Cryengine 5 скачать торрент на русском полная версия бесплатно

CryEngine 5. Скачать и Установить.

CryEngine 5. Скачать и Установить.

Как скачать и установить игровой движок CryEngine 5.

В середине марта компания Crytek предоставила миру новый, пятый  CryEngine. Движок абсолютно бесплатен и воспользоваться им, может любой желающий. Давайте и мы попробуем установить новую разработку к себе на компьютер.

Регистрация на сайте.

Прежде чем скачать CryEngine 5, необходимо зарегистрироваться на сайте Ссылка будет указана прямо на форму регистрации на сайте.

И так, переходим по ссылке и нажимаем Create a new account.

На следующей странице компания предлагает указать, сколько стоит для вас CryEngine 5. Дело в том, что компания Crytek с недавних пор материально поддерживает молодых индии – разработчиков, которые разрабатывают индии-игры на игровом движке Cryengine. Подробней об этом вы можете прочитать на сайте разработчиков.

Вернемся к форме регистрации, я выставил все по нулям и нажал кнопку Get Started Now.

И еще разок Register now.

Далее вводим свои данные имя пользователя, e-mail, пароль и защитный код и жмем Сreate Account.

Следующий шаг, заполняем более подробную информацию об аккаунте и жмем Save And Continue.

На ваш почтовый ящик, указанные при регистрации, придет 3 письма, в одном из них необходимо подтвердит свою учетную запись, нажать Activate Account.

Launcher CryEngine 5.

Далее нам необходимо скачать launcher. Войдите под своей учетной записью на сайт и в правом верхним углу нажмите Download Launcher. Размер лаунчера не большой 44 мб, скачайте и установите его себе на компьютер, желательно не меняя настроек при установке.

Запустите лаунчер, введите свой логин и пароль, которые использовали при регистрации на сайте и создайте новый проект, нажав на кнопку New Project.

Введите название проекта и укажите пустую папку где будет храниться ваш проект. Далее, нажмите Create Project.

Загрузка движка.

В данный момент у нас есть только лаунчер, но нет самого движка, нажмите на свой созданный проект и программа предложит вам его загрузить.

Нажмите Install Engine и подождите пока загрузится игровой движок (1 Gb). Прогресс загрузки можно посмотреть, нажав на облачко рядом с именем вашей учетной записи.

После загрузки и установки нажмите еще раз на свой проект и у вас должен запустится игровой движок.

На этом пока все, в следующих уроках мы попробуем разобраться с интерфейсом и функциями игрового движка. Удачных вам проектов!

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Следующий урок  ( CryEngine5. Проблемы запуска движка )

CRYENGINE 5.2 is now available for download!

Welcome to the release notes for our next major CRYENGINE update: CE 5.2. In this release we have focused on addressing community feedback by adding some long requested features (FBX Importer support for animations!) and continue with our recent efforts to make getting started and working with the Engine easier than ever.

Please be aware that we have restructured our Release Notes – they are now aligned with our new Roadmap and are listed according to the internal development team. This alignment will make it easier for users to compare the Road Map with the Release Notes and better track the progress we are making.

Here are some of CRYENGINE 5.2’s key features and improvements.

Animation: FBX Import Pipeline Support for Materials and Animations

Support for FBX has been a popular long time request from our users, hence we are very happy to announce major additions for 5.2. Building upon the FBX Importer support for static meshes in 5.0, users are now able to quickly and easily import materials and full animations. The importer automatically converts and saves all files in the appropriate Cry-formats, thus making the process as straightforward and as efficient as possible. Make sure to give us your feedback through the CRYENGINE Community forum once you have tried these new additions! See the videos below for more information.

Animation: VCloth 2.0 Character Cloth Simulation

VCloth 2.0 is a new attachment for the existing Character Tool that gives users vastly expanded options when it comes to placing accurately simulated cloth onto their characters. The initial setup in Maya uses vertex colors to constrain cloth vertices. After exporting the cloth as a skin file, the cloth can then be set up directly in the Character Tool. To see how to set up the simulated cloth in Maya and see it in action in CRYENGINE, see the video below.

