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iMovie For PC | Download iMovie For Windows (10,8,8.1,Xp ) Mac

Download iMovie for PC :- Hello friends, Now a days Video editing software programs are more fashion  right ??. Yes, Mytechera come up with another latest video editing app known as “iMovie“.  iMovie is the best free video editing software for your pc or computer. It is best video suit for you to edit videos and more. Guys you know Apple introduced iMovie  for video making and editing on Mac and IOS (iPhone/iPad) devices. Mostly it is the default video editing software for all kinds of apple devices. iMovie is officially not available for Windows OS computers, but similar video editing softwares also available for windows users. For those who want to download iMovie for Windows PC, we are providing complete step by step procudure on how to download and install iMove for PC on Windows 10,8.1,8,7,XP & Mac computers.

iMovie has got a new look and trailers of Hollywood-style and HD films can be created with this software. When for releasing and playing these things in your devices like iPhone and iPad, iMovie is the best platform. It was developed by Apple, So it is avaliable for all Apple users. It’s advanced & unique features made iMovie as the default video editing software for Mac and IOS devices.


Download iMovie For Pc, Laptop On Windows, Mac

Guys, iMovie is the best video editing software for Mac OS.  iMovie is made especially for the purpose of video watching, editing, and you can also search for the new ones and share them with your allies. Before going  how to download iMovie for Mac PC and iPad. Now let’s have a look at some cool an main features of iMovie app.

Download iMovie For PC windows (7,8,8.1,10,XP) and Mac :

Download iMovie For PC – Free Video Editing Software

You can Also Download :  Mobogenie For Pc, Tango For Pc

Features of iMovie for PC | iMovie For windows:

  • It has Good interface to organize, edit and share videos.
  • You browse clips more easily, instantly share your favorite moments, and create beautiful HD moviesand trailers.
  • Clips are organized in one place. Where they’re easy to browse, fun to watch and ready to be made into the next great movie or trailer.
  • You can Insert titles, add effects and create a full soundtrack with powerful tools to your videos that are as easy as drag and drop.
  • You can Enhancing, merging, splitting, rotating, as well as cropping the video.
  • It takes care of the editing and lets you quickly create fun trailers from all that footage.
  • iMovie App on PC gives you even more ways to share with your friends and fans.
  • Post it on the web on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo for everyone to see.

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Download iMovie For Windows 7,8,8.1,10,XP  :

Now After knowing the unique and advanced features let’s back into the tutorial on how to download iMovie for laptop / pc on windows. As we already discussed to you that iMovie is an apple software, so there is no official version of iMovie for windows is available. There are many other video editing softwares available for windows, which are similar to iMovie. But the best alternative app for iMovie is Movavi Video Editor. It is similar to iMovie app and all features present in iMovie video editor are also present in movavi video editiing software. Click on the below link to download.

Movavi Video Editor for Windows

Download iMovie for PC on Mac OS Computer:

iMovie for Mac computer lets you enjoy your videos like never before. You can browse your clips more easily, instantly share your favorite moments, and create beautiful HD movies and Hollywood style trailers.

Download iMovie for Mac

Download iMovie for iPhone / iPad Smartphones:

If you are an iPhone/iPad user then you can easily download imovie for iphone or ipad. With iMovie app it is possible to edit, crop and rotate and do more with videos present in your phone. As an iPhone user you already know that you have to pay something for it and then download it from the Apple Store or click on link that we provided to you.

iMovie For iPhone/iPad

Best file sharing apps for pc : Zapya for pc , Superbeam for pc , snapchat for laptop

That’s it guys, hope you successfully downloaded iMovie Pc, Laptop on windows 10,8.1,8,7,XP & Mac . In case if you have faced any problems while downloading or installing the app feel free to contact us via comments. Share this article with your friends on social media like facebook, twitter, google +. Let them watch & edit wonderful videos.

Thanks for reading,

Mytechera Team.


iMovie for Windows 10 - Download iMovie for PC Movie Maker

iMovie for PC > iMovie for Windows 10 - Making Movies in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 was officially released on July 28, 2015. This new operating system is the new combination of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 satisfied features. It aims to be the sole operating system of tablet and traditional Windows devices. If you have upgraded to Windows, you've made a good decision. Below are reviews from famous review sites. Windows 10 is good!

