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Put on your sneakers again with Sonic

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is an endless runner platformer starring Sonic, Sega's legendary blue hedgehog, who has returned once more to continue running nonstop with the same friends as always. The game contains...


An endless runner featuring Sonic

Sonic Dash is a platform game starring Sonic. It uses similar gameplay to the now classic 'Temple Run' to produce an exciting experience that demands that you have good reflexes if you want to succeed. Everything you'd...


Jump nonstop with Sonic, Tails, and friends

Sonic Jump Fever is a platformer that's virtually identical to the previous Sonic Jump game. In it, players jump from one platform to another making sure not to fall into the void or land on any bad guys. In Sonic...


Try to dodge obstacles at sonic speed

Sonic Surge is an arcade game where you control a spaceship traveling at full speed over an obstacle-ridden three-lane highway. 'At full speed' is not just an expression; this game challenges you to have almost...


Sonic is back and running around Greenhill

Sonic Runners is a 2D platformer where you can once again play the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog, that old SEGA flagship who, after being crowned one of the kings of the genre during the 90s, has gone years without...


Sonic and all of his SEGA friends head to the racetrack

Sonic Racing Transformed is a mobile version (with controls adapted for touch screens) of the racing game of the same name that was released in 2012 for desktop consoles and PCs. As is to be expected, this free version...


An information-packed resource made by fans for fans

Sonic is an app developed by Wikia, Inc. available in its latest version 2.3, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


The blue hedgehog is still as fast as ever

Sonic CD Lite is a free version of the classic game Sonic CD, and comes with only the first few levels of the videogame, but it gives you a great idea of what is to come if your purchase the complete game. The best you...


Help the blue hedgehog to complete his mission

Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom is an app developed by Justice.okc available in its latest version 4.5.5, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


The Sonic characters battle it out online

Sonic Forces is an online racing and platform game starring Sonic and all his friends. Gameplay is similar to that of the classic Sonic Dash, offering a practically identical experience, only this time you compete...


The Sonic video game on Mega CD to play on your Android!

Sonic CD is an app developed by SEGA CORPORATION available in its latest version 1.0.4, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Grab all the coins and jump all the obstacles

Sonic Run Game is a platform game whose protagonist is openly inspired by Sonic, the legendary SEGA hedgehog. The gameplay is also very similar to other classic games of its genre where you encounter a 2D setting and a...


The classic. The first. The best.

Sonic the Hedgehog is the first game of the saga of SEGA's famous spiky hero released in 1991 for Mega Drive/Genesis – and the company's original standard-bearer thanks to being a well-rounded game in all sort of ways....


Aim and shoot to get rid of all the zombies

Sonic Road Killer Vs Zombies is an app developed by My Spinner Pro available in its latest version 1, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Sonic Dash S is an app developed by NaverJapan available in its latest version 1.2.0, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


Robot Sonic is an app developed by Warung Game available in its latest version 1.0, whose license is . The file size is 0 and it is translated to .


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Download sonic xg

Download sonic xg Find results for Mac, for Ubuntu, for Webapps, for Android, for iPhone

A 2D fighting game with the characters from Sonic

Sonic: Freedom fighters 2 Plus is a 2D fighting game that uses the Winmugen engine to allow you to enjoy one-on-one or two-on-two combats starring some of the most charismatic characters from the Sonic universe. Just...


Sonic, the legendary mascot of Sega, heads to 3D

Sonic The Hedgehog 3D is a 3D platformer which offers a completely new experience, even though it has the legendary characters from the Sonic franchise and it has scenes that were inspired by the first games in the...


The Sonic story continues

Sonic After the Sequel is an unofficial sequel in the blue hedgehog's franchise that takes place somewhere between Sonic 2 and Sonic 3. The game comes with the saga's traditional gameplay, but adds a few more...


The non official story of Sonic starts here

Sonic Before the Sequel is a 2D platform game, starring Sonic, that continues with an alternative time line to that established in the original SEGA game right up to the present day. The game contains all the...


All of the levels of Sonic Unleashed on Generations

Sonic Generations Unleashed Project is a mod for Sonic Generations that allows you to enjoy all of the levels from Sonic Unleashed, an Xbox 360 game, on your PC. Along the way, the project has fixed many of the glitches...

