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SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017 Top 5 Features/Enhancements

The DS SOLIDWORKS team has continued it’s ever adaptive model of listening to their users and adding changes to SOLIDWORKS Electrical. The 2017 version has introduced new features which we hope customers will enjoy using and help them to be more productive. Listed below are Javelin’s SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017 Top 5 Feature picks:

  1. Super Part: As the name suggests is a collective of parts to make a super part. This can be used in scenarios where multiple parts are grouped as one within the design especially for components like Connectors (pins, shell etc.).

Create a Super Part

  1. Automatic updates to Terminal Strips and Reports: Users no longer have to refresh/update Terminal drawing sheets or reports sheets, the 2017 Version updates those sheets automatically. Thus reducing number of clicks required and eliminate human intervention required to keep these up to date.
  2. Attribute visibility in Title blocks: Now the visibility of attributes while in edit mode can be manipulated to either display the attribute as is or the value of the attribute or simply the description of each attribute. This makes planning the sheet a lot easier which designing or managing the development of your title block.

    Title block Editor: Attribute Visibility styles

  3. “Go To” feature in Design Rule check report: It is now possible to directly jump from this report to the issue. With this introduction, SOLIDWORKS hopes that it will help increase the efficiency of resolving design issues faster.
  4. Propagate data to connected objects: This helps program more automation by propagation of data from components over to destination objects or wires as such. With this feature it is now possible to get desired levels of information around PLCs and Terminals on to wires.

Needless to say that SOLIDWORKS development always indulge in making this design system extremely intuitive and simple to use.

Interface Updates

Lots of interface updates were applied to SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017 with hopes of making this the most productive and engaging experience.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Resources

Access our resources page to get everything you need to learn what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2017; including tech tips, demonstrations, and upcoming product webinars.


What's New in Electrical Design | Products

Linking DRC/Reports to Symbol

Provides direct  navigation to the design element identified in DRC report or standard reports

Data Files Shortcut

Quickly create Data File Shortcuts and link files to create relative associations that are tied to the project regardless of location. Files can maintain original folder structure using relative path and are included in the Project Archive. 

Associate SOLIDWORKS Assembly

Allows for Simple association of existing SOLIDWORKS assemblies to an electrical project. Allows parent-child relationships to be maintained in the SOLIDWORKS assembly between electrical and mechanical assemblies.

Electrical Assemblies

The Electrical assembly command allows the user to create new catalog parts consisting of an assembly containing several manufacturer parts (accessory parts).

The accessory parts (like o-rings, seal, etc) will be included in reports/BOM, but will not be shown separately in the schematics. 

Advanced Automation

Generate schematics automatically from a Microsoft® Excel® Automation file.

Automation files can be simply created using Excel selection templates, allowing for customized schematic creation based on product options by non-technical personal.  Create complete Schematic projects including documentation and reports.

The entire project can be published to PDM automatically, making it easy to manage a customized schematic with unique part number.

In development: Single button automation project creation, documentation, and publishing from within the Excel Selection template.

Schematic Integration to PDM Pro


Provides a SOLIDWORKS PDM capability for Schematic management including advanced features :

  • Initiate new PDM project from SOLIDWORKS Electrical
  • Open existing PDM project
  • Save schematic to PDM
  • Synchronize parts / BOM
  • Run save to upload BOM to PDM
  • View BOM in PDM
  • DATA card creation with smart text
  • Publish DWG, PDF, XML
  • Publish incremental DWG files to PDM and update project and individual DWG
  • Warning on opening of SOLIDWORKS Electrical project if DWG’s edited outside of Project
  • Creation of delta DWG report
  • Synchronize edited drawings
  • Start sync parts and create link for missing parts

Copy paste the anchor point to another drawing


Allow the user to indicate the insertion point of the selected objects when copying a set of objects, in order to use that reference point when pasting.

Automatic Update of reports/other documents

To ensure up-to-date project data when printing, export save by forcing the update of generated files like reports and terminal strip drawings.

80+ UX enhancement streamlining user experience


To accelerate development of electrical design, the user interface has been refined to provide an enhanced user experience eliminating repetitive button clicks and adding enhanced selection and editing functionality such as group edit.

Highlighted connection point (Schematic) when connected


Provides a graphical indication on wire-to-device connectivity. When connecting a device to a wire the node indicator will appear when connectivity is achieved.

Propagate data to connected objects

Ability to propagate information between/ to connected  design elements:

  • Propagate PLC information to connected devices  including Wire marks and Cable marks
  • Propagate Terminal  information to connected  devices including Wire marks and Cable marks
  • Propagate Information between connected devices including Wire marks and Cable marks

SOLIDWORKS 2017: Installation Guide Part 3 – Electrical

Installation Guide Part 3 – Electrical


SOLIDWORKS Electrical can be broken down into two parts SQL Meta Data and Electronic Program Data


SQL Meta Data


  • All data about everything… (All the CAD document data is contained here.)