Animation: Constraints on Live Characters

This new feature allows users to place restraints such as ropes or shackles on characters that will physically and accurately affect their animations. The rigid body solver now recognizes rigid bodies that are part of an articulated structure and uses callbacks to calculate their contact matrices and apply impulses (based on spatial Featherstone algebra). If some constraints involve pure physical (simclass 2) objects, the character will be simulated in the same group as them. Otherwise, it'll use an isolated call to InvokeContactSolver.

Content: New C++ Starter Templates

Additional templates that are beyond the venerable GameSDK have also been on many community members wish lists, so we are very pleased to announce that 5.2 includes 5 brand new C++ based templates for a variety of genres and camera perspectives. We have stripped out as much unnecessary code as is possible to give you a clean canvas that you can achieve your vision on, hence getting started will be fast and as easy as is possible.

For each template that uses a character we have partnered with Mocap Online to provide their default character and a Rifle Locomotion Packto get you up and running with a bare bones mannequin setup.

The Templates include:

As before, you will be able to select these templates during the new streamlined project creation flow (see ‘Core: Project Launcher Tools’ below). Please let us know what other templates you want to see released in future Engine updates!

Content: Documentation Overhaul

While technically speaking not part of the actual 5.2 release, our Documentation Overhaul is nevertheless an important piece of the puzzle, and again something that is directly based on your feedback. We have made great progress in our on-going efforts to completely overhaul our Documentation to make it easier to find the information you need. This includes some detailed (and highly requested) starter documentation for our CE# framework. As it’s an ongoing effort we’d be grateful for any feedback regarding the new documentation. 

CE# UI System Tutorials 

CE# Entity Creation 

Core: Project Launcher Tools

Continued development has resulted in an easy and central method for the Launcher and other external programs to call Engine operations. Users need no knowledge of how the operations are performed. See here for more information.


Core: CryPlugin System - BETA

Another highly requested feature (notice the trend) has been support for custom Plugins, well in 5.2 we are happy to roll out the initial stages of this system. With this system we want to be able to support Plugins that are written in both C++ and C#, and in the same way. These are managed through the new CryPluginManager which is part of CrySystem. With this system it will be much easier for people to extend the Engine and without the need for great C++ skills. We really want to know what you think, so please make sure to give us your feedback through the CRYENGINE Community forum once you have tried out these new Plugins. 

Please be aware that 5.2 only includes the basic implementation – a more fully featured Plugin is being developed for our next major release CRYENGINE 5.3.

Sandbox: Notification Center

The new Notification Center is part of our ongoing efforts to make the Sandbox UI more comfortable and efficient for users. Here users will find all task lists, errors and warnings gathered in one central location as non-modal pop-up messages; this includes a history of previous messages. See the video below for more information.

Sandbox: Viewport Gizmos

We have reworked the Viewport gizmos to make working with 3D objects in the Viewport more intuitive and with a design that is more in line with industry standards used in other 3D packages. The new implementation builds and enhances on the previous class structure for gizmos. Gizmos are now more independent from the object manager, allowing for more components to register and use gizmos in Viewports and they also have their own interaction routines. See the video below for more information.

Sandbox: Particle Editor

In CRYENGINE 5.0, the Particle Editor was given its own, brand new, node-based UI. This UI has now been further refined and given a style overhaul to make it fall into line with how the CRYENGINE node-based tools will look in the future. 

We hope that you find the new Particle Editor more intuitive and easier to use. Please feel free to give us your feedback via our CRYENGINE Community forum.

Launcher: Simplified Project Creation and Management

With the recent update to our CRYENGINE Launcher we have made the creation of new projects (using both C++ and C#) easier than ever. With just a few clicks you can quickly choose your preferred Engine version, framework and template (including all the new C++ templates). You will also notice that we have reworked the layout of the Launcher’s main page, moving the links to our other Crytek channels to the bottom and adding a button that will directly launch your game.exe from within the launcher.


Launcher: Reporting Tool

We have also added a new Reporting Tool that allows users to more comfortably report issues they run into. Users can also decide to automatically attach all required logs and dump files to their report – this allows us to more accurately determine the cause of their problems.

