those who play the tutorial. Getting compensated for doing forced hours of restricted play is encouraging, after all.

Trading. Given that Dota 2 is intrinsically social, one of the more popular games in the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre, and is now free to play, you’re bound to gain friends who you’ll be playing with every now and then. If you’re in luck, you’ll gain friends whom you can frequently trade items with. Perhaps they have extra items to give away. Maybe they have items they don’t want, and they are willing to swap them for yours. Or perhaps they’re not interested with collecting items at all (they don’t boost hero stats nor improve game skills anyway!), so maybe they’ll donate all their loots to you. Lucky!

Trading is not limited to just with people you know. There are several websites that primarily serves as the go-to destination for players looking to trade with others. Dota2Lounge.com (D2L) is so far the one that I can easily recommend with confidence. That website requires your Steam credentials and, once you’re logged in, lets you connect with its members. Trading there is quite easy: using the search bar, you can find what items other players are willing to trade away in exchange for items they want. The reverse is also true; you can search using your existing items and find out what other players will give for it. If you’re skilled and patient enough, you can let go of your trash items and gain more valuable ones. In fact, the set items I got (like Naga Siren’s and The Subtle Demon for Rikimaru, the Stealth Assassin) were completed through a combination of trades and bets.

Betting. Another significant feature of D2L is its betting system. If matches of notable Dota 2 tournaments are scheduled for the day, the website allows you to bet on one of the teams. If the team you choose wins, you get back your stakes and also the potential rewards. If you lose, you cannot claim your items back. Potential rewards for siding a team depends on the percentage of players that has voted for it. Naturally, the underdogs or less favored teams tend to have higher potential rewards. Dota2Lounge only allows up to 4 items as wagers, with Common, Uncommon, and Rare as the only acceptable item quality types. Also, your potential reward’s item quality is the same as your wagers. For instance, you can win Common items only if you’ve wagered a Common item as well.

If you’re up to it, selling for real cash is also available in D2L. However, they do not offer a secure means to transact between money and items. You might end up with a scammer who will just suddenly vanish once he receives cash, not giving you whatever item they offered. As such, trade at your own risk when money is involved.

Treasure Chests and Player Cards. Now that I’ve explained trading above, I can finally continue talking about chests and cards. The chests are quite useless to many people since they initially do not have the key to open them with. Each key usually costs $2.49 in the store, an amount that some may already find too expensive. Luckily you can search for keys in Dota2Lounge. As of this writing, the exchange rate is typically 1 key for 5-7 rares. You can even find desperate people who are willing to trade a key for only four Rare items. Some chests also happen to be valuable. For instance, the Treasure of Champions 2013 contains exceedingly special items and is therefore deemed worthy to be traded for at least one Rare item.

As for cards, these are usable only by those who have purchased the International Interactive Compendium item, which is only sold a few months before the International Dota 2 Championships. Those who cannot afford the compendium can just trade away their cards and at least receive some Common items for them. Some cards are even more valuable. Just do a bit of research and you’ll find out their true value soon enough.

If you’re looking for more online places to mingle and exchange items with players, try out Dota2Marketplace.com and Dota2Price.com. I haven’t checked them out myself, so please be careful and cautious against scams and frauds.

Valve’s Community Market. The last method in my list is not exactly free. On the other hand, the market offer items sold at the store at discounted prices. A $2.49 key, for example, can be bought in the market for as low as $2.00. If you’ve a key and don’t have the chest to open it with, you can buy a chest for only 3 cents! It’s not just about keys and chests there, there are also equipment, ingredients, and other exotic items obtained by the playing community.


Keep in mind that all items are purely for cosmetic purposes only. They do not affect the gameplay beyond physical changes in order to keep the game equally competitive and fair to everyone. Also, all heroes are always playable the moment they are introduced to the game through patch/update releases. You don’t have to worry about other players gaining an advantage on you just because they have bought items and have unlocked a hero through purchases. The latter problem is what League of Legends is guilty of, but not Dota 2.

While, through this post, I am advocating methods to obtain free items for your in-game heroes, do note that most purchasable items have been contributed by fellow Dota 2 players. If you buy their submissions through the game store, these hardworking artists receive a portion of the sale. You can even submit your own designs through the Dota Workshop and earn some money at the same time! If you lack the creative skills to submit your own creation, you can also at least help by choosing/voting which submissions gets approved and imported to the game.


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