New revision of this classic game

Sonic Robo Blast is the new adventures of Sonic, the classic blue hedgehog loved by lots of gamers. This time we see in perfect conditions the environment, featuring a good soundtrack, perfectly designed enemies and...


SEGA's hedgehog has never looked so good

Sonic 2 HD is a high-definition remastering of the original Megadrive Sonic 2 carried out by a group of the saga's fans that have nothing to do with SEGA. Although considering the result, they might want to hire...


Open source remake of the classic of SEGA

...Open Sonic is an open source game based on the universe of Sonic the Hedgehog, that speedy blue hedgehog who captivated millions of fans all aover the world in the 90s. This new version of the SEGA classic offers a...


Enjoy Sonic in a different way

...If we join two different universes like Sonic and Mario Karts, that incredible mix can become a game called Sonic Riders. Exactly, Sonic Riders offers us all the velocity of Sonic and the funny fights we used to have...

View the sound wave of any song

Sonic Visualiser is a curious application that allows you to view the shape of the audio wave or the spectogram of any MP3, OGG or WAV file. The program allows you to take notes on the fly while we listen to the...


The blue hedgehog is back

Sonic Fan Remix is a remake of the first Sonic you could play on your Megadrive. Now, a fan of the mythical hedgehog has decided to bring it back to your PC. The game will be totally free, althogh nowadays the game...

All the fun of this tiny hedgehog

Sonic is one of those character who doesn’t need to be presented. It doesn’t matter how long it is since you played it the last time because you will always remember it. Today, we ofer you an excellent...


Goku, Sonic, Mario and MegaMan get ready for the last fight

...list of characters is at the level of what can be expected from a game with such a name. Goku, Mario, Kirby, Sonic, MegaMan, Donkey Kong, Chun Li, Ridley, Pikachu, Rayman, Porky, Ryu, Link... all of them will be...


A Sonic game with spectacular battles

...Eggman Hates Furries is a 2-dimensional platform game lead by Sonic, where players can control the famous SEGA character in a game that is a far departure from the blue hedgehog's regular adventures. The reason that...


Naruto, Goku, Sephiroth, Sonic, Link, Mario...Let's fight!, without a doubt, the wide variety of characters that gives you the possibility of playing with: Cloud, Sonic, Mario, Link, Mufasa (from the Lion King), Earthworm Jim, Kirby, Goku, Krilin, Vegeta, Wario, a Pokemon...

DreamCast, NAOMI and Atomiswave systems emulator

...emulate over one hundred games including: Marvel VS. Capcom, Crazy Taxi, King of Fighters, Sega GT, Sonic Adventure, Star Wars Demolition, Virtua Fighter 3 and Virtua Tennis...


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Все уровни Sonic Unleashed Generations на ПК

Sonic Generations Unleashed Project – это мод для игры Sonic Generations, благодаря которому вы сможете играть в Sonic Unleashed для Xbox 360 на вашем ПК. Кроме этого в этой игре исправлены многие глюки и недоработки...

Соник, легендарный персонаж Sega, теперь и в 3D

Sonic The Hedgehog 3D - платформенная 3D-игра с персонажами и сценами из легендарной игровой серии про Соника. На этот раз вы получите совершенно новый игровой опыт от прохождения данного 3D-платформера. Выберите...


Супер-ежик еще никогда не выглядел так хорошо

Sonic 2 HD – классическая компьютерная игра Megadrive Sonic 2 в высоком разрешении, которая была переделана фанатами этой саги, не имеющими ничего общего с SEGA. Хотя, если представители компании SEGA посмотрят на...


2D игра файтинг с персонажами из Соника

Sonic: Freedom fighters 2 Plus это 2-х мерная игра файтинг, которая использует движок Winmugen для того чтобы позволить любому наслаждаться боями один на один или двое против двух, в которых принимают участие одни из...


История Соника продолжается

Sonic After the Sequel это неофициальное продолжение в франшизе синего ежика, которое находится где-то между Sonic 2 и Sonic 3. Игра хоть и имеет традиционный для саги сюжет, однако в нее добавлены некоторые интересные...


Ремейк с открытым исходным кодом классической игры SEGA

...Open Sonic это игра с открытым исходным кодом основанная на вселенной Ежа Соника, быстрого синего ежа, который пленил в 90-х миллионы фанатов во всем мире. Эта новая версия классической игры SEGA имеет разнообразные...


