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Free Download iPhoto for Windows (7/8/Xp) PC or Computer

The smartphones are called smart because of the apps they have to make the life of users cozier. These apps have tremendous potential to do anything for us like bill payments, online shopping, entertaining, photo editing and much more.

The Apple app for photo editing, that is, iPhoto is the best in the niche because of its helpful options and amazing features. The iPhoto is a choice of every smartphone user irrespective of his OS.

Now, with the days passing by, it’s very much possible to use these kinds of apps on PC as well as on windows 7/8/XP users are very eager to find out a way to download iPhoto for their PC.

Apparently, there is no method which can help you use or download the iPhoto for windows 7/8/XP PC. But, there are a few options which you can use to feel that, what the iPhoto looks like and work. Here below are some options.

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                        UC Browser for pc windows 7

Google Picasa – an Alternative for iPhoto for Windows Users

The Google Picasa is the best option around for the windows 7/8/XP users those who want different form leak photo editing app on their windows 7/8/XP PC.

The Picasa offers a great deal of option including background effects, colors stabilization and management, photo frames and much more. The interface of Picasa is very simple so that even your toddler can learn it in quick time too.

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Adobe Photoshop

The serious photo editors which are very keen to provide professional touch to their photographs will find this option very useful for them. Being an app for professionals, the Adobe has some high level photo editing options to look like a picture truly magnificent.

The only concern with the Adobe is the hefty price tag which I guess is not suitable for those who want to try out the photo editing for just fun.

Although, the classy features and easy to understand user interface won’t make you feel regret of the money you’ve spent on this iPhoto alternative for your windows 7/8/XP PC.

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Zoner Photo Studio

The Zoner is a combination of the Adobe and Picasa photo editing tools which makes its perfect choice for those who’re currently editing the images for fun, but want to take it a bit seriously.

The features available in it are from both Picasa and Adobe in order to give some learning to the newbies and then allowing them to edit the pics with professionalism.

The price tag is not very high like Adobe, but isn’t free like Picasa too. The moderate price tag is very suitable with all the features it comprises.

Review – iPhoto for Windows

The iPhoto for windows is the best and most anticipated photo editing app for sure, but the unavailability of that force us to use something clone like apps for our windows 7/8/XP PC.

The above options are best among the different categories like for newbies, professionals and want to be a professional enthusiast regarding photo editing.

These apps will not give you the experience like iPhoto, but it won’t be any either once you’re perfect with options so, just try them out for your windows 7/8/ PC.

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Download iPhoto for Windows 10

Does iPhoto for Windows Exist?

iPhoto is an image app that is strictly running on Mac and iOS. With it, you can browse, edit and share photos like never before. However, if you want to switch from Mac to PC, you will have problems as Apple is not offering iPhoto for Windows. Thankfully, all is not lost as there are many free or paid alternatives that you can use to do most, if not all of the editing and organizing tasks which you are used to doing with iPhoto. Find out more below.

When you are using iPhoto, you are able to take advantage of many features that allows for convenient organizing, filing and naming of photos. The app will organize photos by events, perform basic editing tasks and play around with effects before sharing through email or any other medium. The app can also allow you to create unique photo albums, photo calendars and more.

Now, if you are transferring to Windows and you don’t want to miss out on using the features of iPhoto, you're in the right place. The below iPhoto for PC alternatives are optional depending on how you use iPhoto on Mac.

Using iPhoto on Windows as Photo Transfer

We know it's easy to transfer photos from iPhone/iPod/iPad to your Mac using iPhoto. But it's impossible to do the same thing on Windows because iPhoto only supports Mac. You can't install iPhoto on Windows. Fortunately, you can find an iPhoto for Windows alternative to transfer photos from your iOS device to your Windows folders. Wondershare TunesGo for Windows makes it easier than ever. You just need to select the photos and then export photos in one click. Get it now to have a try.