Rendering: Extended Analytical Occluders Support for SVOGI -BETA

5.2 brings further improvements to our popular SVOGI feature (as seen in games such as KINGDOM COME: Deliverance, MISCREATED and WOLCEN: Lords of Mayhem). For this release we have greatly extended the usage of analytical occluders, which can lead to major improvements to the quality and resolution of indirect shadows while avoiding some of the common problems of working with voxel-based global illumination.

Rendering: Detailed Screen Space Shadows (DSSS)

Detailed screen space shadows have actually been part of the Engine in previous releases, but 5.2 marks its official release as a fully documented and supported feature. DSSS works in conjunction with regular shadow maps to prevent common problems such as shadow bias and low resolution. This is especially common with character’s faces, where DSSS allows a more performance-efficient way to handle such issues.

Скачать CryEngine 5 на русском

Если вы хотите стать разработчиком игр, то вам нужно иметь специальную программу для создания игр, называемую движком. Таких программ в интернете много и все они не похожи друг на друга. Вы можете найти как простейшие движки, используемые для обучения, так и профессиональные мощные инструменты разработки. Мы рассмотрим CryEngine.

CryEngine – это один из самых мощных движков, с помощью которого можно создавать трехмерные игры под ПК и консоли, включая PS4 и Xbox One. Графические возможности CryEngine значительно превосходят способности Unity 3D и Unreal Development Kit, именно поэтому он пользуется популярностью у многих известных разработчиков.

Советуем посмотреть: Другие программы для создания игр

Интересно!С помощью CryEngine были созданы все части известной игры Far Cry, а также Crysis 3 и Ryse: Son of Rome.

Логика уровня

КрайЭнджин предоставляет в руки разработчиков очень интересный инструмент для формирования внутриигровой логики уровня – Flow Graph. Данный инструмент является визуальным и наглядным – вы лишь перетягиваете на поле специальные ноды с параметрами, а затем соединяете их, формируя логическую последовательность. С помощью Flow Graph можно просто выводить диалоги, а можно создавать сложные перестрелки.

Инструмент «Designer»

В CryEngine вы найдете большой набор инструментов необходимых любому дизайнеру уровней. Например, инструмент Designer незаменим в проектировке локаций. Это инструмент для быстрого создания статичной геометрии прямо в движке. Он позволяет быстро создавать эскизы моделей сразу подгоняя их к будущей локации, указывая размеры и накладывая текстуры сразу же в движке.


Инструмент «Maniquen Editor» дает полный контроль над анимациями. С его помощью вы можете создавать анимации, которые будут активироваться в результате каких-либо событий в игре. Также на тайм-лайне анимации можно комбинировать в один фрагмент.


Физическая система в КрайЭнджин поддерживает инверсную кинематику персонажей, транспортные средства, физику твердых и мягких тел, жидкостей, тканей.


1. Прекрасная картинка, высокая оптимизация и производительность;2. Простота в использовании и освоении;3. Для всех возможностей движка, системные требования очень даже невысокие;4. Большой набор инструментов для разработки.


1. Отсутствие русификации;2. Сложность работы с освещением;3. Высокая стоимость программного обеспечения.

CryEngine – это один из самых высокотехнологичных игровых движков, который позволит вам создавать игры любой сложности и жанра. Несмотря на высокое качество получаемого изображения, разрабатываемые игры не требовательны к железу. В отличии от таких программ, как Game Maker или Construct 2, КрайЭнджин – это не конструктор и требует знаний в области программирования. На официальном сайте после регистрации можно скачать пробную версию программы для некоммерческого использования.

Скачать CryEngine бесплатно

Скачать последнюю версию с официального сайта

Оцените программу:

Рейтинг: 4.17 из 5 (6 голосов)

Вам необходимо включить JavaScript, чтобы проголосовать Поделиться программой в социальных сетях







CryEngine - это один из лучших движков для создания компьютерных игр любого жанра и степени сложности. С помощью этой платформы были созданы многие хиты индустрии.

Рейтинг: 4.17 из 5 (6 голосов)

Вам необходимо включить JavaScript, чтобы проголосовать

Система: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, Vista

Категория: Обзоры программ

Разработчик: CryTek

Стоимость: Бесплатно

Размер: 1900 MB

Язык: Английский

Версия: 3.5.8

CRYENGINE 5.1 is here

Today's release of CRYENGINE 5.1 comes with many improvements and fixes for a more efficient workflow. 

