Hearts of iron 3 скачать торрент русская версия

Hearts of Iron 3: For The Motherland (2012)

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3 /Hearts of Iron 3 (Paradox Interactive) 1.3 (RUS+ENG) [L]

############################################################ # Changes for 1.3 below. ############################################################


- AI Improvements ----------------------------------------------------------------------- * LAND MILITARY AI: - Less worried about the national fuel deficit when requesting mechanized or armored units in peace time - Fixed a bug where the AI would cancel the attacks of manually controlled units - Fixed a bug with units immediately moving out of newly taken provinces for automated lower-level HQs - Safer movement along the front for sub-theatre level automated HQs - Improved "borrowing" of units for attacks between agents, including those of puppet states - Fixed a simple but serious bug causing constant front reorganization - Fixed a bug with port-less areas sometimes not correctly being recognized as fronts - Fixed some glitches in the transport AI caused by incorrect retrieval of armies from outside the theatre - Many improvements to sub-theatre level automation of units - Sub-theatre level units will no longer try to garrison any provinces that are not player set objectives - Misc fixes that mostly affects sub-theatre level automated units - Improved the AI''''s understanding of crossing rivers - Garrison AI better at protecting airfields and VPs - Fixed a problem with stuck fleets - Better awareness of acting capitals if the proper one is lost - Invasion AI now allowed to attack non-port provinces - Will prioritize attacking neighboring port provinces if the controlled area lacks a port - Theatres and fronts are now correctly recalculated for allies joining a war - Tweaked Belgian border defense priorities if Allied.


- Fixed slider automation so it does not take a day for updates to show - Fixed a slight bug with unit type requests - AI more aggressively produces convoys when needed - Will reorder the production queue to prioritize land units if the war is going badly - Ships and planes no longer incorrectly built as reserves by the AI at peace - Fixed priority issues with the build queue - Long running games should no longer spiral into economic chaos due to unit production being too aggressive - Force needs changed to consider allied fleets. - Better balance of land/air/naval in the build queue. - Now checks manpower usage to make sure it can afford mobilization before deciding to build units. - Landlocked nations will no longer build transports


- AI now keeps track of money trends to even out fluctuations - Slider controls now favour money production a bit more to accommodate trade - Ministers now replaced when needed (like after soviet purge) - New algorithm for research selection - Research AI balancing, with more focus on industrial techs - Boost to officer ratio for leadership sliders - Finland is more prone to mobilize before the Winter War - AI will focus on reinforcements after mobilizing - Changes to accommodate the fact that consumer goods production no longer creates money - AI now prefers larger supply stockpile - Espionage AI re-evaluates a bit less often, resulting in less mission focus jumping - Espionage AI now prioritizes faction leaders a bit more, especially the leader deemed most dangerous - Fixed a problem with auto-deployment once the home area has been lost - Fixed ai failure on mobilization.


- Heavily improved AI trading - Trade ai now correctly cancels trades draining its stockpiles and stopping helpful trades in the opposite direction. - Rebalancing of country influencing, ai should now influence more and hopefully in a much saner manner. - Tweaked money pooling for trading slightly - Japan should no longer call in allies too early - Scripted wars against states that are already annexed are now blocked - Fixed incorrect conditions for a soviet war on germany post ''''42 - Fixed bug where Germany would declare war on Sweden for no reason - German AI now tries to get earlier Military Access to sweden - Fixed issues with countries granting military access when they shouldn''''t (big countries were too intimidating) - Improved check against neighbors for German AI so Barbarossa should no longer stall - Fixed a lesser memory leak - Luxemburg should no longer be overlooked as a war target when its neighbors have fallen - Military strength no longer miscalculated when checking strength of a border in preparation for war - Republican/Nationalist Spain no longer interested in joining any factions until the civil war is over - AI no longer offers weird alliances - AI will now attempt to lower neutrality while aligning to a faction if needed for future membership - AI should now be more likely to join factions when it can - AI puppets can no longer influence other nations - Extra checks to make sure Japan does not declare war on the UK if things have ended up unhistorical - Comintern countries will no longer mind free trade goods - The faction leader AI now stop influencing nations if they become less interesting - AI should now prefer getting faction members of its own instead of stopping the enemy from getting faction members - Germany will no longer attack Yugoslavia while still busy fighting France - Germany now breaks any non aggression pacts with the Soviets when preparing to attack after defeating France - Germany wont declare so many wars at once in Europe


- Gamebalance Changes -----------------------------------------------------------------------

* Combat

- Fixed a problem where airunits could move out of combat randomly. - Attackdelay from officer ratio is now 3 days change instead of 3 hours. - Units on ships and planes will no longer obstruct occupation. - All bombmissions that damage buildings will now damage static AA as well. - Ships at zero organisation can no longer fire in a naval battle. - Flying bombs and Flying rockets are now properly marked as rockets and will be removed at end of a mission. - Submarines are now harder to spot, more lethal to convoys, but also far worse in seabattles. - Revolters now use the experience from the target enemy partisan efficiency now. - Revolters can now be against multiple enemies, and will only be nice to those that are enemy to all its targets. - Occupation can no longer be given to a country that is not an enemy of the previous controller. - Paratroopers will no longer give extra combat width if coming from multiple bases. - Ships can now be forced to close if hostile fleets got faster ships. - Ships without sea_attack or at 0 organisation will now try to leave close range during naval battles. - Resources and buildings are no longer damaged when control is changed in a friendly way. (Puppets, Liberations etc.) - Air units can no longer do ground attacks on neutral territory - It is now possible to actually bomb units with too low organisation to stand up and fight. - Fixed an issue with support attack not cancelling properly after an attack. - It is now harsher to cross rivers, do amphibious landings and paradrop. - Fixed a few problems on how crossing, landing and paradropping penalties were applied. - Reduced the impact from shore bombardment. - Units being destroyed due to inability to retreat will now also reduce officers as well. - Landing units are no longer automatically deleted if the fleet is under attack. - Paratroopers are now properly checking landfort levels, not coast fort. - Pushback damage is now bigger, and more likely to happen. - Units paradropping will not get the out of supply penalty during combat. - Windspeed now have a far less impact on naval combat.

* Unit Organisation

- Merging single brigades now assigns a leader if auto-assign is on. - Creating new HQ''''s now assigns new leaders if auto-assign is on. - Autoassignment of leaders for landunits now only occurr if it goes to 2 brigades or higher. - Reorganising away brigades from a division below 2 brigades will now remove the leader automatically. - Every type of division that can be setup through reorganisation, can now be built. - It is now possible to reorganise away every brigade from a divison even if a leader is present.

* Units

- Manpower trickleback is now scaled properly and no longer multiplied by 100. - Rebalanced air unit stats through a major overhaul. - Marines, Mountaineers and paratroopers now use a little less manpower, but more officers. - Escort carriers and carriers now have a sea_attack of 1 at minimum. - Ships now repair in any port they are present in, but check efficiency and speed from the one they are based from. - Ships can now actually regain organisation at sea. - Fixed a bug where headquarters and all below it dissapeared if game saved when they were loaded on a ship. - Ghostfleets should not be around in ports for the AI anymore. - Leaderbonuses are now applied for units below stacklimits, not above then on air and naval stacks. - Now air units are allowed to retreat to any neighboring province that doesn''''t have hostile air units. Air units can also try to retreat to their air base. - Marines and Engineers are now better at crossing and landing. - It is no longer possible to load paratroopers onto planes in airbases that currently are lower than size 1. - Units in delay after attack can no longer be loaded onto a plane.

* Missions

- The naval escort convoy mission will only let ships patrol within their own supply range. - You can no longer rebase into ports you have no access to. - Rebasing ships now use fuel & supplies properly. - Loading troops on transports now clear dig-in status properly. - Patrolling ships now check for access before moving - It is now possible to strategically redeploy all units selected even if the target is where one unit is. - Fixed a problem with the "join air" order, that could prevent the actual merge - Strategic rededployments can no longer reset themselves.

* Production

- Monthly manpower increases are now applied properly. - Germany now gets manpower from occupying the rhineland, gaining sudeten and the anschluss. - Soviet Union will now get bonus manpower from doing the purge. - Halved effective energy to oil conversion. - Money production is now based on total IC, and is not depending on consumer goods production. - Refining will not happen if fuel stockpiles are over a year of refining and the crude oil is below half of that. - Reduced money income per IC. - Fixed a problem which would make resources cap at 2000 for a major if a puppet fled and then got back. - Fuel refining is now based on current IC, not maximum IC. - Energy to oil conversion should not break down at low energy levels. - Overseas resources are now properly given to the port where resource convoys are sent. - Upgrading a unit is no longer 4 times as quick as building it, and also cost the same IC fraction.