Using iPhoto on Windows as Slideshow Maker

Movavi Slideshow Maker helps you turn your still photos into good-looking photo/DVD slideshows so you can play on your iPhone/iPad, big-screen TV, DVD player, etc. No camcorder is required. Just drag and drop photos to the storyboard, improve photos, overlay music and titles, and you're done. It's easy to export your movie or burn to DVD without installing a DVD burner. You can even upload to YouTube directly from this iPhoto for Windows slideshow creator. Try it for free now.

Using iPhoto on Windows as Photo Editor

If you just use iPhoto to enhance your photos, Movavi Photo Editor is recommended. This iPhoto equivalent runs well on Windows. It includes handy selection and erasing tools to help you get rid of unwanted elements on your photos. Essential image editing tools are also included. All image formats are supported. If you want more powerful image editor than Movavi Photo Editor, go for Corel's photo editing software.

Using iPhoto on Windows as All-in-one Photo Manager

Tip: Transfer iPhone/iPod Photos to Windows without iPhoto

Don't know how to transfer photos from iPhone/iPad/iPod to your Windows PC? Wondershare TunesGo for Windows (free trial link) let you upload your photos, videos, music from your device to your computer like dragging and dropping. It have never been easier to move contents from iOS devices.

Stoik Imagic is another powerful iPhoto for Windows substitute. It comes with two account types: Free and Premium editions, both of which provides powerful image importing, browsing and editing features. It’s highly recommended here as the best iPhoto for PC alternative.

Movavi Photo Suite is offering many powerful features that similar to iPhoto. It is a photo editor, image organizer and a photo sharing app. This app has an image viewer to substitute for the default Windows image viewer. An intelligent photo import tool is included to get photos from iPhone, cameras or other removable devices. When you plug in your device, the import wizard will start automatically (depending on settings). You could use it to directly share photos on Flickr, Picasa Web Album and YouTube, or share photos in DVD, Email, Slideshow, Collage, Screensaver, Calendar and so on. The sharing possibilities are endless.

When using Movavi Photo Suite as the iPhoto for Windows, you also have the ability to change the exposure or correct the color of your photos. It provides various other basic editing functions as well, such as cropping, reducing red-eye and resizing.

No matter you're a home or professional user, you'll find Movavi Photo Suite is definitely the right tool to manage and share your photos. Similar to iPhoto, Movavi Photo Suite enables you to easily view photos as a slideshow, and if you like it, just create a slideshow movie file that you can share easily with family and friends. Movavi Photo Suite is where your photos live and come to life.

Below are highlights of Movavi Photo Suite - The Best iPhoto for Windows Equivalent

  • Automatically import photos from iPhone, iPad, iPod, Digital Camera, etc.
  • Find, sort and manage all your photos at one place.
  • All common and advanced editing are included, from Rotate to Red Eye Removal, from Resize to Exposure Compensation, from Crop to Skin Makeup, etc.
  • Get more out of your photos: Slideshow, Collage, Greeting Card, Wallpaper, Frames, Calendar, Edges, and Cliparts.
  • Easily print and share photos online.
  • About 50 special effects to enhance your photo in one click.
  • Create Jigsaw/Mosaic/Switch games from your photos.
  • Edit RAW photos, create HDRs and panoramas automatically.
  • Easily extract faces in selected photos.
  • Fully compatible with all Windows from Windows XP, including Windows 10 (iPhoto for Windows 10 alternative).

Order STOIK Imagic Premium Now ($49.00)

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iPhoto FOR PC / Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Free Download

iPhoto FOR PC / Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Free Download

iPhoto FOR PC

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There’s a shelf at my moms house for photo albums. But that’s just last years. In the garage there are boxes and boxes of old photos in old books that nobody ever looks at.

People can get nostalgic about the past and how we ‘never print our pictures anymore’ but do we honestly believe the best way to store photographs is in a damp garage or taking up space we don’t have on the shelf?

It can be fun to get those photo albums out, definitely but aside from the novelty, don’t we really just want our pictures to be safe and kept at the highest quality forever?

Enter iPhoto.


As part of Apple’s excellent iLife series, iPhoto for Mac is a native Mac based app that acts as a digital photo album, keeping your photos backed up.