Microsoft has listened, and Windows 10 debuts with compelling new features—Cortana, Task View, a familiar Start menu—well worth the upgrade.

from PCWorld

Windows 10 delivers a refined, vastly improved vision for the future of computing with an operating system that's equally at home on tablets and traditional PCs -- and it's a free upgrade for most users.

from CNet

Windows 10 is what Windows 8 should have been, but it has too many rough edges to attract Windows 7 users. Continuous upgrades could change that as early as this fall.

from InfoWorld

Obviously, Microsoft still needs to try harder to satisfy its users. You just stay tuned. But now you need to find an iMovie for Windows 10 alternative to make movies on your new PC, just like what you do with iMovie on Mac. You already know that Apple's iMovie doesn't work in Windows 10, right?

Well, Movavi Video Editor is humbly recommended. Similar to iMovie, this movie maker allows you to import all your video, photo and audio, edit them with included tools (Timeline and Storyboard provided), and then output for sharing online and on devices. Since iDVD has been given up, so both iMovie and its Windows 10 alternative Movavi Video Editor requires another tool to burn DVDs for watching on TV.

As an ideal alternative to iMovie for Windows 10, Movavi Video Editor gives you most features that iMovie provides. Apart from all basic video editing tools, Movavi Video Editor also enables to you apply green screen effects, slow motion effects, picture in picture effects, and so on. Unfortunately, Movie Trailer and Flight Map is unavailable on this iMovie for Windows 10 substitute. These features are unique for iMovie. If you really want these templates, start your Mac and open iMovie to get them. No any iMovie for Windows 10 alternative can do these.

Movavi Video Suite contains all features of Movavi Video Editor, but you can do more with it. like converting video, create screencast, burning DVD and Blu-ray Disc, and much more. It's a more advanced iMovie for Windows 10 equivalent.

Why Movavi Video Editor is the Best iMovie for Windows 10 Alternative?

  • Like iMovie, Movavi Video Editor is intuitive and easy to use. It retains your video quality and adds more to create masterpieces.
  • 1 - Cut and join video clips without quality loss2 - Enhance video, add music and titles, and apply effects3 - Save videos and share them almost anywhere you want
  • Movavi provides you with a fun and effective way to improve and share your video with friends and family. Your experience with iMovie makes it easier than ever. Movavi Video Editor is fully compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and earlier.
(⇑ click to enlarge)

Windows 10 Movie Maker - Another iMovie for Windows 10 Alternative

  • Same as earlier Windows systems, Windows 10 can run Microsoft's own Movie Maker, so called Windows 10 Movie Maker. Frankly, this is a system-level iMovie equivalent for Windows 10. However, most WMM users are unhappy with this crippled movie maker. What about you? Just try it and check whether it's what you want for an iMovie alternative. In my opinion, it's simply and easy to use.
  • Can't find it in your Windows 10? Then you need to install Windows Live Essentials to get it. If you've install Windows Essentials in your Windows 7 and upgrade to Windows 10 there, you can still use it in Windows 10. Get Windows 10 Live Essentials here.
(⇑ click to enlarge)

iMovie Alternatives for Windows 10 Conclusion

So what's your choice? Go back to Windows 10 Movie Maker or try the new Movavi Video Editor? In our opinion, the latter provides you a whole solution with everything you need to make movies, while the former integrates seamlessly into your Windows 10 system, however, has only basic video editing features.

In all, Movavi Video Editor is our pick of iMovie for Windows 10 alternatives. Just download and try it yourself. You won't be disappointed.


Программа imovie скачать для windows 7. - 28 Декабря 2013 - Blog

Программа imovie скачать для windows 7.

Которой вы сможете запускать на компьютере несколько копий програ…

Отличная новость для всех пользователей Windows 7: Microsoft

Программа imovie скачать для windows 7.

Скачать Дополнение для Windows Movie Maker XP\Vista\7 2010.


Скачать imovie для windows 7.

Скачать imovie для windows 7.


Скачать imovie для windows 7.

Activesync для windows 7 64 dit группы пытаются перетянуть.

Изображение Imovie для windows 7. Imovie для windows 7 заставляет.

Скачать: Imovie для windows 7 - IpbZona.

IMovie - теперь и вы сможете создавать в формате HD великолепные

NodLogin - Новейшая версия программы, сама подбирает ключи для ESET

Аппаратного усорения DXVA или CUDA с операционными системами Windows

Photos, videos and music you like to theis an ideal iMovie for …


Imovie movie trailers photos.