* Mobilisation

- Newly deployed units are now deployed at 0 org. - Countries get a reinforcement bonus first month after mobilizing. - A country automatically mobilizes when going into war. - Mobilisation laws now decrease money income far more. - Fixed a bug which caused too little manpower to be drained when troops got reinforced. - Reinforcement percent should now be calculated a bit better.

* Supplysystem

- Units in deployment queue now also is calculated for officer needs & cg demands, and draw supplies from the capital. - Supply networks is less likely to break down over borders. - Rewrote supply distribution logic to be given out to all IC producting provinces in the home area instead of just the capital to avoid collapses. - Supply convoys now ship to keep the same stockpile size as the other supply network. - Supply consumption is now calculated correctly for reserve units. - Supply/Fuel distribution now only consider core provinces owned. - Fixed a bug that made convoyed in values to be too high during the first day of gameplay. - Fixed a bug where supply slider would be set to negative to reduce stockpiles - Supplystockpiles produced locally will not pass through demands that they can satisfy. - Convoys going to occupied ports will no longer be assigned transports and escorts. - Units that goes out of fuel will no longer be permamnently out of fuel if fuelstatus is 0 while stationary. - Fuel is now produced locally like supplies is. - Improved algoritm to auto-assign transports to convoys. - There is now a separate category for supplies and fuel returning to stockpile. - Needed for supplies is no longer on current flow, but estimated supply needs instead to avoid fluctuations.

* Technology

- Doubled the cost for tech-rushing. - Tweaked radar training, smallwarship radar, largewarship radar, smallwarship asw, submarine sonar and submarine airwarning equipment to match the expected research date for radar - Research efficiency modifiers are now only adapted on remaining times. - Submarine Techs now have their offset increased by year, tech bonus increased by the same amount.

* Politics

- Fixed the exploit of free manpower from law changing. - Puppets manually created now also gives ownership of partisan controlled territories as well. - A newly created puppet now gets an infantry division in each province with an IC. - Fixed bug: "Strategic Warfare penalties not reset" cache is now recalculated each day. - Party popularity requirement is now is now normalized which gives correct effect for decisions

* Trade

- Convoys for traderoutes now require alot less convoys to be able to run. - Landlocked countries can now trade with neighbors from another continent - Fixed a problem with trades where they would always fail if you used your last diplomatic influence to do one.

* Diplomacy

- Puppets can no longer align themselves to factions and are automatically forced in their overlords direction when they are in a faction - Debt is now used in licensing deals - License deals now charge for money * serial * parallel - Aligning is now a bit slower. - Expeditionary forces can always be returned, there''''s no need to wait for diplomats anymore. - It''''s no longer possible to declare war on a country that you have military access to. - A truce now only lasts 100 days. - It is no longer possible to declare war on anyone you have a truce with. - Guarantees no longer stop you from declaring war on somebody - Production licensing will now properly transfer money - Convoys from broken trade deals will no longer linger around, as they could in some cases. - Diplomats now actually have working travel time - You can no longer ask for debt multiple times - Fixed retrieval of expeditionary forces so that they won''''t be returned instantly. - Factions now get properly eliminated when last member surrenders, & last member can now actually surrender. - It is no longer possible to declare war on your own puppet. - You can now declare war at puppets, if you are already at war with their overlord. - Non-aggression pact, trade offer, send expeditionary force, license tech, offer alliance, ask for military access and call allies diplomatic options now reduce diplomatic influence when proposed instead of accepted - Can now buy production licenses for units that are better than your own even if you have an older version of same unit type. - Relations will now decrease when rejecting diplomatic agreements. - Nonbuildable units can no longer appear as possible production licenses. - Non-agression pacts now expire after 2 years, and is now possible to cancel manually.

* Threat

- Threat from combat is now about 40% lower. - Threat now spreads a bit more - Halfed the impact from spy increasing threat. - Countries that are not members of factions do only half threat with their actions. - Threat from declaration of war is no longer valid if a country is already in a major faction war.

* Intelligence

- You now get minor counter espionage inside your own country even when not doing counter espionage. (at 20%). - Player can now change spy missions much less often (was 1 day, now takes a week) - Modifiers from spies no longer in effect after countries sending them are annexed - Radar levels and intel now update properly from loaded saves. - Spies without missions are harder to detect when doing counter espionage. - Radar is now calculated correctly for occupiers.

* Map

- Changing acting capital will now select an owned province instead of controlled only. - Only unoccupied provinces are considered for neighbour checks. ie, Channel Islands will not make Germany and England neighbours if occupied. - Strait blockage for ships is now checked properly. - Bosphorus & Panama is now blocking access correctly.

* Weather

- Rewrote season calculation logic to get a more gradual pace of season changing. - Fixed a problem which caused it to rain in the desert even at 0 humidity. - Cloud coverage will slowly dissipate if no active rain and no humidity increases. - Fixed a glitch with movement of weather patterns. - Weatherpatterns moving about should now create more wind, and wind should not drop off so quickly. - Weatherpatterns can now live a little longer. - Weatherfronts now move a bit slower. - Removed humidity increases from forests and woods. - Reworked climate setup. - Rewrote internal direction logics to optimise weather movement while avoiding out of sync issues. - Terrain can now modify temperature. - Temperatures can now cool at faster speed as well. - Deserts are now a fair bit drier.


- Interface Improvements ----------------------------------------------------------------------- * TECH WINDOW - Fixed display of "one shot" techlevels. - Once a tech is completed when doing manual research, prerequisites for next level tech are now properly checked prior to adding it to research queue - Fixed display issue for technologies like jet engine etc - Clicking tech in queue now selects tech - Technology folder name is now shown in "tech enabled by this" messages - Techs being enabled by the discovery of another tech will now be announced in the popup. - Tech tree entries will no longer show localised names on the button, as playability suffered too much from that you did not know which was "Small Arms" and what level certain names where - Can now look at techs by clicking them in the tech window even with ai enabled - Clicking current research items now gets you into the correct folder - Same button used to start research can now cancel it - Non-localised techname is now shown in the current research as well.


- In the espionage screen next to the tally over exposed spies there is now an indicator showing foreign spy activity in your country - When using filtering/sorting in intelligence overview, the filter/sort is no longer reset as time passes. - Listbox in Intel Menu now refreshes correctly - Intelligence overview now shows correct threat values for each non-player country


- Currently selected unit stats bar now works correctly for Air production - A popup with the names of desired units is now created when hovering over the desired unit icons(both in unit overview and production overview) - Production view serial/parallel now can now be incremented/decremented by holding down left mouse button - Added a progress bar to production queue entries. - Production +/- now increments/decrements when holding down left mouse button - Fixed a way that certain production sliders could go negative - Things that take more than 365 days to build have their buildtime displayed in months


- Diplomacy action for sending expeditionary forces should now indicate the correct recipient - Faction members shield is now correctly updated when a new country joins or leaves a faction while being in the diplomatic screen. - Diplomacy screen now lists highest threat against selected country, not player country - Fixed bug where clients got hosts'''' automated trade and slider settings after loading a multiplayer game. - No longer get closed down trades due to no money when you can take debts - Trade agreement countries no longer switched - Buy/sell button in trade window no longer look cut-off - It is now possible to click the flag of a country that is influencing another to select that country - Fixed display of production licenses.


- Sort leaders by experience in ledger now works as expected - Fixed bug "Air Defence" icon and tooltip within the ledger. - It is now possible to see military statistics for puppet states you control


- Outliner should no longer appear over ledger - CAGs from disbanded carriers now properly rebased and shown in outliner/map - Fixed bug "Disbanding last unit does not remove it from outliner" - Bases no longer shown in outliner - Air and naval units under AI-control no longer visible under Air/Naval in outliner (still visible under their HQ though)


- Improved colorisation of unitdamaged tooltip. - Tooltip for supplies slider in production tab now displays tech bonus - Tooltip for queued research now displays tech bonus - Fixed a problem with unit tooltip indicators. - fixed incorrect tooltips for war declarations on guarantee:es - corrected tooltip for guarantee requirements - Fixed tooltips in air mission panel. - Tooltip for deployed units is now being updated when reloading and having the same units to deploy as prior to loading the game. - Tooltip for deploy stack now shown on game load - A leaders command capability to command air and ship units is now shown in the leader tooltip. - Fixed a display issue on air unit strength tooltip - Division tooltip in production queue shows all brigades in the division - Tooltips for technologies also shows the folder of prerequisites - Disabled replace minister buttons have tooltip - Slider tooltip describing lock, only shown when right-clicking can actually lock the slider - Tooltip for hourglass icon when doing a strategic redeployment changed - Added tooltip for why you cant select new spy mission - Sliders in production and technology views now have tooltips explaining lock - Limited war has some extra info in it''''s tooltip - Politics screen now shows tooltips for internal effects on party popularity during last month - Tooltips describing reinforcement bonuses when mobilizing - A tooltip position in production view has been corrected - Tooltip for unit list in license tech is now properly aligned - Your own country is no longer reported as "neutral" with your in diplomatic mapmode. - Improved display of puppets in tooltip for diplomatic mapmode. - Tooltip in weathermapmode now lists type of weather as well.