Electronic Program Data


  • Program Files – The application, (without this the program will not run)
  • Program Data – The data (without it, the program will run…but will have no content)


Licensing scheme for SOLIDWORKS Electrical:



Use the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager. The installation manager is a simplified process that will help guide you through the install.


First a few important questions…


  • Do you want to share the data now or in the future?
  • How many people will share the data?
  • Do you want to use an existing SQL Server instance?
  • Is it a local or server installation?




Everything is installed locally.


If choosing the individual method:



If you are adding to an existing SOLIDWORKS installation, you will need to choose Modify.



Enter your serial number for SOLIDWORKS. A SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic code is generally only required where SOLIDWORKS is NOT being installed. (If the SOLIDWORKS and Electrical serial numbers match only use the SOLIDWORKS number box).



Product selection menu and the more button on the summary page give you the options to turn on the products and configure the locations, etc. The below image is the appropriate settings for an Individual install with the end user machine being the SQL server host. Under the Products, click Change and then check the boxes for SOLIDWORKS Electrical and the sub products:


  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D
  • Collaborative server
  • Data



Click next to get to the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Options menu.


  • Specify server SQL name and data location
  • All other settings can be local



Or you may need a new instance if it has not been setup before.


SQL Server




Upgrading an Existing Install


A few of the previous screens may look different if you already have installed an older version of SOLIDWORKS Electrical. The first thing you should do is create an Environment Archive inside of your previous version of SOLIDWORKS Electrical. To do this, launch your current SWE install, go to file, archive environment.



You will see a message if you have installed SOLIDWORKS Electrical on your machine previously. The environment archive done in the last step should give you a secure start if you have issues with the new version.



Likely you will already have an existing SQL Server instance on your server so it is ok to use the existing instance from a previous install.



Network Server Install


If choosing to use server products:


Server Products has options for installing the SOLIDWORKS Electrical server.


  • Everything except the application files are installed on a server ( for use sharing data between users, the SQL server and data folders will reside on the server).



Continue on to configure the settings and file locations. Remember this is on the server computer so you may use C:\ as well but it might be another drive letter. Work with your IT dept. to determine the proper location.


You will add all of these features to the installation.


  • Data (libraries and projects)
  • Collaborative Server (multiple user interface)
  • SQL Server (data base engine)


Set the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Options menu.


  • Data Location
  • Collaborative Server

    • SQL Server location
    • Initial Port


You may already have an existing SQL Server instance on your server so it is ok to use the existing instance from a previous install. Or you may need a new instance if it has not been setup before.


  • SQL Server

    • New instance
    • Existing instance
    • Authentication mode
    • Password




Network Client Install


These settings will similar to the individual install with these slight changes. Uncheck the collaborative server and data options. These will be provided by the server.



The server settings should look like this:



Potential Errors





Invalid permissions





  • Firewalls
  • Anti-virus
  • Network connection
  • Install settings




  • Incorrect password
  • TEW password length (also seen as 27506)
  • Sometimes this error comes up as 27502 (if they have epdm) sometimes it’s 27506 (if there is no epdm but password restrictions are enabled)


Install settings






Invalid permissions


  • Upgrade from major version
  • SQL database owner


Installation settings


  • Incorrect options chosen
  • Admin image





SQL cannot create an instance


  • Permissions
  • System restart


If you need help with any errors please don’t hesitate to contact us for support.


John Van EngenCATI Senior Technical AnalystComputer Aided Technology

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017 - SOLIDWORKS Europe - PDF Catalogue | Technical Documentation

Catalogue excerpts

SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL SUITE SEAMLESS INTEGRATION OF ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL DESIGN INTEGRATED ELECTRICAL SYSTEM DESIGN SOLIDWORKS® Electrical Solutions simplify electrical product design with specific tools designed for the engineering discipline and intuitive interfaces for faster design of embedded electrical systems. The new SOLIDWORKS PCB design tool adds the scientific power and natural design intuition of Altium with the 3D expertise of SOLIDWORKS. Native integration for all disciplines — electrical, mechanical, and electronics — provides better collaboration and productivity resulting in more consistent and standardized designs, lower costs, and fewer product delays for faster time to marke

Accelerate the electrical system design process with a suite of easy-to-use solutions SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL Designers and engineers can quickly define the electrical interconnect of complex electrical systems with SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Utilizing intelligent single line or traditional multiline schematics, and a library of thousands of electrical schematic symbols and parts, you can develop embedded electrical system designs in a real-time, collaborative, multiuser environment that connects mechanical and electrical engineering. SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL SCHEMATIC PROFESSIONAL A powerful easy-to-use...

SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL 3D Integrate electrical schematic design data with the SOLIDWORKS 3D model of a machine or other product — bidirectionally and in real time. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D enables you to place electrical components and use advanced SOLIDWORKS routing technology to automatically interconnect electrical design elements within the 3D model. Determine optimal lengths for wires, cables, and harnesses, while maintaining design and BOM synchronization between electrical and mechanical designs. SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL PROFESSIONAL Combine the electrical schematic functionality of SOLIDWORKS...

ENGINEERING CHALLENGES TACKLED WITH SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS SOLIDWORKS Electrical Solutions are part of the SOLIDWORKS product portfolio that enable engineers to design with purpose-built tools that provide smooth integration, while providing efficient engineering workflow across disciplines in the industry. ELECTRONICS DESIGN AND INTEGRATION • Connected Devices -- Connect Automation -- IOT Devices -- Wearable Devices • Toys • Consumer Products • Industrial Equipment • Robotics • Medical Devices • Automotive • Electric Vehicles • Aircraft Interiors • Appliances ELECTRICAL SYSTEM DESIGN...

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Solutions provide industry recognized design solutions for seamless integration of electrical and mechanical designs Boost product innovation • Grow market share and differentiate through groundbreaking product design • Empower engineering teams with intuitive, powerful electrical design tools that simplify development and the development of new ideas to bring innovative products to market faster Ensure consistent manufacturing and assembly Including electrical information from the schematic in the 3D model enables detailed planning, visualization, and documentation of the...

SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL SUITE Technology Hardness Design Flex Cable SOLIDWORKS PCB Powered by Altium Electronics Design SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector Powered by Altium Electronics Design SOLIDWORKS Schematic Standard SOLIDWORKS Schematic Professional SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional Electronics Design Electrical Routing** *Included with SolidWorks Desktop Professional and Premium ** Included with SolidWorks Desktop Premium and Electrical 3D SOLIDWORKS PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS TYPICAL SERIAL PROCESS PRELIMINARY PROJECT AND CONCEPTS ELECTRICAL DESIGN DESIGN VALIDATION MECHANICAL DESIGN TECHNICAL...

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Top Ten Features List and Demonstration Videos

SOLIDWORKS 2017 is packed with new, customer-focused enhancements. Whether you design single components, incredibly complex equipment, or even entire facilities, SOLIDWORKS 2017 delivers easy-to-use tools to help turn your ideas into higher-quality products. Check out the SOLIDWORKS 2017 Top Ten list of features to look out for in the new release:

1. SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect

Work seamlessly with anyone, and incorporate design changes dramatically faster.

  • Open proprietary 3D CAD data directly into SOLIDWORKS
  • Includes Creo®, CATIA® V5, SolidEdge®, NX™, and Inventor®
  • Retain associativity to the original file

Register for our SOLIDWORKS Interconnect Webinar to see the new features LIVE

2. Improved Large Assembly Performance

Speed design of large assemblies and layouts machinery and equipment.

  • New Asset Publisher, Ground Mates and Magnetic Mates speed equipment layouts
  • Replace sub-assembly with multi-body part and maintain downstream references;
  • Replace missing references all at once

Register for our Large Assembly webinar to see the new features LIVE

3. More powerful modeling tools

Faster, easier modeling with fewer picks and clicks.

  • New Advanced Hole Wizard creates/reuses customized holes
  • Wrap Feature now for any surface; Offset 3D Curve on surface with multiple faces
  • Sheet Metal support for three-bend corners

4. Renderings and Animations get a boost from Visualize

Dramatic improvement in rendering speed and improved workflow between modeling, rendering, and viewing.

  • New “Visualize Boost”: Network rendering made simple for blazing fast render speeds
  • Import animations and motion studies
  • Map SOLIDWORKS camera navigation and hot keys
  • Support for HTC® Vive™, Oculus, Google® Cardboard, Samsung®

Register for our What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2017 Communication Tools webinar to see Visualize LIVE

5. Faster 2D Drawing Creation

Simplified, faster drawing creation.

  • Reference and link to BOM table cell elements in annotations
  • Parametrically mirror drawing views without the model
  • Pre-defined layers

6. Expanded capabilities for Model Based Definition

Ease the transition from 2D drawings to MBD and enable model-based enterprises (MBE).

  • Compare geometry and 3D PMI between two revisions
  • Define DimXpert 3D PMI more easily for drafted parts
  • Export STEP 242 with 3D PMI to automate CAM and CMM
  • Attach multiple files to 3D PDF to build Technical Data Packages (TDP)

Attend our What’s new with SOLIDWORKS MBD 2017 webinar to see the product LIVE

7. Electrifying Electrical/Electronic Design

Expanded capabilities mean improved productivity for electrical design.