The truth is that even if we did feel a pang of nostalgia for the physical photo album, we just don’t take pictures in the same way anymore. Gone are the days when you had just a few pictures for each film when we’d line each other up for that ONE shot from a particular day of our holiday. Now we can take hundreds, thousands of photographs and who really has the time to go through each one to decide which one was best?

That’s the beauty of iPhoto. The first few incarnations of the software had a lot of good things about them but still assumed that people really do check all of their old photos. They don’t, which is why Apple has added more and more features to take their photo storage game to the next level.


Let’s be upfront about this.

You don’t. We’ve said this in other posts but there are a lot of sites out there trying to give you a hack that will allow you to make a workaround for iPhoto on a PC. But there is a serious problem here. iPhoto for pc isn’t just an app, it’s part of the Mac infrastructure.

So here’s what we suggest.

Firstly, if you really want iPhoto for windows and mac, then you need to be using a Mac but if you are on a PC then you should be looking around for a suitable alternative. Many sites are suggesting Bluestacks as an Android Emulator for PC that can help out if you want to download iPhoto for PC, but the clue is in the name.

An Android Emulator won’t help you emulate iOS and many of the pieces of software that have cropped up to mimc the iPhoto software are just not very good and could actually damage your machine.

So tip number one – don’t bother with inferior versions of the outstanding software we recommend and don’t listen to sites that promise you the world. We’ll always give you honest advice. Bluestacks is an excellent piece of software for Android emulation on PC but it’s not for iOS.


So if you are still interested in iPhoto for a Mac then let’s look at some of the features.

If you really think about it, software like this should just do one thing really well. Organise your photos!

But when we think about organizing photographs in terms of old photo albums, they weren’t exactly fooled proof. The big problem with physical photo albums is that you don’t know what’s inside them, which could mean hours of searching for exactly the picture you want.

Whereas with iPhoto, Apple is managing to change and improve that with every single new update and release.

Looking for a specific person? Great. iPhoto has facial recognition that learns as you teach it. It will pick out a few faces it think are of the same person, if you agree and add a few more it will get better at finding that person which means you can find all the best picture of you from the last holiday with a single click.

More than that you can edit from within iPhoto, so you have powerful tools that help you to enhance your images so they start to look their best. It’s like having all the power of an expensive camera AFTER you’ve taken the photo.

Add this to the ability to search by date and place as well as create sub folders or simply tag images quickly and you have a powerful database of all the photos you’ve ever taken!


Actually, there is a catch with any photo album software. It’s only as good as your backing up!

If you fail t back up your albums and some kind of lightning storm strikes your hard drive down then no matter how good the software, your photos will be lost forever.

Some people have suggested that this is the reason we still need physical copies but, actually, that’s not true at all. Having one hard copy of the most important images in your life is a terrible way to make sure they’re safe. Even if you have physical photo albums you should definitely be backing them up with digital scans.

We recommend using at least one hard drive and a cloud account to back up your files in case the worst happens.

how to transfer photos from iphone to pc


As we said, you just can’t (sorry) but that’s ok. Photo album software isn’t that hard to find so you need to decide how you feel about the operating system and machine as well. There’s no doubt that Apple has an outstanding range of day to day software options that have been copied time and time again.

iPhoto, Facetime, Messages and more. Apple has done a great job but is that reason enough to switch to a Mac? The key here is what’s really important, if you want iPhoto on a PC then you’re missing the point. There are options for you on a PC already and trying to make iPhoto work by taking the bad advice of some other sites could cause you a lot of problems.

For now, just remember what this is all about. Keeping your memories safe.

If you’re on a PC then Microsoft Photos is probably your best option. You can download it here.


iPhoto for Windows PC - Download Alternatives of iPhoto for PC

Abstract: Here are some alternative programs of iPhoto for Windows, with them, you can edit photos on Windows platform with the same functions as iPhoto on Mac.

When switching from a Mac to a PC, people often find themselves looking for Windows versions of their tried and trusted Mac applications. However, if you are looking for iPhoto for Windows, you may be disappointed to hear that Apple doesn't make one. Fortunately, there are a number of free alternatives of iPhoto for Windows users.