By: SPC international - Для свадьбы и. скачать программу для.

Windows 7: обзор новых возможностей THG.RU.

Скачать iMovie в AppStore (Россия) .


Windows Movie Maker - Free iMovie alternative for Windows XP Windows

IMovie is a proprietary video editing software application which

Приложение iMovie разработано для дисплея Multi-Touch, и в

IMovie. Добавьте текст, титры и кредиты на свое видео. а также Вы

Изображение Imovie для windows 7. Автопредприятия может imovie для

Imovie для windows 7 внедрения этой идеи.

Apple imovie download for windows 7.


Imovie Скачать На Компьютер Windows 7 Бесплатно

Программы для Windows 10 После установки ОС начинается самое интересное, вам предстоит скачать программы для Windows 10, и установить необходимый софт Imovie скачать на компьютер windows 7 бесплатно. Это существенно расширяет функционал вашего девайса. Мы тщательно отбираем лучшие  утилиты на русском языке, и распределяем их в различные категории сайта, чтобы вы могли максимально удобно ориентироваться в мире ПО для компьютеров, ноутбуков и планшетов на Виндоус 10. Бесплатно скачать программы для Windows 10 Абсолютно все программы на нашем сайте вы можете скачать бесплатно. Вы можете скачать бесплатно Microsoft Office 2016, и даже Photoshop. Это платные продукты, но есть и изначально бесплатные программы, например DirectX 11, Google Chrome. Процесс максимально прост: Находите необходимый софт на нашем сайте; Скачиваете установочный файл; Наслаждаетесь новым функционалом вашего устройства; Не стоит недооценивать продукты, распространяемые на безвозмездной основе. Некоторый free-soft превосходит своих платных конкурентов. В случае, если вам нужна полная версия платной программы, но вы не хотите платить, то можно найти ключи, активаторы или кряки. Все это широко практикуется с программами на компьютер, так и с программами для портативных устройств. Либо, можете изначально скачать Portable версии программ, они не нуждаются ни в установке, ни в ключах. Необходимый набор программ на русском языке На сайте более 10 категорий, и в каждой категории есть утилиты, которые расширяют ваши возможности. Необходимый набор состоит как минимум из одной программы из каждой категории. Особенное внимание стоит уделить системным программам, а также программам для офиса. Первые – системные, позволяют оптимизировать вашу работу, как например CCleaner. Вторые – офисные программы, позволяют превратить ваш компьютер в настоящего делового помощника. К сожалению, не все программы были переведены на русский язык полностью, но умельцы создают авторские переводы. Иногда, после загрузки установочного файла, вам нужно отдельно скачать русификатор. У нас на проекте вы сможете найти даже русификатор для Windows 10, ведь приятно работать на родном языке Imovie скачать на компьютер windows 7 бесплатно. Программы на русском языке можно разделить на две категории: Программы, изначально устанавливаемые с русским языком; Программы, требующие загрузки языкового пакета; И в первом и во втором случае в результате у вас будет RU версия программы. Но без надежного антивируса у вас не будет ни одного шанса на нормальную работу. Рано или поздно ваш ПК заразится, и вы рискуете потерять все данные, или вовсе, попасться на удочку к мошенникам. Существуют даже вирусы блокираторы, которые требуют отправить смс за разблокировку. У нас на сайте вы сможете скачать различные антивирусы, например Avast или Antivirus Kaspersky, которые отчистят ваше устройство от любой гадости, и вы обойдетесь без SMS. В случае с антивирусами, и подобными программами, мы всегда предоставляем вам возможность скачать с официального сайта. Это позволяет вам мало того, что получить самую свежую и последнюю версию, но и быть точно уверенными, в легальности ПО и что оно без вирусов. Бесплатный софт Скачать бесплатно программу и бесплатно ей пользоваться – это две разные вещи. Некоторые утилиты на нашем сайте – это пробные или trial версии. Это значит, что они работают лишь первое время, пробный  период. Мы уже уточнили, что скачать бесплатно вы можете все, а вот пользоваться постоянно – нет. Мы стараемся свести к минимуму такие платные программы, но избежать этого совсем – просто невозможно. Среди них есть очень много незаменимых утилит. В любом случае, вы всегда можете не только скачать программу, но и купить ее. Однако, перед этим обязательно воспользуйтесь поиском по сайту, возможно, существует полностью бесплатный аналог. программы


Общие - Imovie Для Windows 7 На Русском

Загружается в составе пакета Windows Live Essentials и. Русский интерфейс VideoSpin также поспособствуетRename для Windows 3.9.12. Москва: +7 (495) 916-72-52; Санкт-Петербург: +7 (812) 604-43-47; Ростов-на-Дону: +7 (863) 280-01-01.