GitHub for CRYENGINE source code access

Git is a very widely used version control system that allows users to instantaneously access any revision of a file that has ever existed in their repository. This makes comparing revisions of a file and tracking changes over time very convenient, particularly as each time a set of changes is committed to the repository, a description of the change can be added. EDIT: We are finishing up the last details and users will get access to Git very soon.

Sandbox improvements

For the first iteration of the new Sandbox, we have been gathering feedback from our users to shape the editor and prioritize fixes. Here are some of the main improvements we’re working on for 5.1 and future releases:

Camera Speed Changes

The workflow for setting viewport camera speed has been improved in various small ways:

  • The old buttons to quickly set the camera speed are back next to the camera menu - allows to set slow/medium/fast speed. They are the three S/M/F buttons near the camera menu. They stand for slow, medium and fast speed.
  • Using the mouse wheel to change the speed of the camera while moving will spawn an interactive slider that displays the current camera speed. The slider will stay there for a few seconds, so users will be able to tweak it after using the mouse wheel.
  • The speed range has been increased, allowing up to ten times greater speed.

Main Menu Search

We want to make navigation as easy as possible for new users. We’re enabling the user to filter all the items in the main menu down to a small amount of actions that he might be interested in executing. In the future we will be adding more functionality to access other systems and make this a “universal search bar”.

Designer Tool Workflow

Various changes and refactoring have been done to Designer’s code to ensure more stability and consistency. Shape creation for Designer objects has been changed to resemble the old workflow a bit more.

  • There is a new "Shapes" panel in the Designer Tool that allows users to draw a shape always, even when no Designer Object is selected in the scene - the buttons will always be active so it's no longer necessary to create a Designer object before drawing a shape in the editor.
  • Drawing a new shape will always add the shape geometry to the current object
  • To draw a shape and separate its geometry into a new object, hold shift while drawing.

Migrating from CRYENGINE 5.0 to CRYENGINE 5.1

If you migrated your project to CRYENGINE 5.0 you will have noticed a lot of new features at your disposal such as DX12, C# and a brand new Sandbox UI. In this release we’ve finalized code formatting rules and categorized CryCommon files.

Re-structured CryCommons Headers

We’ve changed the physical file layout of all CryCommon files and regrouped them into more intuitive categories.

To help you convert your source files to match the new CryCommon file layout we’ve added a tool to the WAF GUI to ease the process; with just one click you can kick off the conversion on your game folder.

 Rather than hand editing every single file, WAF provides a quick solution to convert your project files to the new layout. We have a super handy guide here.

Visual Studio 2012/2013 Deprecated

With the next upcoming major release of CRYENGINE, we will deprecate support for Visual Studio 2012/2013 and their MSVC compiler toolchain.

Xbox One XDK update

We also upgraded to the March 2016 XDK, which will give users XDK updates provided by Microsoft such as DX12 functionality and Visual Studio 2015 compiler.

GPU Fluid Dynamics for Particles

The fluid dynamics feature is still an experimental feature in the general framework of our new particle system, which is incredibly flexible. The particle system supports modifiers for all properties that are available in the different particle component features. Fluid simulations for GPU particles create very aesthetically appealing interactive animations in real-time scenarios. Some use cases include smoke, explosions, magical effects, water, fog, blood and more.

Emissive Light for Voxel-based Volumetric Fog

This change adds the emissive light feature to voxel-based volumetric fog and corrects sunlight intensity. We discovered that sunlight intensity doesn't match the emissive light intensity when they have the same luminance unit. Brightness of fog volumes has to be specified on a per-entity-basis. For an additional effect HDRDynamic parameters can be adjusted however since those parameters are multiplied by the incoming light they require light sources to be present.

We added two parameters to the FogVolume entity, which enables fog to emit its own light:

  • EmissionColor: Specifies the color to be multiplied by EmissionIntensity.
  • EmissionIntensity: Specifies how much luminance (kcd/m2) the fog emits.

And the CVar ‘r_VolumetricFogSunLightCorrection’ to enable the correction of sunlight luminance; Volumetric fog gets brighter but remains consistent with other light sources.

Full release notes here.

Thanks for reading!


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