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14 September


It's time for a new Ravenfield update, Early Access build 4! This update focuses on AI commanding and letting you control the battle!

Important: This update introduces a few new keys to the game. These will automatically be bound to default values, but you can rebind them in the input options menu. A few users have reported some issues with their inputs when starting the game for the first time. If this happens to you, fix it by simply loading an input preset or bind any weird keys.


- Updated to Unity Engine 5.6.3p1- Added 2 new weapons: Automatico and the Greaser- Added 1 new tool: Squad leader kit- Significantly overhauled Spec Ops mode, with improved AI and alarm feedback if you get detected!- Added a new custom map selection menu, makes it way easier to scroll through a large number of maps- If no icon is provided for a custom map, the game will now display the workshop preview image instead- Moved vehicle health bar slightly.- Significantly improved plane dogfighting AI- AI usage of grenades and rockets against infantry has been slightly reduced to prevent explosion spam.- Improved AI target filtering. For example, a guy with a rocket launcher equipped will now be more prone to target tanks and cars instead of infantry- Turrets in most vehicles now turn independently of the vehicle body - this means you'll have an easier time hitting targets while moving!- AI will now only spawn after you have accepted your loadout, which allows you to make a Battle Plan before the game starts (see below)- The input menu will now default any unbound keys to the keyboard preset.- Added bindable key to toggle nightvision if you have it equipped (default N). This also works in vehicles!- Added bindable key to bring up the Squad leader kit order map (default B). This also works in vehicles!- Game match settings are now saved between games, so it's way easier to replay that scenario you just set up- Misc bugfixes and balancing- Definitely did not add any secret weapons

There are a bunch of new ways to control the battle and command your troops:- Added Battle Plan tab on loadout/deploy screen, use it to draw a plan for your team- You can optionally tick "Always follow plan" to make AI never stray from your orders (unless none of your orders are active)- In battle planner, click a point to create a defense order or click and drag to create an attack order

- Added Squad commanding, aim at a teammate and press the Call Squadmember key (default G) to have them join your squad- The number of members in your squad will be displayed over the health/ammo indicator.- Press the squad key to make your squad move to a location- Aim down when pressing the squad key to have your squad regroup and follow you- Hold down the squad key to bring up other orders, aim at one and release the key to issue the order.

Available squad orders include:- Commandeer vehicle (Have any passengers join your squad)- Enter/Exit vehicle- Attack/Defend flag- Goto (Aim at the ground)- Regroup (Aim at your feet)

You can also issue most of these squad orders via the Squad Leader kit ordering map, giving you more flexibility when your squad is far away from your location.

Hotfix 1:- Fixed equpiiing night vision goggles preventing you from spawning

The squad commanding UI still needs some fine tuning, but I think it works well enough for now!

I hope you'll enjoy this update!

The modding community has been aching to get custom weapons into the game, so official weapon modding support is what I will focus on for the next update. I also want to add a new official map soon.



Free - Ravenfield

What's going on YouTube welcome to Raven field for the next battlefield and just Toki this is a little voxel like shooter game that I found on H dot IO and it looks pretty interesting as far as I'm aware. There is no multiplayer though it's just kind, of like a single-player scenario type of thing you got two different Maps Island dustbowl assault, mode reverse mode night mode and then bunch of the things you can tweak and so I think will do just like base whatever and we'll go on. Island first and we can see what it's like now there's a couple things there's, like a bunch of different weapons a k76 easier to think is a shotgun sniper and then a DMR and I think I'm going to roll as a sniper. First I did play a little bit that's why everything's already set up and you can choose a health pack and ammo pack types. Of. Nades buy know is like all kinds of different things and so there's a bunch of things you can do and as far as I'm aware you just, start off and you I guess you capture Flags like that's it now can I get in, these tanks do you have to spawn in them or something I want it I want to see what it's like yeah you see, you can get sun each die oh if you guys are interested link up in the description below just a simple looks like a very simple little game but I guess, from when I read like the expert like the shooting is actually kind of legit I, don't know how much stock I put in that, what the heck yo helicopter come on man attack chopper I just got into the game man what I spawn at this room I could spawn at, the Dullahan could spawn at the other one I don't. Know why I spawned here if you guys have ever played this let me know I'm interested to see it's been around, for a while I think but I just I was I always like every week I got, them every week I look for oh you see a tank turret flying is freaking destruction like that I always a bitch die oh and look for just different games like maybe games that people will be in, arson like that survive the Mafia I, would have never guessed in my life you guys would have liked you guys people, so many people to watch that video but people did and so does your nose gut is no noise this sniper like I understand, the idea of sniper I meant silencer I understand the idea of a silenced weapon but what the heck no I miss both of the shots is. So he's got an RPG – I think I can just.

Take anybody see like a steamer at stinger what's it called steam whistle I think there's something like that – you can get four vehicles I'm not sure okay we're there they.