Используя эту программу, вы сможете создать профессиональную видеозапись, буквально за тридцать минут, при этом вам не требуется обладать особыми навыками! Десятки художественных эффектов. Выбирайте из обширного перечня всевозможных эффектов. Вы можете создать видео в стилистике ретро, используя фильтр . Вы получаете более 4. Множество стильных переходов. Сделайте так, чтобы ваше видео было невероятно плавным, добавив переходы между разными эпизодами.

Видео- редактор Movavi в состоянии предложить переходы, которые удовлетворят даже самых требовательных пользователей. Среди доступных переходов вы обнаружите эффекты перелистывания, раскрывающиеся оригами, завихрения и многое другое.

Переходы выручат вас в случае, когда необходимо ! Просто перетащите ваши фотографии на ленту, добавьте захватывающие переходы между изображениями и сдобрите все это подходящей музыкой. Вам останется лишь собрать своих друзей и насладиться вашим . Экспериментируйте с цветом, размерам и другими параметрами текста. Создавайте титры с анимированным текстом и эффектом вращения в любую сторону. Добавив титры и комментарии к вашему фильму, вы сможете сделать его более веселым и увлекательным!

Большой выбор поддерживаемых форматов. Вы можете импортировать или экспортировать видео в любом из популярных форматов (AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, WMA и многие другие). Программа оснащена специальными шаблонами для сохранения и просмотра ваших видеозаписей на мобильных устройствах (Apple, Android, Black. Berry, Windows Phone и другие) и невероятно удобной функцией .

Что же делать, если вы предпочитаете Windows, но также хотите использовать возможности iMovie на своём компьютере? Программа совместима с Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 и Windows 10. Киньте пожалуйста ссылку на скачивание программы на русском языке. Александер Арт Ученик (164), на голосовании 4 года назад.

Используя видео- редактор Movavi, вы сможете наконец- то найти альтернативу приложению i. Movie для Windows и наслаждаться процессом создания потрясающих видеофильмов и роликов! Узнайте больше о продукте или Cкачать IMOVIE для окон бесплатно.

Kerish Doctor 2017 — это комплексное решение для автоматического ухода за компьютером под управлением ОС Windows. Apple iMovie HD - отличный редактор видеофайлов. Лицензия, Freeware Совместимость iMovie и Windows 7 (1). Скачайте это приложение из Microsoft Store для Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. Просмотрите снимки экрана приложения Intro to iMovie, прочитайте последни. Скачать Windows Movie Maker для Windows 7 на русском языке Windows Movie Maker – это удобная программа, которая позволяет создавать. Скачать программу iMovie для ОС Mac. Программа iMovie представляет собой редактор видео. Обновленный Языки: Русский, English Отправить. TagRename для Windows 3.9.12 Москва: + 7 (495) 916-72-52; Санкт- Петербург: + 7 (812) 604-43-47; Ростов-на-Дону: + 7 (863) 280-01-01.

Если вы являетесь пользователем Windows кто хочет редактировать видео на Windows с IMovie, необходимо обратиться к мощным IMovie для Windows. Windows Только: Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit). Поддерживаемые форматы входных. Скачать Windows Movie Maker для Windows 7 на русском языке. Windows Movie Maker – это удобная программа, которая позволяет создавать Ограничения: нет; Язык: русский, английский, true image для windows 7 RaidCall для windows 10 Movavi Video Suite 15.

О компании «Империал Строй Техникс». Если вы цените функциональность, надёжность и лёгкость в использовании, мы рекомендуем вам попробовать Видеоредактор Movavi – прекрасный аналог iMovie на русском языке с Программа совместима с Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 и Windows 10. Скачать Imovie Полная(русская) / . Imovie Полная(русская) Год выпуска: 2011 Жанр: Приложение Разработчик: AppStore Сайт разработчика: www.apple.com Язык интерфейса: Русский Платформа: Iphone,ipod touch 4g, Ipad, Ipad 2 Системные. Справочник мне очень понравился - есть ответы на большинство вопросов, возникающих при работе в Windows 7. Справочник сделан в формате.chm, изложение ведется на русском языке.