- There are now different messages for when air, land and naval units arrives at a location - Messagesettings is now loaded properly even with new messages - There is now a message when aligning to faction leader expires - debt request response will now no longer always show positive - you will no longer be spammed with notifications of arriving at destination from patrolling units - There was a duplicate country key in the message list with the players country name - When bombing from carriers, the sunken ships could be added to the losses for both sides. - All defending units now shown in the Attacked message - Goto button on "Country annexed" dialogs now jumps to annexed country''''s capital - Fixed a bug with the "Patrol finds a fleet" message popup - Players are now informed when debt is used for deals - Corrected "Call to Arms" dialog so it now resizes if content goes wild


- Added missing description for support attack - fixed text errors in messages for debt - fixed some incorrect localization in division designer - Fix for German strings which mixed together on the unit view dialog - Fixed localized versions of "kph" strings


- Fixed an issue with autoslider alerts that shouldnt be shown when AI tries to lower stockpiles - The IC Wasted alert no longer triggers if Supplies and/or Consumer Goods is produced in excess - Deploy alert closes any fullscreen windows when clicked. - Added an Alert when mobilized and not in war. - Added an alert for when you have a decision possible. - Technology folder name is now shown in the ahead alert. - The invite to faction alert is now shown when it should be shown.


- Red is now only shown in provinces in supply mapmode if there is an actual NEED there that is not fullfilled - Movement allowed/rejected markers on map now fades away. Reduced the time the duration markers are shown - Political map is now alot more clear and more colorful - The map is now updated when redefining theatres while using the theatre map mode - Clicking on map should now always give you what you click at,even if that happens to overlap a different province (ie rightclicking a port will let you move to that port even if graphicaly it is in a sea province) - You can no longer see theatre names for non-friendly countries in theatre mapmode - When giving air orders, map is now updated when sliders are released - Fixed issues with CAGs when group selecting on map - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused movement arrows not to show - Cursor over puppets with an army selected is now the correct one - Red arrows are now shown on units that support attacks - Shiftclicking provinces no longer closes province view - Fixed problem with counter stacks being seen although the player didn''''t have any intel in the province - No more free intel on enemy province buildings - Fixed counter display issues at large distance - Moving units that come under attack are no longer considered as attacking in the interface - Combat indicator arrow positions are updated when units are removed from combat - Tweaked scaling of numbers on naval counters to make each value matter more.


- HQs now lists the correct number of troops under their command - Decisions requiring a specific amount of divisions now also show current number of divisions - Sorted list of units to deploy to - Corrected position of namebox in brigadeview - There is now a button for multiple armies selected that let you load all at once onto a ship if possible. - Default order for fleets with troops, moving to friendly ports, are now transport - Added shortcuts for building buildings from province interface - Provinces now multiselectable for building purposes - Fixed the cursor position when renaming units - It''''s now possible to ctrl-click the select button(when multiple units are selected) to select all subunits - Escape now works properly to open ingame menu - Last sort mode of leaders assignment dialog is now saved - Air order window is now bigger to fit the whole list of orders. - cancel order button for units now works for simple orders - The can not move indicator in unit interface is no longer shown in wrong circumstances. - can now actually close the main menu using the hotkeys - multiplayer chat now breaks line properly - Improved display issue when there are modifiers affecting dissent increases. - Fix for long move arrows which disappeared under certain circumstances - Fixed bug: "Popup Info opens with double click in other interfaces" - Rocket sprites should now be shown properly in the game - Disabled sliders when using a selection mode that did not depend on slider positions - Fixed country names in the retrieve/return expeditionary forces dialogue. - When changing resolution, any applied resolution will be shown in paranthesis. - It''''s now possible to switch back to the current resolution without having to restart the game - Faction information is now displayed - The text/icons of desired HQ units now fits better into its designated text box - Leader selection now supports sorting in reverse order. - Naval and Aircombats should now list proper numbers, not multiplied by 1000 in the outliner. - You can no longer build above maximum level in multiple select, or through lag in MP.


- Multiplayer ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed a potential reason for OOS. - It is no longer possible to click alerts before game started in mp - Calling player allies to help in a war now work in multiplayer.


- User Modding ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed a number of issues making mods not work. - Threat in script files has been updated to work consistently with both ''''who = all'''' and ''''who = ABC'''' - Errors in in LUA code are now printed in system_error.log to helps modders with debugging - LUA scripts in mods now reloadable from console like originals.


- Performace and Stability ----------------------------------------------------------------------- * Optimizations - Optimized the sprite/counter rendering - Optimized the technology and production screen - Optimized the messagesystem and combat calculations - Optimized outliner usage - String optimizations - Autosave now consumes less memory and should cause less crashes when autosaving - Did some minor optimisation to game-logics to make the time flow faster - Fixed lagging text in the tech screen and unit deployment menu - Some minor optimisations to finding what you''''ve clicked on the map - Improved the speed of selecting/deselecting provinces - Less slowdown building in multiselected provinces - Removed lag when issuing missions to multiple selected air/naval units - Increased the speed of sorting in the select leaders screen - Optimized use of maps - Optimized the 2d render pipeline - Removed redundant graphics state changes - The flag map is no longer rebuilt on every startup - Improved rendering of billboards - Improved rendering of counters - Fixed a memory leak with failed diplomatic actions - Fixed a memory leak and uncleared state in the ai strategy calculations - Plugged a memory leak in the production licence interface - Updated versions of zlib and lua - Fixed scrollbar issues in diplomacy view * Crash fixes - Random crashes due to deleted units - Crash bug with expeditionary forces - Crash bug when loading savegames - Crash when resigning from the diplomacy interface - Convoy construction crash - Crash fix for slider move - Save crash with ships that fail their escort missions - Convoy escort load crash - Crash in the production screen - Several other potential crash bugs


- Database Changes ----------------------------------------------------------------------- * Events and Decisions - The "Danzig or war" decision will be available for Germany regardless of whether Poland joins the allies or not - The "Treaty of Munich" will no longer trigger if a Democratic or Communist party rules Germany - The triggers for the "Anschluss of Austria" and the "Marco Polo Bridge incident" will take the correct date into account - Added a non-aggression pact to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact decision - Made some minor changes to the "Japan puts pressure on Siam" and the "Future of Greece" decision - Fixed the partition problem in the "First Vienna Award" decision - Tweaked the "Finnish winter war" decision so that it can be triggered if Germany controls Warsawa or Poland and Germany are at war - Tweaked the "Bulgarian claims for Constanta" decision - The US new deal now reduces US manpower by 40% - Tweaked the current surrender event for Germany and added a second version for a passive Soviet Union - Tweaked the "Bitter Peace" event, so that Romania and Finland don''''t get any provinces unless they are members of the axis - Added country flags to the surrender events to keep them from firing more than once - Added a new version of the Italian surrender event for when Germany is no longer at war - Vichy creation will now give troops to the proper countries - If Hungary is a faction member it won''''t receive any Czechoslovakian provinces - Tweaked the "Albania Liberated" event - The "Treaty of Munich" will give Poland control of Orlova - Added a new event for George V and the abdication of Edward VIII - Fixed the effects of the Manifestation events - Fixed the threat effects in the events - Made some changes to the "US Occupation of Iceland" event - Tweaked the "Second Vienna Award" event, it will no longer trigger if Hungary is a member of the Allies/Comintern or at war with Germany - Tweaked the effects of the "Ban New Parties" event - Fixed a bug in the "Bitter Peace" event