Are there they are I missed dude you got, a lead whoa what the heck what just died and more solid I want want the med pack the but the AI in the game is like crazy it is fun I'm not a good. Sniper yeah in this game I'm just crazy like. They immediately start shooting if you look at a guy go flying a sick dick makes suckas oh snap wow, I must kill those guys let's go uh this thing I think is I think it's a shotgun it's got an interesting looking stock oh ma nice take on, Oh abs you don't shoot me underneath that thing please whatever you do never this far as our people are, in do this this game, is crazy I think because like the the AI have wow they I have one objective is to capture the flags both sides and so they just come at you shootin, like immediately kind of a dude this game's not too bad actually for what it is if there's a multiplayer, in this game people love this make this multiplayer. Dude there's my stuff yeah you made this not the clothes I could see people really like – I mean so Bluetooth victorious, it's so simple I mean there's not much to it but you could I could see people like you. Miss it's over though isn't it did not do me win what I do go back to the menu we go to Dust Bowl now let's try it Dust Bowl see what that's, like when shell roll the, let's go to a ke Dust Bowl right it's like a cane you should have the Dust Bowl Oh what do we got here night-vision, goggles you this is what I want to hear it's a Stinger missile oh is it the is that the one that goes straight up in the air though. I can't remember it might be, the ones that go straight up in the air and they come down which not gonna work too well cuz they don't it's not like he seems just sits – I can't get into this. With it did you really just run me over on the livest, oh what the heck you minute okay alright should I've got looks like I looking, at are you looking at dude nobody back there stop freaking out turn around and walk the right way you, idiot um yeah dude look at this thing sick I think this is the one that goes straight up in the air and come back oh, my gosh these Mavs start getting okay we'll just roll with this. We dude we're so far away that we're so far away from the cat point I mean like it's crazy and I'm barely still there we just capped this I might I like I probably cut some of, that out I don't know should. I take this vehicle there's a chopper lock-on oh no I just got over here it's a good thing, we kept this spot man it was locking on to freaking attacked chopper came in and shot me up with some rockets some missiles yo. Wait up you idiots it's not like an actual person like he was going to stop because I was shooting at him see what I, mean like the AI have one-track minded there's going to go do whatever they want to do and they're not going to wait for you, sir another chopper there's another chopper coming somewhere where, is it the heck can hear it sounds like it's oh oh it's gonna yep it's that one. Dang it I was afraid of that so I probably can't even lock on to people. Cuz this is it's gonna keep moving like watch like the moment I let go it's not gonna come down and hit him maybe if I was like doubt maybe if I was uh, this was on a cat point or something but I'm.

Out of ammo no shoot and I got an 8k on this gigantic map I may be able to kill anybody with, this thing Wow okay deagle I did kill him all the, recoil it's kind of like realistic this game in terms of the gun gunplay yep kill him yet Adam we need to do some tests and find, out which weapon is the best one to use on a gun on this massive map don't go for a go ahead and. Go for that that's smart well do you see that guy go flying cuz he tried to get in and then he would know I don't know I just happened. That was fun freaking tank I want to get in the, tank man blasting some people that's what you need to do get in tanking see what happens dude I don't this is this. Is gonna take forever I might just go back to the other map and try to get into a tank oh yeah oh, yeah tank right away sweet whoa whoa so we got control on one, direction and steering in another and it is crazy the scene is, a little nuts do it oh he's coming – I would've been so mad if you were to show me. What's up guys Oh get rekt he's shot I didn't even hit the car I hit them and they shot out of there all these smokes men okay I'm, gonna cap this point right here yeah sandbags indestructible okay that's legit capping this point yeah the tent controls is a little crazy I, mean look at how sensitive is so sensitive been, playing too much battlefield I need to be playing Raven field yo this is the legit game those guys that went past it capped that point in oh by, the potent hey what's up mr. tank how's it going just push me back and didn't even care he even tried to kill me. We're gonna take this tank out kill it we got some good shots, on the side here they're mine somebody RPGs it done done for I helped though about this type of man oh I got a goner I've got, a gunner it's right there to your right Oh RPG get him shoot him up, bro groaning there you go shoot him up we got. A tank and chopper down here we need to get down here and destroy this one so nobody else can get it. We got to kep this point – not a care in the world apparently there's a guy right here walking past somebody in that take I just killed, our own guys whoops somebody was getting in there now I don't. Think so I don't know if these guys will these guys aren't too bright we're not capping this point we got to be on the flag or something we're losing this battle. It do that the explosion radius is crazy on the take just respawn like immediately well I just killed somebody by. Shooting like that everything responds immediately with that. How we get it somebody's having that tank my man I just killed them I just. Killed them did you hear that hitmarker dude this thing's oh he's still alive somehow this thing is crazy to drive in absolutely crazy it's so sensitive where, we going where we going okay we're going to go up here on this hill to the hill whoops hit that guy can't even drive this thing can't, drive it look out guys I'm coming through I just I just I ran him over from nothing I can't even, get up there we got it I'm. Killing most of our team oh man that's bad it's bad there's people up here. Lots of gosh this thing is so come on man I mean suit or mister I mean seriously like I hit.