Here, I will introduce top 3 replacement software of iPhoto for PC version, which are capable of doing many, if not all, of the same organizing and editing functions you were used to with iPhoto on Mac. They are:

1. Edit photos like red-eye removal, crop, retouch, color adjustment, etc. - Best choice: Picasa

2. Make slideshows to share on PC, YouTube, mobile devices or website - Best choice: DVD Slideshow Builder

3. Create photo books, greetings card and calendars - Best choice: Photo Collage Maker

Important: iPhoto is a great tool to manage photos from iOS devices. If you want to transfer photos from iPhone, iPad, or iPod, try iStonsoft iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer to achieve this.

iPhoto for PC Alternative #1 - Picasa

The closest equivalent of iPhoto for Windows is Picasa. With it, you can organize, edit, and share your favorite photos with ease, just the way iPhoto does. With this iPhoto for Windows, you can:

- Quickly search through all your photos and organize photos into events and albums.- Group photos of the same face type together with the face recognition feature.- Adjust exposure, crop, control red eye, convert to black and white, and more.- Catalog any screenshots you take with the print screen button.- Share photos with friends and family with the 1GB's sharing option.- With the desktop manager, you can also sync photos with your online galleries so any changes you make are kept up to date.

Pros and Cons:

Pros:- Photo editing features in Picasa and iPhoto very comparable.- Provides a high quality free desktop application for photo library management that even supports many RAW formats.- Totally free.

Cons:- Picasa’s uploaders all seem to have issues at times uploading and downloading large sets of images. It’s quite frustrating because it may miss a few of the images.- Images viewed at Picasa Web Albums look terrible.- You're limited to 1000 albums and 1000 photos per album.- Facebook upload requires plug in. Histogram not editable.

iPhoto Download for Windows Alternative #2 - DVD Slideshow Builder

DVD Slideshow Builder is absolutely one of the best slideshow software around the world, which allows you to make better looking slideshow, while the slideshow features of iPhoto are very basic and limited. With this alternative of iPhoto for Windows, you can:

- Drag-n-drop unlimited photos, videos and music to create your show.- Customize your DVD slideshow with 130+ 2D/3D transitions.- Look like a pro with built-in film effects.- One-click to burn photo slideshows to DVD.- Share high-quality videos on YouTube, Facebook & virtually anywhere.

Free Download iPhoto for Windows

Pros and Cons:

Pros:- Wizard-style interface guides you step by step.- Hollywood-like movie styles: fast to preview & apply.- Touch up photos/videos with crop, rotate tools and special effects.- Share DVD Slideshow on TV, YouTube, Facebook, devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Xbox, PSP, etc.- Background Music, Text Effects, Red-eye Removal. etc.

Cons:Can only use the trial version free for 90 Days.

iPhoto for PC Alternative #3 - Photo Collage Maker

Picture Collage Maker, an easy-to-use photo collage maker which can turn ordinary photos and pictures into stunning keepsakes for sharing with family and friends. With this iPhoto for Windows, you can do the following things:

- Make collages, scrapbooks, posters, invitations, calendars, and greeting cards with a few clicks. - Make your photo collage be personalized with your own digital photos.- Decorate your photo collage with frames, masks, text and cliparts.- Create custom calendars or greeting cards with ease and personality.

Free Download iPhoto for Windows

Pros and Cons:

Pros:- Designed photo book templates, greetings card templates, calendar templates for you to get easily started.- The photo collage maker wizard takes you step-by-step through the process.

Cons:15-day trial version limitation.