* Politics and Diplomacy

- Changed Yugoslavia''''s government type to absolute monarchy - Added a new government form, constitutional monarchy - Changed the ideology of Thomas Mann to social conservative - Changed Communist China''''s ideology to Stalinism, and changed org. and pop. - Renamed the paternal autocrat party of Brazil to Estado Nvo - Swapped the German DVP and DNVP party names - Added some missing laws to Yunnan - Made the British puppets, members of the allies from the start - Added some missing minister types to the Italian Socialist Republic

* OOBs and leaders

- Added destroyers to Norway''''s -36 oob - Added two missing cags to the IJN Hosho carrier in -38 scenario - Made the HMS Eagle in the -38 oob an escort carrier instead of a carrier - Adjusted the Australian oobs and infrastructure values - Added a few more Japanese garrison brigades in the Pacific and increased their land practicals and doctrines - Changed the location of the Kwangtung theatre in the 36 scenario - Moved the British fleet in Halifax - Tweaked Switzerland''''s air tech - Tweaked the ranks of Friedrich Paulus and some of the Russian leaders - Tweaked some of the dates for the Belgian leaders - Added new traits to Octavian Goga, Miron Cristea and Stanley Baldwin - Added the new trait, "Superior Air Tactician", to some of the leaders - Added some missing pictures for some of the Hungarian leaders and Koroteev - Fixed the mix-up between Victor Antonescu and Ion Antonescu - Removed the duplicated attributes for Peter II

* Province Setup

- Gave Italy a bit more metal - Reduced the production of rare materials in the USA - Reduced the amount of energy in Germany and the Soviet Union - Reworked energy and metal values in the United Kingdom - Added British and American cores to Iceland, and American cores to Greenland - Reworked the cores of Communist China and Nationalist China - Added Crdoba, Granada and Seville to the "Eastern Spain" region - Removed Dravograd from the "West Germany" region - Added the "Northern Aegean Sea" to the Mediterranean region - Fixed the naval base problems on Sunset Beach, Ni''''ihau Island and Kolda - Fixed the lacking industry problem in Manchester - Added an air-base to Geelong and a naval base to Melbourne and Dandong - Repositioned the buildings on Wake Island, Lemesos and Beirut - Fixed the climate problem in Greenland - Increased the infrastructure in Lanzhou, Otog Qianqi and Haya - Moved the VP in Karlik Shan to Di Hua - Moved the victory point in Samoa to Dunedin and added a new vp to Yemen and Tannu Tuva - Redesigned the Amur and Mekong rivers and fixed some other river problems - Transferred control of Mys Gamova, Novokiyevskoye and Razdolnaya to the Soviet Union - Increased the amount of energy available in Dalian and made Japan the controller

* Text

- Fixed the German spelling of Romania - Fixed a typo in the "Reoccupation of the Rhineland" decision text - Fixed some misspelled province names - Fixed the typos in the Swedish -36, -38 and -39 oobs - Renamed the Volksgrenadiers Volkssturm - Fixed a bunch of inconsistencies in the German technology names - Changed the "Coal to Oil" technology description - Renamed the "Electric Powered Torpedo" tech


# Changes for 1.2 below. ############################################################


- New Features ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added a simplified terrain mapmode where each province - The interface now has buttons for zooming in/out without using the scroll wheel, with keyboard shortcuts (pageup/pagedown). - Added graphics control for distance of visible counters - Added cancel mechanics for Air Orders. - Implemeted an option for production slider automation, with selectable priority order. - Trade is now a separate automation toggle from diplomacy.


- AI Improvements ----------------------------------------------------------------------- # Army AI - Fixed some issues with units getting stuck in neutral territory - Prevented massive overreaction against partisans - Fixed a problem with puppet areas - Fixed an issue with transport ship needs and player set objectives - Several improvements to new threat handling (beachheads, partisans) - Fixed an issue with front formation for provinces bordering multiple countries - Fixed a problem with units getting stuck in neutral territory - Fixed a bug with poor/non-existent build-up of forces on non-front borders - Fixed a problem with damaged "reserve" units being moved out out of front forts too much - Fixed a problem with reserves and HQs - Fixed a bug where it might consider an ally an enemy - Force needs, adjusted special force needs - Force needs: Fixed a bug with strat bomber needs being ten times too big. - Force needs: Improved transport ship need controls - Force needs: Adjusted to reduce the armor bias, especially for Japan - Fixed a bug where HQs could be used as garrison forces - Tweaked to ensure the defense of the supplier province and capital - Fixed a garrison distribution bug - Fixed a bug with the objective assignment of child agents - Lower level HQs should now be able to handle troop distribution in several different areas correctly - Fixed a bug in the child unit front segment assignment - Sub-theatre level units with only defensive objectives should now respond to nearby partisans/beachheads

# Naval AI

- Fixed an issue where it would jump the gun and launch invasions with too few divisions (due to a lack of transports) - Will not even attempt invasions of too well-defended ports - Additional checks to make sure it does not invade port-less provinces - Fixed a problem where it would withdraw too many units from fronts to stage invasions - Minor faction members should only invade to take back lost provinces - Some work on the sending of exp forces to overseas allies - Transports are now available for use even if their strength and org are lowish - Snappier intercepts of invasion fleets - Naval intercepts no longer worried about absolute naval power vs the enemy

# Air AI

- Improved tactical bombing target choices - Should be better at basing tactical bombers and interceptors, even when there is no front in the theatre - Will rebase even damaged or low org units if the theatre currently has no fronts - Fixed a bug preventing air unit merges

# Country AI

- Tweaked inter-theatre force allocation - Fixed an issue with premature retrieval of exp forces from allies - Will not send exp forces to a rival main faction, even if currently allied (UK to SOV etc) - Fixed some issues with unit allocation on theatre redefinition - Should now prefer sending exp forces to allied war zones rather than opening up new beachheads under many conditions

# Theatre AI

- Fixed a bug where it would start lots of redundant agents for lower level HQs - Landless theatre HQs are now properly deleted for players as well - No more German European mega-theatre - The USA now have an eastern and a western home theatre - Immediate HQ validation on theatre redefinition. Players should never see landless HQs in existence. - Fixed a nasty problem where the controlling AI agent would believe it was for another theatre

# Diplomatic AI

- Removed the date limits on when germany decides to attack western europe. it will now do it when it can and makes sense. - Countries are now less likely to join factions with bad progress. - AI should now agree to trade under debt with the needing - AI should be more likely to do counter influencing when necessary - Tweaked ai alignment - Allies now much more likely to give transit rights - AI much more restrictive with embargos - Embargos no longer running forever no matter diplomatic changes - Britain more likely to influence the USA - Threshold for calling in support to a limited war increased. - AI will not call in allies during the early parts of a limited war. - Governments in exile no longer create/join alliances - Tweaked trade frequency

# Spy AI

- Spies should no longer perform counter espionage on puppets, countries with military access and someone helping you in a war

# Misc AI

- Autosliders try harder to keep a positive money balance - More shift to keeping some money in autosliders for spare IC - Fixed a bug with building less than requested convoys - Fixed a bug with countries getting stuck in a death spiral of ever increasing escort production - Tweaked ai valuing of stockpiles of supplies so it wont run them too low - AI should now be doing some upgrading - Production AI now cleverer in where to put spare IC - Production AI now tries to always allocate 5% to upgrades if possible - Auto slider controls will start using up stockpile if approaching supply cap - Tech AI should now research doctrines - Improved auto-deployment choices.

# Misc AI Bugs

- Fixed an issue with CAGs being auto-assigned to Theatre HQs - Ground Attack Order: Overstacking penalty checks added - Invasion orders will abort if the invading units are no longer in a condition to fight - Fixed a bug with the end date for sent exp forces in the unit command - Cut out trades involving small amounts of money (energy/money for example) that rounded to 0 money

# Generic AI Balancing

- Balanced out relation changes between canceling/creating trades to stop slowly lowering relations to trade partners with dodgy economy - Should be harder to exploit AI by stationing expeditionary forces to get out of supply use


- Gamebalance Changes ----------------------------------------------------------------------- # Country - It is now slower for national unity to move the further it is away from the middle. - Comintern units now use less supplies. - Pure theory techs are no longer assigned to countries at start. - Impact on strategic warfare is now depending on countrysize on target. - Election and the likes will now acutally change ministers

# Occupation

- Non-core territories are now as bad as full occupation territories. - Increased impact of partisans on supply tax by x5. - Made revolts less likely, but a fair bit stronger units.