It look this guy he was guide me on the left leg full oh yes as a Larry's man chopper oh I hit it sweet I just killed those guys epic shot yeah they got. One cat point we're gonna go get it get out my way dude oh my gosh you kidding me freakin flagpole man you, got one cap zone I just can't kill them it's causing his ticket I think. Or something how are they doing so well we have all the all the flags yeah I. Better not hit that tree oh we're flying we're flying we're. Flying yeah epic all I'm wish what the heck did I kill myself ah man do much jumped over that fence so didn't stick it in awesome it's okay so I, got a rocket launcher now and well I still have the rocket launcher from last time uh so that'll be good, to have RPG in case I need and in case I, was a be EA or something be you or something like that bill Wow holy crap chill out, man GMR Sweta hey how are they doing so well even that chopper just goes flying I think it'd be sweet to use a chopper if you could, figure it out because I I totally failed with it this guy speakin lots of guys coming, I don't like this scope on here don't like it if this is multiplayer man people would love. This you got me cuz a little voxel game is super simple you know it's a shooting which an FPS game people love these this type of stuff man I love this type of. Stuff we got lots of bogeys down. There well what won't chill chill chill chill chill they're like dead they have like dead accuracy man they do not miss direct I wish I could, tell how many people I'm killing though does it, tell you got me there all right there I just killed like three or something at one time we got times three and they had times, two oh look at all of them dude there's like ten of them running right there they're, everywhere they stopped to let themselves I see that little teleportation glitch look glitching through there those guys right here hyper glitching through the vehicle cheap it's cheating, they're coming right here man Oh health backseat Oh he's, still alive we're trying to heal your guy he do they can heal each other the heck. Is Christmas hey what's your Laxman I got some ammo just ride dude was a Russian sniper oh we got people getting by for something by over here dead okay I mean I got a. Shotgun he's over me and Mark any more more need more weapon variation we just had we have, health pack right here okay there's boats do you see. That boat down there there's boats guys attack boats this guy's running he's on June 11 shut rum you're not air just freakin. Attack boats whoa oh he can do it he can be had hit fire and everything in now. You're supposed to use him our I don't think don't think you're supposed to hit fire Castle well guys thank, you so much for watching thank you for hopefully you guys enjoyed the video let me know if you guys have played this game before if you have, click that thumbs up button below feel free to subscribe if you're new the, channel hope you guys are having a great day and things are going well for you in your life see. You next time you .


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Online - Ravenfield

Shooting out the garden oh oh shooting you got hit no no no no no no no no no no no yes taking a beating we finally got it oh my god yes oh my god oh my god away hey. Guys when you subscribe to this channel do me a favor join bearings brigade make sure to hit the. Bell and then click send me all notifications. For this channel and then click save so that you can be the first to see the videos whenever they're launched but how was that look, at this this is the thing I'm probably the most excited for is mod coming soon look at that middle screen I can't click it yet. To early access build one the game comes out May 18 it's. A Thursday club going up we are going to play the new gamemodes campaign isn't out yet either oh my gosh so quick note this, will never be multiplayer at least that's what steel Raven the developer has said I, like the Russian accent it's okay so I'm gonna go to archipelago yeah just trees I'm teasing you we're gonna put in two hundred. Bucks on this archipelago and we're gonna do point match and I. Think that I want to be the Ravens because they spawn on the deck next to all these planes um so let's just go ahead and do that let's.

Get right into the action I'm going to try out the new weapons as per usual let me use, a frag grenade and then I want to get on the deck and I want to practice flying, around with a plane boys oh we got a hundred I mean I'm gonna get on this one because it's on the runway.

All nice and pretty like so this is a Westland wyvern and, historically it had I'm pretty sure all boys are 100 no we just ran over like eight of, them oh no we will who's this oh don't mind me we got bandit, we got banished we're closing in on their six o'clock here we're going to go after the Kosovo and I'll lead your target stay on, target oh yeah what's up boy oh that guy was red don't mind me I'm Missy why are all of my team in the plane okay you know what I, could pick this I can, remedy this you didn't see me shoot down my own teammates oh my god okay archipelago two hundo and I'm gonna be on the Eagle which. Is the blue team now I'm going to look for a Westland live in here I think we actually spawn inside the plane but if ol. Boys look at that all the guys all right here's some wyverns now how do we, get them out of this hangar I don't think we can so this is just a preview so I don't think it's intended. To be balanced can we sneak a plane out I'm, gonna try it oh these are just models dang it we got a fight on the decks to get a plane and basically I'm. Trying to have enemy planes to shoot at Oh God Oh oh my god they're everywhere we just wrecked their entire team oh god I forgot son look at this look at all, these bodies get the medicine we're at a hundred so. Many medics drop their med bags all right let's frag out oh my god heads up boys he's like you're some ammunition baron, yeah we got that one all right we cleared it out now I think that my kids tonight, all right now operation grab a plane is in full effect my boys don't seem to be interested in this area of the.