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скачать iphoto бесплатно (iphone)

скачать iphoto бесплатно (iphone)

Пользователи, скачавшие iPhoto, также скачивали

Самый удобный, простой и дешевый способ быть на связи с друзьями


Постройте свой собственный мир по кирпичику


Приведите ваш клан к победе, уничтожив своих врагов


Записывайте забавные музыкальные видео


Бесплатные видеозвонки с вашего iPhone или iPod Touch


Совершайте звонки совершенно бесплатно


Загружайте и случайте тонны музыки онлайн


Официальное приложение YouTube прибыло


Бесплатные телефонные звонки и текстовые сообщения на iPhone


Редактируйте ваши фотографии и делитесь ими


Устанавливайте последние обновления для iPhoto с помощью приложения Uptodown


Сейчас мы проводим техническое обслуживание сайта Uptodown. Мы скоро вернемся!.


iPhoto for PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1)

By John Keller - -

iPhoto is one of the best apps to manage photos on Mac. If you have used the application, then you would know all about its features and how it can help you organize your photos on your Apple device. But, if you are looking for a way to download iPhoto for PC running Windows OS, then I am sorry to say that there is no Windows version of the app. And since it isn’t available for Android as well, we can’t use BlueStacks or any other emulator to download it on our computer. But, there is yet another way to download iPhoto for PC.

Since the application is an available for Mac, there might be a chance to use an iOS simulator software to download and simulate the app on your computer. I am not saying that it is a foolproof method and it will work for sure, but I tried and it worked for me, but then I tried to run it again after a few days and it didn’t. So, there are chances to download iPhoto for PC using an iOS emulator / simulator software but if you are looking for the guaranteed method, then I am sorry to say that there’s no way to download iPhoto app for Windows PC.

iPhoto for PC – Features

iPhoto is available for Mac and it allows you to do a lot of things with your collection of photos. You can find your favorite photos and sort them accordingly and you can also edit them to make it more interesting. If you want to share them on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, then it’s extremely easy to do so using iPhoto for Mac.

iPhoto offers the best way to organize your photos. You can sort them and arrange them according to the places, events as well as faces, which makes it much more easier to find in the future.

Moreover, iPhoto for PC automatically organizes the photos by events making it easier to find them in the future. You can name the photos and the Faces feature will automatically suggest the name to any other photo with that person in it.

The app comes with the editing features as well so that you can add some extra effects to make them more amazing . You can use effects to make your photos black or white, add Vignette, blur the edges and improve the lightning, color saturation and more with just a single click.

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All this is possible when you download iPhoto for PC or Mac. If you are still looking for a way to download the photo app on your Windows computer, then check the steps below.

iPhoto for PC – Steps to Download

This is not the best way to download the iPhoto app on your computer. I tried it twice and it only worked the first time, so I won’t guarantee that you will be able to use iPhoto for PC without any limitations or errors. So, let’s see the steps:

  • Download iPadian on your computer.
  • Once you have installed it and launched it, you will see that your desktop will change to a more Mac-like environment.
  • Now, you will see a search box on your desktop, so click on it and type in “iPhoto” and hit the find button.
  • If you get the results, download the app on your computer.
  • You will now be able to see the iPhoto app in the app drawer. Click on it to launch the application on your computer.

So, that’s how you can download iPhoto for PC. I hope that the method worked for you because there is no other way to download iPhoto on Windows computer.

Alternative Apps:

If you really want to use the app, then you can only hope that the Windows version of the app is released or at least, it is made available for Android as well. None of that is going to happen, but there’s nothing wrong in hoping for the best.

I hope that you liked the article to download iPhoto for PC. If you were able to successfully download and use the application, then share it with your friends so that they too can use iPhoto for PC to organize their photos.

iPhoto for PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1) – Is It Possible to Download?

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Download iPhoto for Windows 10/8.1/7 & Mac

The smartphones are coined as smart because of the apps which make the life of users rosy and cozier. These apps have tremendous capabilities to do anything for us from bill payments to online shopping, and from providing entertainment to photo editing and much more. iPhoto is such an app which improves our photo editing skills with its various unique features. Now, with the each days passing by we are more leaning into use these superb apps on our PC or desktop. So if you want to know the procedure to use iPhoto for PC, you are at the right place my friend.

 iPhoto for PC

Apparently, there is no method which can facilitate you to use or download the iPhoto for Windows 10/7/8/8.1/XP PC. But, there are a few alternatives which you can use to experience what the iPhoto looks do and can edit your photos with the help of those alternative apps. We have mentioned about those alternatives below as having iPhoto for PC installed in your system is not possible at least for now.