# Diplomacy

- Fixed a bug with proximity capping distance too early with alignment progress. - Repulsion, threat and revanchism factors at alignment is now only effective if close in the triangle. - Drift due to threat is now scaled with country IC so a big country (like US) is more concerned with world politics, whereas smaller countries are more concerned with keeping their heads down and wont be as affected. - Trade should now allways fail if not enough DI is available - Dissolve alliance now checks for the correct amount of diplomatic influence - Declaration of war no longer valid against faction members - It is no longer possible to invite someone to a faction if they are at war with a member. - Should no longer be able to join faction if at war with faction member - Countries to peace in events will now get all their puppets set to peace as well. - No longer possible to send theaters as expeditionary forces - Threat is now wiped when a country is annexed. - Influences now automatically stop after joining another faction. - Embargoed countries can no longer cancel the embargo - Embargo''''s now reduce threat when cancelled.

# Map

- Revised calculations to determine which province has which terrain. - Desert are now a bit less likely to see rain storms. - Made some tweaks to weather system to have weather patterns more mobile.

# Combat

- Paradropping now gives an attack delay. - A unit in battle can no longer have an effective combat width of less than 1. - Dissent impact on combat is no longer astronomical. - Amphibious penalty can never go below 99% for any unit. - AA is now twice as effective. - Cags now give 25% of stacking penalty when attacking at sea. - Cags now do triple damage bombing ships in combat with another fleet. - Trickleback now works properly and gives you back manpower lost in combat. - Aircombat is now a fair bit more dangerous. - Org damage is no longer scaled by strength of brigade compared to other brigades. - Scaled leadership experience internally so that it transfers to leaders higher up in the chain better.

# Units

- Improved calculation of actual supply/fuel usage. - Paradrop missions will no longer progress if the paratroopers are in a delay after an attack. - Units in Strategic redeployment can never gain org now. - Strategic redeployment will now give the attack delay to a unit. - There is now a minimum supply demand for small units so that long distances wont take all the supply tax. - Airunits operating from a base that is no longer in range (ie carrier) will now abort - Logisitcs wizard trait now work properly on units below it as well. - Units will no longer be removed if strength drops to zero from manpower rotation or attrition. - Airunits bombing will no longer continue moving during the bombing & aborting their bombing. - Air and Naval units will now reset where they are based if they lose access to their current base. - Unit stats like speed now updates properly when a brigade is upgraded.

# Officers

- Officers ratio now affects maximum organsiation and recovery of units. - Officers now take casualties properly in battle. - Officer ratio now affects attack delay of units. - Increased officer production significantly. - Officerlosses in battle is now proportional to unit type. - Expeditionary forces now drain their homecountry''''s officerpool when taking losses.


- Interface Improvements ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added day/night overlay to minimap - Made a day/night icon in province interface, and remade the "clear sky" icon cause the sun looked weird next to the moon. - Added terrain effect delayed tooltip to province view and to terrain mapmodes. - Names should now appear instantly if possible. (minor lockups possible at crap cards.) - Added strenght number to child units. - Added weight to unitinterface. - Fixed the display for max strength in brigade details. - Softness changes from tech is now colorised green when decreasing and red when increasing. - Remade oil icon to be more clear and visible. - Added superheavy battleship Icons to navalcombat. - Trade icons should now blink later. - Tooltips for org on units will now show daily change as well. - Fixed a couple of tooltips in outliner - Fixed tooltip for dissent in intel view - Tooltips in messages settings should now be correct - Strength and VP mapmodes will now update more regularly. - Added shortcut keys to cancel/accept orders. - Escape now opens the ingame menu if nothing is selected, else it deselects all. - ''''w'''' now moves the map to the location of current unit. - ''''s'''' now opens up the stance selection window. - '''','''' selects all air units loaded on ship. - ''''.'''' selects all loaded land units on a ship or plane. - ''''l'''' now loads or unloads a unit to a ship. - ''''p'''' now loads or unloads a unit to a plane. - ''''a'''' now opens up attachment interface. - ''''d'''' detaches a selected unit. - ''''c'''' now creates a new HQ above current unit. - Alerts for wasted IC no longer shown when using auto sliders - Fixed rounding error in officer rate - Added 2 more trait columns in leader ledger page - Corp/army/theatre now visible in brigade ledger page - Fixed some more ledgerpages - Leader experience is now shown as % in the ledger as well. - Unit arrived message now fires only at final destination - Expeditionary force declined should now give a message - Tweaked collision boxes for tanks to try and make it a bit less wacky - Diplomatic screen should now refresh when a country disappears - Combat progress in interfaces are now loaded properly from savegames. - Units changing country will now be properly be deselected. - HQ''''s can no longer be merged. - You can no longer transfer HQ brigades away from a hq unit. - Cag''''s can no longer be merged with other airunits. - There is no longer free diplomatic influnce from cancelling or creating transit rights.


- Multiplayer ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Removed several reasons for the game to go out of sync while playing multiplayer. - Made multiline chatemessages look prettier - Updating automation in lobby now shows for clients as well - No longer possible to swith away from save selection for clients in mp lobby - Mp save counter should now work. - Moved checksum text and adjusted multiplayerlist in lobby. - Date should no longer reset when new player joins after save is loaded.


- User Modding ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Exported current player tag from gamestate to lua for modding fun. - Added a "terrain = x" command for provinces, to override graphical logic


- Performace and Stability ----------------------------------------------------------------------- # Compability - Added setting in settings.txt to not create ''''waves'''' called _waves_ - Setting trees rendering off will now not create any tree gfx upon reload - Restructured provincemanager a bit to help reducing startup crashes on some machines.

# Performance

- Optimised interface interactivity. - Gamespeed and timeprogress have been optimised to provide a smoother gameplay. - AI optimised, both in lua and the core game, which should improve gamespeed significantly. - Tracked down and removed several memoryleaks, which made the game sluggish the longer you played it.

# Stability

- Savegames should no longer become corrupted, and previously corrupted savegames might be recoverable. - Fixed several reported crash problems.


- Bugfixes ----------------------------------------------------------------------- # Interface bugs - Game should no longer unpause when clicking in outliner - Opening main menu no longer closes the outliner - Country flags should now be localised in triggers. - Ledgerpage for buildings now handles provinces with the same name - Fixed prereq graphic bug in Naval background. - Fixed tooltip bug on Leadership/oil icons in province interface. - Resized all terrain images so the terrain tooltip doesnt popup inbetween the icons below. - Fixed the flag distortion on the minishield and the small minishield. - Flags no longer shown through fog of war after being shown once. - No more invisible units when armies split from events (like at civil war) - Fixed issues with incorrectly shown counters - Fixed lots and lots of typos - Fixed a bunch of localisation issues - Fixed unlocalized text in metaserver - Fixed some non existing tooltip localisations - Is in any faction trigger now displays correctly for "no" as well.

# Gamemechanic bugs

- Rejecting a NAP will no longer increase relations between countries. - Faction specific rules are now set immediately after a reload again. - You can no longer ask/offer transit rights with faction members because you already have access. - Broken trade deals message now show correct trade goods order - Returning expeditionary forces should now work - Government in exiles will no longer wipe out the cash of the faction leader. - Partisans will no longer stop an entire country to be annexed. - French surrender will now work properly even if poland starts the war. - A country being annnexed will now cancel all its trade agreements. - Offmap resources are now calculated correctly for resource balance values. - Needed for production is now updated properly from all cases of production. - Build times/costs are now calculated properly for buildings after each is finished in a serial. - Fixed mixup of ic and mp cost in brigade build screen. - Fixed a bug with auto-deployment - Fixed a calculation error with maximum manpower needed for reinforcement. - Upgrading units now actually uses resources. - Cags will now properly detach and attach to correct hierarchy position when rebasing. - Fixed a problem where it was not possible to split cag units. - It is no longer possible to deploy or reorganise new cags into units that would make them over the carriers capacity. - Dissent penalty on ruling party popularity now works properly. - Fixed a bug where units could still be in combat even though they had moved away. - Commando trait now properly reduces the out of supply penalty. - Airunits without fuel will no longer get stuck in air forever. - Fixed a bug where units could get stuck after reloads. - Paratroopers can no longer take control of hostile territory while on a plane.


- Database Changes ----------------------------------------------------------------------- # Technology - Added Naval, land and air doctrines for all scenarios - Changed the requirements for Small Warship ASW - It should no longer be possible to research Super Heavy Tank Brigade more than once - Added industry techs for: Germany, UK, France, USA, Soviet Union, Japan and Italy - Added construction practicals for USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Japan and Soviet Union - Armoured car techs now use mobile unit practical - Lowered requirements to research helicopters - Increased build time for escort carriers to 350 - Tweaked naval and construction practicals - Reduced practicals for AA and radar stations.