Map all right let's see if we can drop one yeah go go, go go go Oh nothing to see here buddy all right reload it this thing has a drum a guv like 50. Rounds we would be clearing house Oh God that guy's just try to snipe me all right there there derp and out man they don't see me because I'm using. A silenced gun and then I got this alright dude they're just coming down there is some decent lag, right now but I gotta get the wyvern I'm just, going to fight through all these guys we're doing it oh I think I got killed by my friend with a shock card let's switch to the revolver the revolver is, actually my favorite sidearms in the game right now look at that we're pouring out there might be some, wyvern from the back of this ship so we are going to head back that way look these guys are new campers. Okay these guys are not following orders orders. Are charged give them of the bayonet whoa I can only try to like itch my nose and my mouth just swung around alright now we got some. Guys coming this way they all went. To the back oh we've got like one or two guys back there but unfortunately you can't hop in the air right away and blue team's just. Kind of Sol they can't get they can't get what do you call it the little, boat there's boats in the back we could I guess we can go that way right ammunition oh is that a bad guy Hey Dude sup dude here have a little potato, oh shoot there was a guy in there you're kidding me oh man all right well what are you guys. Doing okay he's doing sit-up he was just getting, a workout it oh man this red paint around here oh this guy's garden with doors you see anybody buddy see anybody but oh we got old hold on, you know what hold up sir you've been relieved of command all right where the planes at oh here's plane shot it down shoot some. More down yes aircraft defense Oh while we're reloading hurry up reload time for some reload yes I can, miss perfect come on oh we got to the hit boys alright forcing reload we had seven rounds. Left there's a nice ramp. Here Oh enemy plane black is getting close enough to damage it or not they're not strafing me oh god I think it's going in four straight he. Is red team stertorous yeah right we're gonna keep playing he claims the background there we just shot it down yeah alright, let's clear out some of their planes you know what take control sir you've not been relieved of command card we'll reload our stick. Shooter here which is I think that's in the spin are my face John Oh God oh there's the plane can we make it cause. I think we can make it there's not a chance overwhelming firepower there oh we were just about effing they. Shot me in, the leg those jerks alright so get outside hopefully lead our soldiers to glory come on board it's dangerous down here there's grenade there's no grenades up, top though come on come on guys yeah let's go boys we're going to do this whether you want to or not charge the front viva la revolución we.

Even love.

What's the martyr oh yeah we've got critical mass all right let's get this rocket I love this thing oh dude that. Guy use it over there this is called the slam R or the slammer and it is oh yeah give me a munition buddy all right where the planes oh shoot this guy shoot here, we go, finally did all the gather everywhere I need a medic I need a medic mad mederic oh this one looks like ammunition hand medicine so we'll reload. This oh yeah give me these explosive rounds well where's this kind of, shot problem he's looking the wrong way gosh this is this is a fight this is a dogfight man operations steal the plane. Oh my god I think we got hit with an explosive where are my soul wherever I go they go, all right Baron you got it your team captain oh there's blue guys down there oh my god hold on oh we're out we didn't reload where's my reinforcements at Forest Hills DS hack, gee I think are you. Hitting a shocking amount 29 oh no I got you sir hahaha whoa God hold up Fantini oh man, oh no I was just about to crack him and then we were like doing what we got guys attack us on the middle and the rear get, off of here boys you guys there on this like defensive stance and I think I would imagine you could make them more aggressive actually hold up our there. Let's see input are there commands weapons hella sensitivity plane sensitivity not yet there might be in. The future but I haven't see any at preliminary search look at this guy giant black oh yeah give it to, him buddy give it to him you're not very good at that aren't. You I can probably oh oh no I'm late how I there's got to be an option to like end. Your life you know what I mean oh come on oh no there is it we get out of, it we got to go swimming this is not going to go well this is not going well at all look at this yeah what happens when you fall off.

The boat oh here. We go we made it to the surface definitely combat there's an area in the back of the boat all right guys we tried swimming and I think we may have, gotten shots of water well this guy seems like open throat ler bar you're not even doing your, job you've been relieved of command it's a mutiny on the aircraft carrier all right we're still rocking dude imagine if they had. That and we were pouring up that thing all right so we have oh my god we don't. Have it yet Oh God look at that my boys blood. Everywhere but I got them coming all right let's do this guy's fan out Oh what I got shot all right I think we can switch, to the DMR Chris Foreman we thought we have to commit only all my team did but that's the thing I think grand theft why is what this one is right. We have to take it to source. All over the tree pigfoot you like I'll borrow my pistol bars come on don't surrender oh my god come on guys we could take this, Oh Mike took a hit hold up yes that was a good hit this guy's just like I'm, waiting for planes burn oh no I I think I cut, myself or did I almost cut myself I almost killed myself all right nothing to stay here just meander oh those. Ghost sounds Dolores we're at the back of the ship now maybe that oh did you see that I think I think that might be the way we have.