  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical:
    • Automatic creation of schematic from a spreadsheet
    • Compound parts – accessories
  • SOLIDWORKS PCB: Unified design environment between schematic editing, board layout and 3D layout

Attend our What’s New in SOLIDWORKS PCB 2017 webinar to see PCB software LIVE

8. Simplifying Design Validation

Simulation expanded to handle more use cases – extended capabilities tackle more design scenarios.

  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Display simulation results in SOLIDWORKS model; arc length control for nonlinear contact
  • SOLIDWORKS Plastics: Part Mass can be used in addition to gate temperature for gate freeze and pressure holding time determination
  • SOLIDWORKS Flow: Parametric Study now allows multi-parameter optimization

Attend our What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017 webinar to see the products LIVE

9. Integrating design and manufacturing

Extending SOLIDWORKS capabilities for the manufacturing ecosystem.

  • 3D Printing: Import/Export 3MF. Import mesh data
  • SOLIDWORKS Inspection: Manual and selective ballooning
  • SOLIDWORKS Costing: Instant estimates from manufacturers via My.SolidWorks Manufacturing Network

Register for our SOLIDWORKS 2017 for 3D Printing webinar to learn more

10. Improving data management and collaboration

Collaborate at more levels and manage data more efficiently.

    • Version overwrite;
    • Rollback with references;
    • Improved viewing
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional: Vault Database Replication
  • eDrawings®:
    • Augmented Reality (AR) for the Android™;
    • 3D Views and annotation views for assemblies;
    • Component descriptions;
    • Weld beads;
    • Undo/redo

Register for our SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 webinar to learn more about data management

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Resources

Access our resources page to get everything you need to learn what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2017, including tech tips, demonstrations, and upcoming product webinars. You can also download a copy of the SOLIDWORKS 2017 Top Ten features.


SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017: Connection Dots Reduce Rework

There’s no need to lament any further over missed connections thanks to the SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017 Connection Dots feature.

Have you ever read those “missed connection” posts on Craigslist? I learned of them from a radio morning show, where the on-air personalities would read these tragic (yet hilarious) tales of lost love and near misses. These posts always delivered the melodrama and were filled with regret. If only the individual had possessed the courage to make that connection, so their whole life could achieve its true meaning and purpose. Like I said, M-E-L-O-D-R-A-M-A-T-I-C. But, I digress.

So, How Do Missed Connections Tie into Electrical Design?

I was helping a new user who was experiencing the same regret… over missed connections of the electrical kind. He had created new symbols and built a schematic, but he had empty reports. At a glance, everything looked OK but zooming in very close revealed SNAP had been turned off when placing the symbols and wires on their schematics. That meant nothing was connected! Maybe not quite the melodramatics of a Craigslist missed connection, but frustrating nonetheless. Significant rework was needed to move and replace all of his symbol and wire work on the grid.

How do you know you’ve made a proper connection point, especially as a new user?

And, how do you spare yourself the regret of a missed connection? This may sound like a stretch (get it!?), but in SOLIDWORKS Electrical the connection is key. By missing the link between components, you miss out on the power of the automation and reports. With SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017, we now have a great way to graphically verify if you’ve succeeded in making a proper connection. You are now guaranteed good results on all your reports!

You can always use the DRC for terminals not connected. Or, place connection labels.

But, how do you know on the fly if the new symbol you’ve created had the proper grid spacing for its connection points? And, how do you know if you had your SNAPS turned on and set properly when you drew in your wires? We have a new way of doing just that by using something that was already there!

No More “Close, But No Cigar” or Guesswork and Rework!

In previous versions of SOLIDWORKS Electrical, connection dots were just a graphical indication of where a symbol’s connection points were lining up. The connection dots could be shown or hidden based on the symbol settings. That all still applies, but now any symbol with Connection Dots enabled, an intelligent feature can show or hide depending on if a connection has been properly aligned.

Not to mention that in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017 getting close now actually DOES count to make a connection! New users will also appreciate that confidence boost in their initial designs and the new symbols that follow key spacing rules (.25 inches or 5 mm) for wires and connection dots.

So, make use of those new functions in 2017, and steer clear of missed connection regret.

GSC fuels customer success with 3D engineering solutions for design, simulation, data management, technical documentation, and 3D printing, as well as the most comprehensive consulting, technical support, and training in the industry. As a leading provider of SOLIDWORKS solutions and Stratasys 3D printing technologies, GSC’s world-class team of dedicated professionals have helped numerous companies innovate and increase productivity by leveraging advanced technologies to drive 3D business success. Founded in 1989, GSC is headquartered in Germantown, WI. For more information about GSC, please visit

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