# Orders of Battle

- Renamed two duplicated units in the Italian and Chinese -36 oob - Added a theatre to Argentina''''s oobs - Revised and increased the number of historical leaders in the German and Japanese oobs - Reorganized the Greek oobs - Updated the -36, -38 and -39 oobs for Finland - Updated the production queues for Japan, UK, Japan and the US - Fixed some typos and added Tiger units to the German -43 and -44 scenario - Moved the 6th Air Force to Saipan - Moved 12. Juntuan and 66. Jun to Shanwel - Nagano no longer commands the 37. Hoheishidan - Replaced most of Shanxi''''s and Communist China''''s infantry with militia - Fixed the Russian cavalry div. that had been replaced by infantry div. in the -44 scenario - Repositioned some of the Italian planes - Changed the location of the Enterprise Taskforce and Lexington Taskforce - Removed some of Australia''''s transport ships and increased the number of reserve units - Moved the Yugoslavian troops that had wandered off towards Sinope - Added historical leaders to some of the expeditionary forces

# Buildings and Units

- Gave Newcastle, Hollandia and Guadalcanal airbases - Added and adjusted some of the air fields, ports and coastal forts in Finland - Moved the airbase and anti-air in Palermo - Added naval bases to Aparri, Legaspi, Lingayen, Shantou, Baoan, Pulau Dolak, San Cristobal and Malaita - Changed the speed of armoured brigades in mountain terrain - Moved the industry in Canberra to Melbourne - Increased Togtoh and Guyang''''s infrastructure to 3 - Rebalanced support brigade values - Lowered infrastructure on the east and west coast of Australia - Moved the naval base in Corpus Christi - Repositioned the air bases and anti air guns in Cagliari and Tobruk - Added new pictures for S-P Artillery and Cags - Moved Argentina''''s capital to Buenos Aires

# Events and Decisions

- Fixed the "Second Vienna Diktat" so that Hungary gets the proper cores - Added a second version of the "Bitter peace" event, if Japan isn''''t at war with the Soviet Union - The "Ultimatum to Greece" can no longer be triggered if Greece is a puppet of Germany or Italy, or already at war with Italy - "Japan demands bases in French Indochine" - requires Japan to be in axis instead of alliance - Added a second version of the "Independent Croatia" decision, in case Croatia is still owned by Yugoslavia - Tweaked the "Claim Bessarabia" and "Bulgarian claims to Constanta" decisions - Tweaked the combat events

# Diplomacy

- Tweaked the occupation polices - The US guarantees Bolivia from -36 - Removed Vichy France as a puppet state to keep them out of the war - Adjusted the distribution of VPs for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, France and the Netherlands - Added a victory point to Kalgan - Japan still controls the Carolines in -44

# Map

- Revised a lot of rivers in Asia and Australia. - Removed a duplicated sea zone id - Added a strait between Jiangmen and Bao''''an - Added "arctic" terrrain to the northern provinces of the Soviet Union, Canada, Norway and Iceland - Added the Ligurian Sea, Bay of Naples and the Gulf of Iskenderun to the Mediterranean region

# Leaders

- Changed the start dates for Albert Speer, Joseph Goebbels, Karl Dnitz, Franz von Papen and Arthur Seyss-Inquart - Added new ministers for Xibei San Ma - Gave Ismet Innu a new minister type - Added an image for Hayashu Senjuro

# Text

- Corrected some of the French, Polish, Hungarian and Italian unit names - Renamed the US "Democrat Party" to "Democratic Party" - Corrected some duplicated and misspelled province names - Fixed the erroneous label in the statistics page - Fixed the tooltip for the "Airborne Assault" order - Added Canadian party names


# Changes for 1.1c below. ############################################################ - Fixed a problem which made troopsneed become much too large. - Made a few minor speed improvements. - Game now defaults to lower multisampling to make performance better. - Tweaked temperatures to feel a bit more natural.


# Changes for 1.1 below. ############################################################


- AI Improvements ----------------------------------------------------------------------- * Misc AI - The production AI will now fill up the queue with infantry or militia divisions if no other needs and have available IC + manpower. - AI won''''t care about spam penalty when it comes to influencing. - AI may now invite countries currently at war to its faction. - Japan will no longer declare war on the USA if the usa is in the axis. - All AI countries in factions will now influence if they can. - AI should now be a bit smarter about how to spend DI for influencing. - Bigger countries will no longer spam smaller for debts. - AI countries will now only mobilise when they have less than 20% between neutrality and effective threat. - AI will no longer join factions if a stronger neighbour is in a hostile faction.

* Unit AI

- Fixed some movement correction glitches - Rewrote how reserves are handles by the AI, and it will use garrison type units more for that. - Improved handling of very damaged units - HQs no longer counted as "infantry" archetype in force needs - More focused on seizing VP provinces - Use of expeditionary forces between AI nations outside the regular diplomatic framework - Substantial rewrite of inter-area allocation of troops, taking into account more factors. - Very safe pathfinding (used by the AI) will now avoid provinces under attack - Fixed some problems with troop allocation in puppet/master areas - Fixed a problem that prevented some fleets at sea from ever moving again - Fixed a problem causing unit ping pong effects.

* Garrison AI

- Improved initial unit selection, with more efforts at a stable garrison force, and more logical troops will be used. - Adjusted France vs Low Countries border prios - Fixed a problem where zero prio provinces were still being added to the garrison province list (causing odd garrisoning of borders with friends) - Rewrote a function to choose more logical troops - Adjustments to emphasize coastal provinces - Fixed a bug with return of garrison divisions to fronts - Fixed a bug that might have affected front distribution a bit - Will no longer pull divisions from lower prio provinces to garrison higher prio ones (caused a lot of shuffling when some units had to stomp partisans etc)

* Front AI

- France should be more prepared on the Belgian border - Fixed a slight distance bug - Adjusted stance org thresholds - Fixed a "Parkinson" bug - Fixed a bug with attack orders sometimes being cancelled at once - Fixed an issue with overestimation of current strength and org for both friendly and enemy units - Will now consider army experience - Many improvements to breaking out of pockets - More aware of dig in factor - Better handling of multiple fronts in the same theatre with few total divisions - Improved some distribution code - Will now be more intelligent about troop distribution around encircled enemy provinces - Added a bunch of missing modifiers to odds calculations

* Air AI

- Fixed a bug in Logistical Strike missions - Fixed an issue with constantly splitting and merging MR and Interceptors - Fixed some more issues with carrier bases being used for the wrong air types - CAGs will now properly be used to pound enemy units when invading - Tactical bombers will prioritize invasion targets if they are in range - Support for flying bombs and rockets - Added support for nukes - Added logistical strike missions - CAGs should no longer get mixed up with other air types - Fixed a bug with tactical bombing targets - Day/night and weather checks - Paradrop AI: Fixed a bug with it forgetting its intended target - Fixed a bug which made airunits reorganise unneccesarily too much.

* Naval AI

- Optimized rebase checks - Proper patrol missions added - Fixed an issue with inter-theatre submarine allocation - May now take patrolling or convoy escorting fleets for Naval intercept missions - Adjusted naval superiority checks to make the AI less scared of naval missions - Will no longer patrol with unescorted capital ships - Fixed an issue with obsolete orders not being cleared correctly - More legal move checks - Fixed some issues with fleets getting "stuck" due to no valid path - Fixed a problem with rebasing of submarines to their correct theatre in the absence of actual enemy targets - Fixed an issue with damaged fleets getting stuck at sea - Improved convoy raiding checks - Fixed an issue with fleets in combat or retreat not correctly being recalled to base on damage

* Transport AI

- Fixed a bug with one invalid route (no path) locking up all transportation - Fixed a bug with the best embarkation port selection - Will not be as particular about hogging transport ships if they are not needed - Will never use mot/mech/arm to garrison islands - Should reset the transport target of armies on detachment from a hierarchy - Fixed a problem with "shuttle transportation" (transporting some units before the rest have reached the embarkation port)

* Invasion AI

- Fixed a bug with single divisions not conquering a whole island even if it was undefended - Player directed targets will now receive the needed divisions from the theatre main area if at all possible (not in combat etc) - Fixed a problem with invasions not launching due to waiting for escorting fleets that had already joined - Should now target port provinces only - More prone to respect player set invasion beaches - Adjusted "needed divisions" check for invasion targets - Reduced the division needs in non-warzones to make more units available for invasions


- Gamebalance Changes ----------------------------------------------------------------------- * Units - Implemented individual officer ratios per unit type. - Units will now get starting experience depending on laws if nothing is scripted in the oob. - Support for officer needs at naval and air units added. - Increased practical gains for non capital ships. - Engineers are now much faster. - Tweaked marines, engineers and bergsjaegers combat abilities in various terrains fitting their capabilities. - Armor, Heavy Armor and Super Heavy Armor are now worse in bad terrain. - Planes will now always repair at midnight GMT, combat and in air won''''t stop them. - Reserves no longer get an extra bonus on lesser manpower rotation. - Reworked reserve status to be per brigade, to make it easier for the player. - Starting manpower is now properly reduced in scenarios when wars have been ongoing for a while. - Retreating units ignore fuelstatus for movement speed now. - Rebasing fleets take supplies and fuels directly from capital now. - Ships in non-friendly ports that can''''t move will not be sunk.