To go we're going to we're going to make a run for it oh shoot there here up reload reload, Tom everyone hurry ah we got hit in the nuts all right we're going for the ship now to do that I feel like this. Because it allows me come on boys you want to, live forever what are you defending oh my God look at all these bullets all right here I wish I could have an elite squad, of soldiers and body armor with me we would totally take it so, I'm going to steal a wyburd this is going to happen I know it I believe it in my bones grand theft LIBOR on the new map archipelago okay I'll shoot down the, beach I don't want to go that way I'll try going this other way last time, guys in here that shot me how do we. Get out oh I don't think we can Oh No is there no way to get up here let's check oh good there is. They can see me from the beach yeah it's a plane we're gonna do it oh no we got hit from the beach get up get up. No all right I got a crack team of commandos how's my health just at 100 get up son, come on stop bleeding out your pancreas we're going for it but someone shoot that bit low oh no oh no that was bad I think that, may have been I gotta let all the guys there's like whicker's weird. Issues rattling bear I don't know we're all hip it is happening ragout where'd that come from oh my god another, way explosion oh and I'm dead it happened all right let's do this okay so I thought that maybe from the beginning of the map, we try to make a run for the top and if we can't we're. Gonna go down and get in a zodiac in the bottom of the ship they're, all spawning up there so I think there might be time I'm not sure we'll see if, we run into any enemy opposition we'll just get down yeah look they're already taking off in there wyverns oh shoot that's right guys come in behind it I think we're, going at the map we're the only ones that went this way everybody, else might be going a completely opposite way Oh nope there there, we're going down to the depth look at this see this is what we should have done a long time ago all right we got a Zodiac now we're going to dodge the defenders on the, beach there are enemy planes up as well see and I'm going, to try to go capture this now unfortunately I don't have anybody, on my boat with me but it looks like we do have that so I'm going to sail around look at that Inlet we're doing an amphibious landing I wish the a, I was part enough to tail me and that we had a zodiac with a 50 Cal on the front so then, the guy could be like Rambo against that y ver they have a lot of enemy planes up man I'm kind of nervous, because if one looks at me I'm at 49 hell so if there are people here waiting oh my god there's people, here waiting I, couldn't turn around oh my god they're going to get on their zodiac oh no we got hit we've been tagged route 11 held but this is the land part of the map oh look at this. They're all in the water swimming over to the ship that anti-aircraft can only get me another. Tsunami from the ship is this it is this our moment shooting out the garden Oh oh shoot we got, hit no no no no no no no no no no no. No no no no no yes taking a beating we finally got it oh my god yes oh my god, oh my god get out of the way did you shoot my wheels off what oh no I'll get out of my way this is my plane. Boys alright so oh my how is it supposed to work oh just barely all right we cleared it okay, so this is a land-based airfield I need, a lure on control see the enemies should be coming out here eventually we have the air power now they might, be on the flak gun Oh actually I'm getting hit by the Blackman right now let's go straight that guy so let's go a little bit further out let's. Turn around the line up our attacker up look at that you can see the enemy flag, yeah right now I'd be doing a l'heure on control but only having the mouse, is definitely tricky no there's going to be a long school all right we got a decent line right here not. Anymore oh here they come what oh man and you only got 30 rounds so I think right now the plane controls could. Definitely use some some help right but I tell you what if you want a good example just go to war thunders plane controls they're so good oh can, we make.

This oh oh we actually survived that Oh all right let's parachute out hello boys oh and he has that was pretty cool, we actually survived that and so let's go tour this base real quick this is kind of the final part on. This preview map so obviously a lot still to change right now the problem is red, team spawns on two spots and I think they should both spawn on the boat but they should both have equal opportunity to grab both little zodiacs and wyvern planes I don't think there's a way into this house. No there is this, guy and the only time we guys discarded yeah work in progress so likely to come with the next update hopefully by Thursday that'd be. Pretty cool but you never know so and you've got these big old hedgehogs too depending on tanks and amphibious landing I see a lot of possibility of this game guys. Alright well that is the archipelago. Map in attempted grand theft wyvern thanks for watching two videos a day I'll see. You in the next one .


Multiplayer - Ravenfield

Hello everyone and welcome to a raven field this is like a more simplistic version of battlefield guys obviously it's not this big huge triple-a game it's just a small indie game, where you have these blocky little dudes they've got guns they've got tanks they've got helicopters all the good stuff basically and you got to fight each other this, is all the stuff that's currently in the, game it's beta number 4 I don't really know much about it i watch the trailer for it it seemed really. Cool and a bunch of you guys have been asking me to play it alright so we're gonna play it there's, that there's Island and there's Dust Bowl and then there's other options like, you can put on a salt mode I don't know what that is reverse mode I don't know if that's just you do the opposite maybe the colors are switch. Or something Knight mode obviously that would be at night and you can change the victory score how many bots there are and spawn time, so there's 50. BOTS apparently I guess there's gonna be a bunch of bots on my team and a bunch of bots on the other team if it's a 25 versus 25 that's kind of cool also there are more game. Options. Okay that's just like you know that stuff we don't need to worry about then let's go to the island and play some Raven field, all right so first of all guys you get to choose your stuff is a little map over here can you click where you want to go yes sort of well you can only go. To one place and that's over here so I got an ak-47 I can. Also have a 76 Eagle SL defender all I can snipe in this game guys immediately I'm excited to. Play this game I used to play a lot of Battlefield Bad Company 2 that, was my battlefield game I never really played much after that before that but Bad Company 2 is sick game I really like the the way battlefield.

Works because it's all about you know realistic bullet physics and stuff look at this all the people are out there freaking on.

The battlefield and stuff hold on guys hold on get myself a sniper rifle I'm gonna get myself a gun, here okay then I'm gonna get.

Myself some binoculars because if you're a sniper that'd be a good idea and I move quick here how about ammo bag sure. And Oh night vision got not gonna be not gonna be something I need in the day okay good we're ready let's deploy hey, Here I am there's sound not much oh okay we got we got we got battle noises guys let me Rob this he'll see what. I can do is that a score over here it looks. Like maybe we're doing okay oh oh my god what in the hell this is really hard to control is that guy okay I thought he was, gonna totally die then yeah come on buddy now do you think this has realistic bullet. Physics guys cuz if it doesn't not gonna hit a damn thing I can't even see with this scope anyway slow down slow down. Hey you okay that's that's not happening I'm not even gonna bother this, is intense guys I'm like I'm actually pretty excited right now I want I was nice to people well what's, that that's a flag of course oh they're down there okay it's coming guys time to find I had these bullets work okay those are bullet physics I am. Pretty sure and they they see you man ahh what the hell come on really I was expecting these. Guys to not. Be that good but they're actually pretty decent we're gonna deploy over the other way this time guys let me take a look around, alright nothing but my dead body here great oh is that a tractor don't tell me I could. Drive a tractor I don't think I'm gonna be able to drive a tractor I can lean okay that's just as good I guess hello hey these people man. Do you hear that that's that guy okay oh man I'm missing, all the action here I'm missing all the action whoo come on oh oh oh I haven't I haven't hit it, like a single thing yet guys damn oh there's some dudes did I get one, did I get another one Oh probably like other dudes I think I think that might be me I think I, might be killing people yeah oh wait wait stop oh that guy got a bit close to. Me okay it's going well so far guys I'm doing great I'm not Hey get rekt bitch okay that was okay that was good that was good I. Don't like this whole having a reload thing man what do you guys think you're doing over here huh yeah that's it. Get rekt you're all gonna die now I'm Jeff Oh Jeff alright so uh what's the win scenario here get out, of that vehicle what do you think you're doing. In there oh god I just killed my own dude I didn't even know you could do that man friendly fire really god this is too realistic for me I'm used to playing overwatch where you, can shoot people all.