Alternative for Windows (7/8/Mac) Computer

iMovie for PC has been a hot topic for quite sometime now.

Note: If you are looking to download iMovie for Windows alternative then go for “Movavi Video Editor”.

This tutorial will give you the right idea of how to go about it in an easy way!

This article also includes running and installation tips for the software, and its features.

So check it out and enjoy!

Video editing softwares are quite vogue in today’s technical world where everyone is looking for just the perfect edit. The iMovie video editing software is one of its kinds and surpasses the credentials of all its preceding and contemporary video editing softwares that have infested the market. The download rates incur zero expenditure which means totally free of cost. It aids you to merge, split, crop as well as enhance your video.

It is developed and sold by Apple Inc. for the Mac and iOS, but with the help of this guide you will be able to download and run iMovie for PC without any trouble. Interested huh? Keep reading mate.

Update: Many readers have been asking us “Can I get iMovie on PC and Windows?” This tutorial has been built just to answer your question, and if you keep reading you will know it all. So scroll down.

What has been covered in this article?

  • About iMovie software
  • Features of iMovie
  • How the iMovie software works?
  • How to get iMovie for MAC?
  • Best Alternatives for iMovie for Windows
  • How to get iMovie for iPad and iPhone?
  • iMovie for PC Alternative (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

About iMovie – The Best Video Editing Software

People are constantly looking for more comfortable and comprehensible softwares to work one. iMovie is just the perfect one in this regard.  The iMovie software saves you of the effort of prolonged haggling with the manuals or read up lengthy pieces on the internet, because once you are working with it, things get easier with every step.

It is the best video editing software you can work on, create master pieces sitting right there in front of your PC. And it is not just about editing, or watching videos, it also gives you the option of sharing it with your allies. iMovie helps you to disseminate your creations as well.

See – Shazam for PC

How iMovie works?

This free and easily accessible video editing software has been successful in casting a noteworthy impress in the minds of the users, owing to its perfect work credentials, and easily graspable work mechanisms. The enhancement of videos is facilitated by professional filters like Denoise, Brightness/Contrast, Chroma Key, Color balance and more. One gets the opportunity to edit both 2D and 3D videos on the timeline.

The timeline is extremely user friendly. It is adept to organize your video, audio and titles as well. Making Slideshows with iMovie is cakewalk. You are provided with provisions for adding smooth and good looking transitions. It helps you to adjust durations individually.

If you want to learn how to use iMovie, you can watch this tutorial. These guys have clearly explained the use of this software, its various features and tools.

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Features of iMovie

1. The special effects in iMovie make your video totally different. One can also record audio from a microphone.

2. The users are also given a choice among myriad of templates to choose from, making your story a far more interesting one. There are hoards of video editing tutorials online for the software.

3. It generally sends video footage to the Mac with the use of mainly the Firewire interface on most of the MiniDV format digital video cameras. The computer’s USB port can also be brought to use.

4. The iMovie 10.0.8 is the latest version which was released by Apple INC. This latest version was equipped with the most improved of features and was a complete redesign of its preceding versions.

5. There were more options to share a movie, or more movie as well as trailer theme options.

6. Making picture in pictures, side by sides or doing cutaways was a more lucid than ever in comparison to the preceding versions or any other alternative other companies could come up with. The refinements were far more pronounced with even more realist green screen effects.

7. The creators claim that with iMovie you can save your video in any format (though there might be discrepancies) and play it anywhere. It also enables you to upload the videos on YouTube, Facebook or your discrete website without even having to leave the program.

8. The videos can be directly burnt to DVD, for watching it later on TV or your personal DVD player.

Update: 11 March 2016

iMovie for PC saw considerable upgrading in the recent update in January 2016. The app has resolved bothersome bugs in the YouTube sharing feature. The bug made it difficult for users to sign in with different accounts. Correctly displaying images has also been worked upon. The app also now copies clips when they are dragged from the Project Media container to events in the Library.

How to get iMovie for MAC, iPad, iPhone?

For Mac users, the Mac app store is the solution to half of their problems. They do not have to haggle on the internet, looking for easily accessible download options for iMovie, because they can get it easily from the Mac app store. The download takes really less time and the steps that follow are extremely easy and are quite linear in operation.