* Combat

- There is now an auto pushback damage event when a province is taken by a new controller. - Increased basic terrain penalties. - Increased penalties from combat on weather. - Dropped xp gain for airunits dramatically. (almost a factor of 10) - Rewrote shatterlogic and how reserve units gets reinforced. Now shatter percentage is compared to highest strength that unit has had, and not maximum possible. - Runway cratering is now a bit more lethal. - Added in proper restrictions for pathfinder to not allow entry where a unit can''''t attack. - Breakthroughs and Delays now impact attack delay. - Retreat province now less likely to be a front province - Airunits will not automatically intercept airunits at the airbase unless they have the order for it. - Reduced damage to convoy raiders a bit, and increased damage on convoys a bit. - Fixed some penalties for cavalry in some terrains. - Correct default penalties for attack for terrain is now used. - Attack delays are now reduced every hour during a battle to a minimum of one. - Experience is now propagated up to leaders higher in a hierarchy (at a smaller fraction).

* Weather

- Rewrote temperature impact on combat to be a more sliding scale. - Recoded how lowpressurezones are scripted, so that they can be seasonal.

* Production

- Reduced prices by 50% on metal, energy & rares, and by 25% on oil. - Fuel is now at crude oil prices. - Units are now deployed into theatres properly if auto-deploy is on. - Added a modifier for global resource production for a country. - Practicals are now applied at finish properly for all building types. - Highest threat now reduces consumer goods from mobilised troops. - Reinforcements and repairs are now slightly faster.

* Politics

- A few laws now modify the resource production negatively when IC is modified negatively. - Revised some ministers to modifiy resource production instead of IC. - Tweaked occupation policies to be harsher on IC. - National Unity is now always capped between 1 and 100. - Tweaked strategic warfare a bit to be less easy to win by just bombing another country and have a 2 to 1 supremacy. - Strategic warfare impact is only valid at offenses to liberate own territory, not just any adjacent to it. - A government in exile now loses most of its officers, manpower and constructions. - Elections can now happen at any day within a month if scripted that way.

* Technology

- Theories are now cheaper to research. - Revised all naval technologies for a better balance. - Tweaked starting techs generation to always go for cheapest.

* Diplomacy

- Surrender logics changed to surrender to the one occupying most of the country instead of the faction leader. - When the all members of a faction is a GiE, it will surrender again to be annexed or puppeted. - Increased intervals between alignment movement. - Increased impact of threat & ideology on aligment. - Decreased repulsion impact on alignment a bit. - Target countries neutrality is now impacting how easy it is to influence them. - Only one country in each faction can influence a target country. - Joining or Inviting to a faction is now free from DI costs. - Neutrality is now capped at 100%. - Reduced impact of relations on trade, and increased chances when fighting wars together, or having friendly agreements. - Puppets can now initiate trade with their masters - Countries in the same faction or allied will never be considered "highest threat" for a country.

* Intel

- Higher differences in intel now gives more info on the map. - You can no longer get province details on buildings without decent intel. - Infrastrucutre map details are now limited by intel. - Radio is now negative on encryption instead of decryption.

* Misc

- The start of the spanish civil war will no longer cause you to lose more than the set amount of troops. - There is no longer 15 dissent at start of spanish civil war. - Splitting troops now cap the amount of landtroops that can go over to the set amount of percent. - The split_troops effect now splits the manpower as well.


- Interface Improvements ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - A diplomatic message is now only shown for a week. - Officer needs is now shown in the build interface. - Added tooltip to continuous checkbox for airmissions and disabled time widgets when checked - Building effects are now relative. - Counter values now update at every start of a day. - Best possible law instead of next possible law is now shown in the alert. - Changed layout in ledgerpiecharts to fit better - Added the tooltip for soft and hard attack in the airbuilder screen. - Improved the election interface. - Added a message whenever a country gets annexed. - Unit recruittime is now properly colored. - Clarified the tooltip for neutrality when declaring war. - Clarified names of intelligence levels. - It is no longer possible to ask for debt allowing when a debt is already allowed. - Invite to faction button no longer visible when target allready in faction - Now possible to stop aligning to faction leader - Fixed the interface for allowing and revoking debt - It is no longer possible to open brigade details window for a unit that already have that screen up. - If game paused by opening menu, closing it should now unpause it - Changing options in frontend now tell you what happened only once - Bad username or password for bonus content now tells you so - Only one way to change messagesettings from the settings menu now

- Reworked alot of messages to eliminate all tpyos of bad spleling swedes.


- Bugfixes ----------------------------------------------------------------------- * Restart/Reload Issues - Airintercept orders are no longer broken at a reload. - Fixed a problem which caused some combats to become invalid after a reload. - Fixed a few issues with save games not being setup properly when loaded. - Fixed a calculation error for offier ratios at start of scenarios. - Fixed another reason for out of synch.

* Interface

- Fixed the aircombat goto button. - Fixed a display issue for technology abilities. - It is no longer possible to get duplicate convoys through the interface. - Peace messages are now shown properly again. - Fixed a glitch with attrition tooltip. - Fixed a mismatch in toggling auto-resource and auto-supply buttons. - Research alert now deactivates properly when under ai control. - Fixed an issue with flickering reserve icons. - Shift-clicks can not be used to get out attack delays. - Reinforcement needs can no longer wrap around to negative numbers.

* Units

- Range check on move for naval units added. - Airunits can now actually raid convoys. - Fixed a bug with naming of serial brigades. - Can no longer rebase to neutral bases. - It should no longer be possible to merge invalid units (cags from different carriers etc). - Units will no longer leave being a bomb target until they actually LEAVE a province. - Fixed an inversion of efficiency on repairs in naval/air bases. - Fixed a few bugs where combats couldn''''t be selected properly - Convoy raiders should now be sunk properly if they are damaged for <0strength in a convoy attack. - Illegal convoys are now tagged as inactive even when autocreation/destruction is off. - Fixed a problem where naval sorties and intercepts would find units it had no intel on. - Inactive leaders should no longer be assigned to units through auto-assign. - Range checks now from base, and not current location. - Convoys and escorts are cheaper now - Targetfleet is now saved and loaded in navalintercept orders. - Supply needs are now calculated properly even when a country is out of supplies. - Returning expeditionary force no longer requests confirmation of returning party and returns unit after one month - Nationalist rebels are now separate depending on which country they are aiming to reform.

* Misc

- Alot of compability issues have been tracked down and dealt with, improving general stability for users. - Influences now end if the target is removed. - Fixed some issues with liberating countries. - Puppets are represented more accurately (no embargoes between puppets and overlords etc) - Calling allies to arms in a limited war should now cost influence as advertised - Improved and fixed some of the events commands - Listening stations and escorts are now properly enabled by their techs only and not randomly. - Rocket Interceptors now get a proper counter.


- Database Changes -----------------------------------------------------------------------

* Country/Province Setup

- The Dutch capital is now setup correctly in later scenarios. - Changed the color of Nationlist Spain so that it can be distinguished from Republican Spain more easily - Positioned some of the naval/air/radar bases more correctly - Increased the number and level of forts in the later scenarios giving a much better historical setup. - Added more suitable traits for some of the ministers

* Orders of battle

- Made some adjustments to the senario setups for USA, Japan, France, GC, Germany, Italy and the UK for a more historical and balanced setup. - Reworked the historical setup for cags so that they are represented more accurately

* Wars and Diplomacy

- British puppets (Oman, Bhutan and Yemen) are now properly joining the allies in 1939 - Rearranged the victory points in the Soviet Union to give Germany a bigger advantage - Made some adjustments to the Sino-Japanese War - Mongolia joins the war in 1941

* Technology

- Made some changes to the tech setup to provide better balance and historical accuracy - Replaced some of the tech pictures with better alternatives.