You want around your team nothing happens okay here we go nope nope nope Hey bazooka dude yeah that's it yeah you better be dead fear me but I think the helicopters, doing some good work guys yeah or. Do we need to capture this over here we have to capture the flag perhaps we do we have. To capture the flag Hey oh damn it I killed my dude again huh oh oh oh oh I got backup holy crap okay guys I have a handgun I should probably use that while I'm. Up close okay oh look out guys there's a dude over here shoot okay oh we have four control points, right now that's what it is guys we have four of these points they have one we need to get this. Last one okay y'all got a map oh there's a map right here okay ha stop it kick okay get away. From me okay that's not happening that's that's not happening Oh somebody else took. Care of it it's all good hey medic make it cool believe it here oh we won we, won guys you see you know why the blue team blue team won right, you know why it's because of this guy but we can keep on playing so I'm gonna keep on playing maybe there's a few red, dudes left to kill you know can we screw around can we do some friendly fire now guys yeah. Good old game a friendly fire wait there's some dudes over here should probably kill those dudes, oh he's alive look out shot him in the ass that ought to do the trick. Oh I need a kill cam man I need Anna wait I'm still alive hey guys what's up I'm just drop banane for a visit. I love that I love that you get back up again alright we're out of here we're quitting cuz we already won okay what's this Dust Bowl, what's that about okay it's just a dusty, area I'm more of a more of a you know a grassy area kind of guy I like the aesthetics of grass better but I mean this is war, guys it's not about how good it looks it's about how many people you murder okay boys I'm gonna try something else since my sniping skills are. Not that great all right how about this is that a shotgun looks like it could be a shotgun and I really.. Know you know weapons very well I don't know these are real weapons you know I wanted to try out my binoculars you know I didn't even get. A chance to do that uh what the hell is that oh it's binoculars okay so there's my rangefinder yeah what's that guy doing let's just watch. Him yeah that's right go go to the crack way that'll help cousin even why the point is going. Back this way this guy doesn't, have a clue does he guys there's a lot of really interesting details in this game that I really like if you, see the way when you jump your thingies go all weird there's a lot of sway and stuff that's cool that's cool now let me catch up with you guys all right I want to, be part of this fight let me try it my gun aha, I like it time for the element of surprise you see all those numbers going up guys this, is uh this is getting intense oh I hope that's our tank oh god, that's not our tank hey hey tank you dude you don't don't do it no no no God. All that work well I can deploy here guys alright so I'm gonna do that hey how's it going bro let me in let me in your tank let me have your let me let me, be your, friend again nothing oh okay gonna keep on shooting it from here guys don't worry I got this oh oh god no no wait for me wait for me I need to stay here okay somebody. Help me anyone got one.

Of those like anti-tank things come on get on get on the damn tank get on the tank Oh God okay long story short guys I, did really bad at dustbowl okay just let's go back to the island again I like the island better, the island has more covering things I'm gonna go for the ak-47 we're gonna kick some ass okay we're gonna we're gonna deploy, in the only place we can let's go boys let's let's show them who's boss okay let's uh I'm gonna get in. Here yes I got it now we're talking this is what I.

Wanted okay I saw all these other people riding around the vehicles and I couldn't do it but now I can so I'm just gonna dive right into battle okay it's gonna be amazing, didn't even wait for someone to come with me because I don't give. A okay yes I'm gonna hope okay keep going keep going I'm fine I won't be the first person to die on the team hi.

I was the first person to die on the team great I would have just kept going guys. But all the vehicles are, gone now and I kind of wanted to actually get into the action a little bit let's take the helicopter that seems like a good idea anyone want to get in with me yeah okay it's, up and down and then you tilt with this oh boy this is gonna be oh Oh Oh got him no I don't, know I, don't accidentally hit the wrong button bull don't you dare don't you dare I got I got I got skills now guys who know been out, of that one don't even give a okay get around this there you go one two. Three all right all right got lots of points hey hey stay out of my territory stay out of my territory this I don't know what that guy's using guys but, he killed me but that's okay because I got a bunch of kills there's no kill counter, or anything I don't see any kind of any kind of system here that I can take a look at which is kind of sad, cuz I kind of want to, know how good I'm doing I mean I know it's bet there's a boat over here holy I wasn't expecting that all right. Well then I'm gonna boat okay I'm never mind hey what's up dude hey you doing hey hey you guys doing you're just gonna hang out, here that's good that's good you hold down the fort I don't know why you would it's not important but, yeah oh here we go this, is gonna be the good stuff guys this guy doesn't know what's gonna hit him all right did I get him I don't think I, got him it's okay I got this big building up here to come down it slowly and a poke out when I can shoot some dudes look at, that die be dead okay oh we got a spawn I'm gonna I'm gonna, spawn camp guys I'm a spawn camping all right reload one gun no one ran there no one worth talking about another, guy another one guys can you put that flag up please and, sick of this more peeking got a peek oh this is why you peek this is why you peek this white peek look at this. Yes kids man get some health smell poke that health bag there you go don't forget it so cheap guys what did I say don't forget to, peek don't forget don't forget to peek yeah don't forget. To peek okay we're gonna keep going keep going we gotta get this last one I'm. Gonna do it buddy we're gonna stay alive forever infinity kill dead infinity kill death ratio gonna let oh look at look at all these little noobs over here guys oh man I was.