iPhoto, the photo editing application for Apple users is no doubt among the top image editing applications now a days. A person with an iPhone is most likely to use iPhoto as their favorite photo editing app. Here are the main reasons why iPhotp is so much popular among the Apple users, and people are insanely searching for iPhoto for PC in large numbers:

Features of iPhoto for PC

  • Photo corrections can be done quickly. Editing and changes on the red eye, or other color options is easily available.
  • iPHOTO comes with a slick interface.
  • iPHOTO provides some excellent presentation options.
  • iPHOTO features unified search option.
  • This photo editing app perfectly fits with the iOS camera filters.
  • You can e-mail the pictures even when not using Apple mail.
  • iPHOTO provides list of tools and effects to choose from; for that touch of perfection you wish to give.
  • You can create your own photo book and customized calendar using this app. Also you can print those books and calendar if you want to.
  • iPHOTO compatibles with OS X including Maps

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How to Download iPhoto for MAC

Apple has recently discontinued its support for iPhoto on MAC. But you can use the all new Photos for MAC as the replacement of the former application, iPHOTO.  With a new app, your pictures have got a new look too! If you wish to use the Photos for Mac, all you need is an up gradation to OS X Yosemite, and use it for free. If you’re already using Yosemite, you can download Photos for MAC simply by checking for updates in the Mac App Store.

In case you are still using the iPhoto app, the entire library will automatically be displayed in the folder of Photos for MAC. Photos for  MAC is no different from iPhoto which you have used it on your phone. In fact, Photos for MAC comes with some amazing features and new editing options.

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Download iPhoto for PC (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP)

There is no way you can get the iPhoto for PC, which runs by Windows OS. But you can always try for some similar apps for your Windows device.  Below we have listed some ideal alternatives of iPhoto for Windows PC. A superb alternative for you will be Picasa. It offers a hand full of features which is likely to help you in every possible way that iPhoto would provide. If you need more options, you can choose from below.

Alternatives of iPhoto for Windows OS Users

Google Picasa 

The Google Picasa is the best option around for the windows 10/7/8/XP users those who want different form leak photo editing app on their windows 10/7/8/XP PC.

The Picasa offers a great deal of option including background effects, colors stabilization and management, photo frames and much more. The interface of Picasa is very simple so that even your toddler can learn it in quick time too. So if you are feeling sad that you can’t download iPhoto for PC, then this Picasa would surely make you happy.

Adobe Photoshop

The professional photo editors which are very keen to add some serious touch to their photographs will find this option very useful for them. Being an app for the professionals, the Adobe Photoshop offers some high level photo editing options to make a picture truly magnificent.

The only drawback with the Adobe is the hefty price tag which is not suitable for those who want to try out the photo editing just for fun.

Although, easy to understand user interface and the classy features won’t make you feel regret for the money you’ve spent on this iPhoto alternative for your windows 10/7/8/8.1/XP PC.

Zoner Photo Studio

The Zoner app is a combination of the Picasa and Adobe photo editing tools which makes its perfect choice for those who’re currently editing the images for fun, but want to make it as their profession.

The features available in Zoner consist of both Picasa and Adobe features in order to give some learning tips to the newbies and then allowing them to edit the images with professionalism.

The price tag of Zoner is not very high like Adobe, but isn’t free like Picasa too. The moderate price tag is very reasonable with all the features this app offers. So in short thogh we can’t have iPhoto for PC on our machines, but we can download and use these iPhoto alternatives to do our need for the time being.

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Wrap Up

As iPhoto cannot be downloaded on Windows PC, so it is not particularly helpful for a Windows laptop user. But if you use an Apple device, you will know that this is one amazing app that can be ranked among the best photo editing apps .Thankfully for Windows users, the other apps come to the rescue. Some of the photo editing apps even boast of features that are unique and whose functionality will make you addicted. So in a nutshell, iPhoto is a great photo editing app, but you can easily do wonders with its alternatives if you’re a Windows user as you are not blessed with the iPhoto for PC at least as of now!


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