Even certain websites give the option for free download of the iMovie software. But one needs to be careful about those hyperlinks because a lot of them are pseudo-links that cause risk of virus attacks. One should be sure about the extension of the link they intend to download iMovie from. In order to avoid such problems it is best to download it from the Mac App store.

But it is the default video editing application just for Apple devices – Mac, iPhone, and iPad and can work well with the Mac OS X only. Apple as for now hasn’t released any windows version of it and is yet to announce any scheduled plan to develop iMovie for PC to be precise on Windows XP or Windows 8/7 etc.

Can’t Ignore: Facetime for PC

Rumors though suggest that iMovie will perpetually stay in the proprietorship of Apple, to be available for use only on Apple devices. It can be interpreted as a strategy by Apple to attract more people to their products. iMovie in most probability will perpetuate to be an exclusive Mac application. However, we can’t fully ignore the possibility of the launch of iMovie for PC in the upcoming days to come.

Download iMovie for Mac here.

Download iMovie for iPad here.

Download iMovie for iPhone here.

Download iMovie for PC | Windows 7/8/XP | Computer

Parallel desktop and VMware fusion softwares can help you run iMovie on PC, but it is a paid software and also needs dual boot feature. So let me make it easy for you.

As of now, the market is flooded with iMovie alternative applications for Windows PC and other operating systems as well. They might not be as credible and perfect in operation like iMovie but are good enough in their own ways. One mostly used alternative is the Movavi video editor, with additional features like the chrome key. Few features are quite akin with that of iMovie like making slide slows on it is really easy. The user like the iMovie gets to choose from variety of templates though the options given by iMovie are much more in comparison to it. So getting and running iMovie on PC is not that feasible, but the alternatives of iMovie can certainly help you!

You also get to adjust durations individually and use good transitions, but definitely not as good as what iMovie can provide. But if not Apple then you will have to settle with this. There are options for special effects but not as mesmerizing and enchanting like that of iMovie. Though, importing videos have to be done by DV/AVCHD camcorders, TV tuners, web cameras and VHS. But like iMovie this is synched with the microphone as well.

Sharing and uploading provisions are quite similar to that of iMovie. Videos can be saved in any format and can be played anywhere. No impediments in uploading them YouTube, Facebook and in any website. Videos could be encoded with MPEG-4, MPEG, H.264, WMV, or FLV for better quality but smaller size.

In short, we can just say that iMovie for Mac and iOS has already managed to create quite a buzz among the Apple users. Thanks to its awesome features, the videography lovers can’t just stay without it. Now it will be interesting to watch whether iMovie for PC becomes a reality or not for sure.

New Alternatives for iMovie

As mentioned above, Movavi is one of the best! Still we have some hidden gems which you can use.

It is an award winning software with high resolutions and great number of features. It can be called a real iMovie alternative. It is specifically good for lengthier movies due to its powerful characteristics. Movies like “the king’s speech”, “Pulp fiction” and “Heat” have been edited with this software so you can better judge its power. Download lightworks from here.

Video editing, photo editing and media player of the highest calibre – you will get it all at one place with this next gen video editor called as the cyberlink. You can download it from here.

Update: According to latest news, the upcoming iPhone 6S can come with an awesome feature called as “Force Touch” and this will work in sync with the iMovie app. Yes, the users will be able to decide various gestures and enable different functionalities in the iPhone 6S Smartphone with this new technology and if rumors are to be believed, they will be able to fast forward & rewind videos in iMovie just with a simple tap of their fingers. Isn’t this amazing?

Q & A Section

1. What are some best alternatives of iMovie?

Answer – a). Movavi Video Editor – It is the closest to iMovie! Get it from here.

                 b).  Coral Video Studio

                 c). AVS Video Editor

                 d). Cyberlink Power Editor

2. Which is the latest version of iMovie available for download (Mac and iOS)?

Answer – iMovie 10.0.9 is the latest version for Mac and iMovie for iOS 2.1 is latest version for iPhones & iPads!

3. What are the best iMovie tricks?

Answer – There are several great tricks to use the software in amazing ways. Some of them are “editing fb photos directly”, “iMovie dropbox” and several others. Check out this post on lifehack to get 20 amazing tricks!

Q4. Can I download iMovie on PC?

Answer – No there is no method of doing that but you can certainly use the above mentioned alternatives for using it on Windows and other Computer devices.

iMovie for PC: Alternative for Windows (7/8/Mac) Computer

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