* Events

- Reworked some of the decisions and surrender events so that they are better balanced.


Hearts of Iron IV [v1.3.3 + DLCs] (2016) PC

Год выпуска: 6 июн. 2016Жанр: Simulation, Strategy, Real-time, 3DРазработчик: Paradox Development StudiosИздатель: Paradox InteractiveТип издания: ЛицензияЯзык интерфейса: RUS|ENG|Multi7Язык озвучки: ENGТаблетка: Присутствует (CODEX)

СИСТЕМНЫЕ ТРЕБОВАНИЯ:✔ Операционная система: Windows 7 64-bit or newer✔ Процессор: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 @ 2.66 GHz / AMD Athlon II X4 650 @ 3.20 GHz✔ Оперативная память: 4 GB ОЗУ✔ Видеокарта: ATI Radeon HD 5850 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX470 wittX® 9.0с 

✔ Свободное место на жестком диске: 2 ГБh 1GB VRAM✔ Звуковая карта: Звуковое устройство, совместимое с Direc

ОПИСАНИЕ:Сюжет игры посвящен событиям Второй мировой войны. Через изометрическую перспективу и стратегическую мировую карту геймеры любым способом пытаются привести выбранное государство к стопроцентной победе; управляют войсками (авиацией, флотом, бронетехникой, пехотой), ведут дипломатические беседы и осуществляют разнообразные боевые задачи. Глобальная стратегическая война. Страны воюют не только с помощью оружия, но и в исследовательских лабораториях, на предприятиях, в политике, коммерции, медицине, даже в умах каждого человека. Пожалуй это самый реалистический симулятор войны современности. Выбирайте любую державу, чтобы сразиться в самом кровавом противостоянии за всю историю. Возьмите на себя роль мирового лидера, и боритесь за всемирную власть, или станьте главой обычной маленькой нации, и постарайтесь попросту выжить.

Особенности игры:- Тотальная стратегическая война. Войны выигрывают не только на полях сражений, в море и воздухе, но также в лабораториях, на заводах и фабриках, сердцах и умах мужчин и женщин. - Правдоподобная симуляция военных действий в реальном времени. Позвольте величайшим командирам Второй мировой сражаться в вашей войне с помощью танков, самолётов, кораблей, пушек и недавно изобретённого оружия массового поражения. - Встаньте во главе любого государства. Выберите своих подопечных из великих империй, жаждущих власти, или небольших стран, пытающихся пережить бурю. - Превратите мир в ваше поле боя. Природа вокруг меняется со временем: снег, грязь, грозы могут стать вашим лучшим союзником или безжалостным врагом. - Ведите переговоры или навязывайте свою волю. В игре вас ждут продвинутые системы политики и дипломатии. Создавайте альянсы, заключайте торговые соглашения и назначайте министров от вашей партии. - Напряжённые битвы онлайн. Сражайтесь вместе с друзьями в кооперативном и соревновательных режимах до 32 игроков, включая кросс-платформенные игры. - Каждое государство уникально. Используйте гибкую систему технологий, благодаря которой все главные силы получат свои уникальные черты. Разработайте детализированные исторические танки и самолёты с помощью исследований и военного опыта.

Особенности репака:» Ничего не вырезано» Ничего не перекодировано» Включенные DLC:• Add-on "Together For Victory"• Hearts of Iron IV: German Tanks Unit Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: French Tanks Unit Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: Heavy Cruisers Unit Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: Soviet Tanks Unit Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: US Tanks Unit Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: British Tanks Unit Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: German March Order Music Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: Allied Radio Music Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: Rocket Launcher Unit Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: Poland - United and Ready• Hearts of Iron IV: German Historical Portraits• Hearts of Iron IV: Pre-Order Reward Wallpaper• Hearts of Iron IV: Art of War Artbook• Hearts of Iron IV: Sabaton Soundtrack» Присутствуют и активированы все недостающие DLC» Поддержка языков интерфейса: Русский, Английский, Немецкий, Французский, Испанский, Польский,Португальский» Смена локализации осуществляется в настройках игры» Путь сохранений игры: %SystemDrive%\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Steam\CODEX\394360\» Версия игры: 1.3.3 (2dd2)» Время установки: ~2 минуты» В установщике звучит Kim Waters» Релиз от Other s


Hearts of Iron IV [v1.3.2 + DLC] (2016) PC |

Год выпуска: 6 июн. 2016Жанр: Simulation, Strategy, Real-time, 3DРазработчик: Paradox Development StudiosИздатель: Paradox InteractiveТип издания: ЛицензияЯзык интерфейса: RUS|ENG|Multi7Язык озвучки: ENGТаблетка: Присутствует (CODEX)

СИСТЕМНЫЕ ТРЕБОВАНИЯ:✔ Операционная система: Windows 7 64-bit or newer✔ Процессор: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 @ 2.66 GHz / AMD Athlon II X4 650 @ 3.20 GHz✔ Оперативная память: 4 GB ОЗУ✔ Видеокарта: ATI Radeon HD 5850 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX470 wittX® 9.0с 

✔ Свободное место на жестком диске: 2 ГБh 1GB VRAM✔ Звуковая карта: Звуковое устройство, совместимое с Direc

ОПИСАНИЕ:Сюжет игры посвящен событиям Второй мировой войны. Через изометрическую перспективу и стратегическую мировую карту геймеры любым способом пытаются привести выбранное государство к стопроцентной победе; управляют войсками (авиацией, флотом, бронетехникой, пехотой), ведут дипломатические беседы и осуществляют разнообразные боевые задачи. Глобальная стратегическая война. Страны воюют не только с помощью оружия, но и в исследовательских лабораториях, на предприятиях, в политике, коммерции, медицине, даже в умах каждого человека. Пожалуй это самый реалистический симулятор войны современности. Выбирайте любую державу, чтобы сразиться в самом кровавом противостоянии за всю историю. Возьмите на себя роль мирового лидера, и боритесь за всемирную власть, или станьте главой обычной маленькой нации, и постарайтесь попросту выжить.

Особенности игры:- Тотальная стратегическая война. Войны выигрывают не только на полях сражений, в море и воздухе, но также в лабораториях, на заводах и фабриках, сердцах и умах мужчин и женщин. - Правдоподобная симуляция военных действий в реальном времени. Позвольте величайшим командирам Второй мировой сражаться в вашей войне с помощью танков, самолётов, кораблей, пушек и недавно изобретённого оружия массового поражения. - Встаньте во главе любого государства. Выберите своих подопечных из великих империй, жаждущих власти, или небольших стран, пытающихся пережить бурю. - Превратите мир в ваше поле боя. Природа вокруг меняется со временем: снег, грязь, грозы могут стать вашим лучшим союзником или безжалостным врагом. - Ведите переговоры или навязывайте свою волю. В игре вас ждут продвинутые системы политики и дипломатии. Создавайте альянсы, заключайте торговые соглашения и назначайте министров от вашей партии. - Напряжённые битвы онлайн. Сражайтесь вместе с друзьями в кооперативном и соревновательных режимах до 32 игроков, включая кросс-платформенные игры. - Каждое государство уникально. Используйте гибкую систему технологий, благодаря которой все главные силы получат свои уникальные черты. Разработайте детализированные исторические танки и самолёты с помощью исследований и военного опыта.


Особенности репака:» Ничего не вырезано» Ничего не перекодировано» Включенные DLC:• Add-on "Together For Victory"• Hearts of Iron IV: German Tanks Unit Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: French Tanks Unit Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: Heavy Cruisers Unit Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: Soviet Tanks Unit Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: US Tanks Unit Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: British Tanks Unit Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: German March Order Music Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: Allied Radio Music Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: Rocket Launcher Unit Pack• Hearts of Iron IV: Poland - United and Ready• Hearts of Iron IV: German Historical Portraits• Hearts of Iron IV: Pre-Order Reward Wallpaper• Hearts of Iron IV: Art of War Artbook• Hearts of Iron IV: Sabaton Soundtrack» Присутствуют и активированы все недостающие DLC» Поддержка языков интерфейса: Русский, Английский, Немецкий, Французский, Испанский, Польский,Португальский» Смена локализации осуществляется в настройках игры» Путь сохранений игры: %SystemDrive%\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Steam\CODEX\394360\» Версия игры: 1.3.2 (е13а)» Время установки: ~2 минуты» В установщике звучит Kim Waters» Релиз от Other s


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