Moving the other way I'm alive bull oh really I had it I had that man that was going so well I am, shotgun into bitches here okay this is it this is the end for you guys oh, oh oh die don't point. That gun at me don't point that gun at me hey get out from behind that fence bitch okay guys this might not. Actually be the end cuz I have some concerns that my team may lose this point I'm gonna go down okay I'm gonna go down around just gonna reload real quick reloading there's a, guy oh oh oh I don't think so I'm getting down this hill Hey ah it's good thing. I'm alive guys it's a good thing I keep thinking I'm, dying but I'm not dying look at that get back up again this is my favorite part about the game die. Roll around on the ground for a bit get back up again keep on kicking ass hello okay it's back to this again guys I'm, gonna go up this thing go over the hill get the a get the jump on them all right got the careful though because, there are some dudes over here I got one got a, squat gonna pop a squat over here and do them squats I'm bro stir this come on so many of your asses oh man they don't automatically reload blue team is victorious, we did it froze uh we're gonna shoot each other for celebration yay or get shot. Cuz the other team is still here yeah alright guys look I know, I'm trash that's cool I've started another game I want one more shot in some of these vehicles okay oh God oh my god, how in the hell do you control this helicopter this time getting in the damn helicopter why is that thing go over there, okay this lifts up and then you need to okay it's just it's just it's inverted guys and that's kind of throwing me for. A loop so you need to tilted and, Oh too much tilt too much tilt that's okay that's okay I know, had it I know how to stay alive now oh okay first I'm gonna do guys all right I'm. Gonna I'm gonna invert the mouse so I can actually play did it work didn't work didn't work I'm doing it doing it look at me I'm, an acrobat fire things okay okay that was fun that was fun oh crap now my mouse is inverted I did. The wrong thing didn't I invert heli pitch that's why it didn't work I, need to do that one okay what won't try it one more trying to helicopter then one more try with the tank. Here we go so now now this makes so much more sense guys I was not used to that inverted pitch now I, didn't say that was gonna do any better just point in the direction you want to shoot and you'll be okay alright we're gonna go up and, go way on up up up up up up up up up up and then we're gonna shoot these guys. Down here okay is it working did I get any kills what's Mike what's my kill streak what's, my kill streak bro it's actually I think 9 am i doing this okay that's alright yeah. Well yeah why don't you wait Jesus and I was gonna say maybe I'll, survive maybe I'll go in the water and I'll swim away to safety you know get my purple heart or whatever go to home but no last try here we go with, the tank now the great thing about this guy's is I actually get first dibs on the vehicles because they. Put me in before everybody else cuz if you see, now nobody else is here run towards the tank get in the tank kill some people let's go alright this should be easy this is so much easier than controlling.

A helicopter okay come on that got, you though ah okay I got it I got them I taken them out that's four kills from me guys I'm gonna frickin. Tank alright don't worry about it hey how y'all doing yeah I get ran over by tank of course you do that's the way I like it how do you even how do you, even take out a. Tank can you even do that this is great I'm just gonna take this one alright here we. Go you guys got the other four I'm gonna get the last one that's gonna be the best victory ever let's victory cover we go you guys try to kill, me I hope you don't have way they have anti-tank weapons they have anti-tank, weapons yeah alright guys well that is Raven field this game is actually pretty cool I'm not gonna lie I especially like the fact that you can, get shot fall down an entire Hill get back up again and keep, on going I think that's just wonderful thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this video don't forget to leave a like and I will. See you next time goodbye you .


Free to Play - Ravenfield

Enemy tank oh look at that Oh what's up sniper alright everybody so today we're gonna be playing Raven field now I've gotten a lot of recommendations to check this game out oh my god, I want that I definitely want the bazooka okay ah let's go with a med pack, basically it's called Raven field and it looks like a free to play battlefield huh it was made in the Unity engine which is. One of my favorites looks like we've got tanks we got boys and helicopters here man this thing looks awesome this is free.

To play guys now it's one of the, hottest games on both H and gamejolt I wonder if they'd run over me well what you're looking at is. Lucky old gods grill look at this guy being all tactical look at him look at him leaning look at him leaning I love this where are you leaning buddy so these, are AI these are not players right now now I'm pretty sure that we only play, against AI but it makes you wonder like if they were to set up like oh my god, did you see that this guy just flying out there all right we control this tower now that's our helicopter oh , enemy helicopter oh man there's like kick like kickback, for these guns Oh reload we got a manually reload that's actually pretty cool look at that we blew that up Oh hold on this oh yeah reload this sucker we're gonna.