Ёж Соник возвращается

Sonic Fan Remix – это ремейк первой части игры Sonic, в которую вы ранее могли играть на своем Sega Mega Drive. Теперь же, один из фанатов мифического ежика решил вернуть эту игру и на ПК. Игра будет полностью...

Наслаждайтесь Соником по новому

...Если соединить две разные вселенные, такие как Sonic и Mario Karts, то этот невероятный сплав станет игрой Sonic Riders. Именно так, Sonic Riders предлагает нам всю скорость Соника и забавные поединки, к которым мы...

Sonic Visualiser - приложение, разработанное компанией cannam. На сайте доступна последняя версия 1.7.2. Лицензия - . Размер файла - 0. Переведено на .


Море удовольствия от маленького ежика

Sonic один из тех героев, кто не нуждается в представлении. И не имеет значения, сколько времени прошло с того момента как вы играли в игру последний раз, так как вы всегда будете помнить об этом. Сегодня, мы...


Sonic Robo Blast 2 - приложение, разработанное компанией srb2. На сайте доступна последняя версия 2.1.14. Лицензия - . Размер файла - 0. Переведено на .


Sonic Before the Sequel - приложение, разработанное компанией LakeFepard. На сайте доступна последняя версия 1.2. Лицензия - . Размер файла - 0. Переведено на .

1.2 SmartSound Software, Inc.

SmartSound Software, Inc.

Sonicfire Pro - приложение, разработанное компанией SmartSound Software, Inc.. На сайте доступна последняя версия 5.7.3. Лицензия - . Размер файла - 0. Переведено на .


Получите максимум удовольствия от вашей музыкальной коллекции

SonicStage - полнофункциональный инструмент, с которым вы сможете легко и эффективно управлять своей музыкальной коллекцией. С помощью программы вы можете создать собственную музыкальную библиотеку и слушать музыку...


Goku, Sonic, Mario и MegaMan готовятся к последнему бою

...находится на том уровне, который можно было ожидать от игры с таким названием. Goku, Mario, Kirby, Sonic, MegaMan, Donkey Kong, Chun Li, Ridley, Pikachu, Rayman, Porky, Ryu, Link ... все они будут доступны в игре,...


Эмулятор DreamCast, NAOMI и Atomiswave

...превосходно эмулировать более сотни игр, включая Marvel VS. Capcom, Crazy Taxi, King of Fighters, Sega GT, Sonic Adventure, Star Wars Demolition, Virtua Fighter 3 и Virtua Tennis...


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Sonic XG – SoaH CITY

A third Sonic XG preview has been uploaded by Joseph Waters. The new preview showcases new gimmicks, revised character animations, bosses, and also reveals more zones.

The game has made a lot of progress since the last preview. At this point it’s safe to say that we are certainly coming closer to a possible release.

Be sure to leave a reply in the comment section below.

I was surfing the web and stumbled upon an old, yet surprisingly working link for a playable Sonic XG engine test build.

Before the fan game was called Sonic XG, it was originally called Sonic Forever. Back in early 2005 the creator of the fan game had posted a public engine test build on the Internet for people to try out. The build was generally forgotten about and unplayable on a lot of systems due to the runtime requiring a DLL file which isn’t too common.

Nevertheless, I managed to successfully find and install the required DLL file to run the build.

If you wish to try out the build for yourself, simply click here to download it in a zipped folder. You’ll have to locate the required DLL file yourself.

Be sure to tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Joseph Waters has uploaded a new video preview for Sonic XG. He seems to have made major progress with the fan game. A release date is still unknown, but it can’t be too far away judging by the amount of progress the video has shown.

Miles “Tails” Prower has been added back into the game as a playable character, several new zones have been revealed, previous zones have been adjusted, certain level sections have been remade, certain bosses have also been remade.

For those of you that don’t already know, Sonic XG is an old Sonic the Hedgehog fan game which gathered a lot of attention and was very successful. A while after the demo was released, the creators of Sonic XG and Retro Sonic decided to merge both fan games into one, entitled Retro Sonic XG. However the merged project ended up getting cancelled… but it looks like the creators of Sonic XG have revived the standalone game.

It appears that the level design has been completely revamped, Miles “Tails” Prower has been removed as a playable character, the game is also now using the Sonic Worlds engine for Multimedia Fusion 2.

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