Get into a better position our helicopter is moving in I want to fire my bazooka oh my god this is intense this. Is in intense boys wait I hear I hear shots come from like over here Oh boohoo my blue balls oh wait. A minute somehow I'm alive did I heal myself look at that there's Jeeps all right, spawn camping now I don't I owe a do have ammunition part were they at my men are moving. Into this position we're kicking their ass looks like we've got four points to their one oh, man oh well hello there let's see what other let's go with a this, this looks pretty good let's try that out oh my god and there's all these new points you can spawn it hell yeah now it looked like the, triangles wait a minute okay good ooh this is nice so lots of lots of weapons the AI are brutal though oh . I think I'm already under attack oh there we go dude this thing Suites like a futuristic gun which. Reminds me did you know that they're remaking, Starship Troopers oh they're honking they're communicating well my team is really kicking bud oh shots fired what we're gonna look ways, before crossing the road so I need to get in that helicopter that sounds like the coolest thing to do oh my god oh my god, oh my god that was oh. There's a tank in our spawn point no oh I tried to I try to get my bazooka I'm gonna do it again. Do this tank is this record ha ha beginning with the bazooka and I killed myself I gotta say for, a free-to-play game this is a lot of fun alright I'm a spot over there going for that last one there the AI are pretty brutal and I wonder if it's just cuz. They're you know kind of a basic level of AI or what I, have no allies in this area it seems oh they've got a helicopter I can hear it, oh oh no no no no oh wow I need to get a helicopter so badly blue team Oh hahahaha blue team is victorious alright.

We're gonna check this out one more time cuz, our team just absolutely clean this thing oh oh they all just spawned alright we're gonna rock this tank man oh I think the Jeep trainin me and honked at me.

To let me know to move we got it big, old Hedgehog tank traps wow this thing is incredibly sensitive oh hold up oh I think we just shot down the helicopter, did hell yeah whoa whoa whoa whoa friendly helicopter over there I think my teammates were like stuck on me or something all right we're going straight, for this red flag oh enemy, tank oh look at that Oh what's up sniper you don't need that oh my god hold on they got a jeep ha. Ha wait a minute how did I die they bazooka me oh ok we're in the helicopter oh my god I, definitely have no idea what I'm doing right now oh my god they blew up. My helicopter all right we're gonna go to whatever that is looks like a shotgun oh my. God they're closing in on this flag right now wait did I did I spawn and they already killed me that's weird oh it's not my. Point anymore okay well I've got to get it back damn they got the helicopter.

Then there's boats hey let me on the boat oh my god dude they're everywhere didn't run our attack here let's reload oh where'd that come, from oh they snuck up behind us on the boat okay let's redeploy let's, go with the SL defender looks like the AWP from counter-strike oh my god oh my god oh my. God oh my god oh my god get in the tractor hahaha Louise who can ride a freakin tractor can we Oh big ol sniper tower I think my boys, just killed the helicopter we got to ride the tank the tank. Was freaking amazing oh man this thing's nasty if there was really good AI so they didn't automatically know where I was we could definitely do some.

Damage is that our helicopter yes it is there's blood splatters over there here lots of gunshots oh here we go oh this is a really.

Good scope let's reload our mag oh we're dropping these guys oh we got hey, we got we got hit wait don't I, have a medical bag wonder if that how well that's healing me what are those guys doing oh my god Wow awesome there we go drop a name feel. Like we got this Hill right here oh my god our. Guys just slaughtering them oh that guy's like blending in with the frickin look at hey he's leaning that's, amazing oh oh my god hahahaha I love this freaking game boys come on you lads you can't hang with me oh I hit him I shot him, out of the Jeep MLG moments haha just dropping these motherers oh look at that like after doing flips oh I need. To reload is this not amazing guys I still cannot believe this is free-to-play look at my. Look at these guys just storming in Oh what was that I want a helicopter I want a tank I'm gonna try to get a helicopter oh I. Hear a helicopter enemy helicopter sighted Oh what I just did did you whoa whoa, whoa oh hello alright we're in the helicopter right now oh my. God it's inverted and stuff holy I have no idea what I'm doing haha alright. Well I know how to use the tank so we're gonna use the tank alright in the next video if you guys want to see more let me know pull the trigger on, the like button and let me know what we should try out there's like all kinds of weapons, we've literally only just begun to crack okay we're probably like 50 to 60 percent covered on this game right now but there's definitely more to.

Do I gotta figure out how to operate that, damn helicopter so we got the tank what if I have like a machine gun I keep running in everything the physics on this thing oh my god all the, tank traps heads up boy I'm coming, in and I'm not stopping oh my god I think I ran over my friend where we getting shot at from the hills alright let's push this objective. Watch out where's teammate ever oh we got to blow up that helicopter before they can get in it yeah we're moving in we've got total superiority. Let's move in we gotta watch out, for bazookas oh my god there's so many in – oh I hit that helicopter – now it's a bit of Battlefield s spawn camping is it oh I wish there was a kill, feed – I think if I hit the helicopter blows up in front of them look at, that get in the, helicopter I dare you how much you want to go out of the oh oh he got in and he got it hold on oh my god.

It crashed on me and blew me up okay guys well that is Raven field you guys asked, for it I played it it's awesome if you'd like to see more you know what to do ladies and gentleman I will see you in the next video, .


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